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'Jim Of Maribyrnong'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
subtle tricks That modern 'statesmen' play. To aid the folk who'd suffered long Thro' tyranny's basRate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
hospital. A young nurse took me in her arms and said that I would one day become a success, As theRate it:

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A Ballad, Shewing How An Old Woman Rode Double, And Who Rode Before Her
Robert Southey
at her meal, And the Old Woman knew what he said, And she grew pale at the Raven's tale, And sickenRate it:

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Mark Akenside
the Muse boast? Or what Attention now Is paid to Fame and Virtue? Where is now The British Spirit,Rate it:

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A Contemplation
Anne Kingsmill Finch
crosse the seas rehearst By her diffusive aid And fifty-thousand pounds dispers'd Shall there be laRate it:

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A Description of a City Shower
Jonathan Swift
yet, the Dust had shun'd th'unequal Strife, But aided by the Wind, fought still for Life; And wafRate it:

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A Desire To Praise
Thomas Parnell
the churches here rejoice, The solemn organs aid the voice: To sacred roofs the sound we raise, TheRate it:

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A Dialogue between Old England and New
Anne Bradstreet
against their King, 38 And call in Foreign aid to help the thing? 39 Must Edward be depos'd? OrRate it:

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A Dirge of the Morning After
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
our passionate cry, Wrung from the soul of us. Aid for the whole of us! Tell us, we pray, that ourRate it:

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A Fact, And An Imagination, Or, Canute And Alfred, On The Seashore
William Wordsworth
a face of haughty sovereignty, To aid a covert purpose, cried--'O ye Approaching Waters of the deepRate it:

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A Friendly Game Of Football
Edward George Dyson
written out a paper, with good Father Feeley's aid, Breathing brotherly affection; and the challengRate it:

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A Holy War
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'is say; Though I'm already wise to all 'e said The queer old parson, with 'is gentle way ('E tiRate it:

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A Jocker!
Abinash Parajuli
I die in there, no one comes to me To fetch me aid or may be some drops of water But I like it theRate it:

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A Legend of Madrid
Adam Lindsay Gordon
and cold ; Doublet richly laced and braided, Trunks of velvet slash'd with gold, Blood-red scarf, aRate it:

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A Legend of Truth
Rudyard Kipling
shade Clung to her knees and babbled, "Sister, aid! I am--I was--thy Deputy, and men Besought me foRate it:

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A Letter to Lady Margaret Cavendish Holles-Harley, when a Child
Matthew Prior
my lord and lady, So God shall love and angels aid ye. If to these precepts you attend, No secoRate it:

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A Letter To The Same Person
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Dido's Breast. Love without Poetry's refining Aid Is a dull Bargain, and but coarsely made; NorRate it:

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A Marriage-Table
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
sate, Haply, unnoticed, till they craved His aid: Thenceforward does it seem that He has made AlRate it:

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A Mathematical Problem
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
an Equi-- --lateral Tri-- --angle on it: Aid us, Reason--aid us, Wit! II. From the centre A. at thRate it:

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A Meditation
Herman Melville
sit: 'You bravely fight' each to the other said-- 'Toss us a biscuit!' o'er the wall it sped. And Rate it:

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A Merciful Governor
Ambrose Bierce
brow And flaming hands in supplication's aid. 'O grant,' he cried, 'my torment may be stayed In merRate it:

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A Miller, His Son, And Their Ass
Anne Kingsmill Finch
were to each other known) Thus ask'd his Aid–Some useful Counsel give, Thou who, by living long, Rate it:

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A Panegyric
Edmund Waller
invade The bad with vengeance, and the good to aid. Our little world, the image of the great, LRate it:

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A Pastoral Between Thirsis And Corydon, Upon The Death Of Damon, By Whom Is Meant Mr. W. Riddell
James Thomson
tear; He was your favourite, and by your aid In charming verse his witty thoughts array'd; He haRate it:

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A Poet's Voice XV
Khalil Gibran
as my companion along the path of life, and my aid in understanding the meaning of hidden Truth. YoRate it:

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