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A Baby Asleep after Pain
David Herbert Lawrence
As a drenched, drowned bee Hangs numb and heavy from a bending flower, So clings to me My baby, her brown hair brushed with wet tears And...Rate it:

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After Sixty Years
Edith Nesbit
RING, bells! flags, fly! and let the great crowd roar Its ecstasy. Let the hid heart in prayer Lift up your name. God bless you evermore, Lady, ...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHEN the vine again is blowing, Then the wine moves in the cask; When the rose again is glowing, Wherefore should I feel oppress'd? Down my...Rate it:

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The Nineteenth Century And After
William Butler Yeats
THOUGH the great song return no more There's keen delight in what we have: The rattle of pebbles on the shore Under the receding wave. Rate it:

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A Credo (after the German)
William Makepeace Thackeray
For the sole edification Of this decent congregation, Goodly people, by your grant I will sing a holy chant -- I will sing a holy chant. If th...Rate it:

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A Dirge of the Morning After
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
VOICE OF THE PEOPLE (wailing dismally): 'Who can deliver us, Lord of our destiny! Out of the depths comes our passionate cry, Wrung from the soul o...Rate it:

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A Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode Of Paolo And Francesca
John Keats
As Hermes once took to his feathers light, When lulled Argus, baffled, swooned and slept, So on a Delphic reed, my idle spright So played, so charm...Rate it:

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A Garden, Written after the Civil Wars
Andrew Marvell
SEE how the flowers, as at parade, Under their colours stand display'd: Each regiment in order grows, That of the tulip, pink, and rose. But wh...Rate it:

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A Grammarian's Funeral Shortly after the Revival of Learnin
Robert Browning
Let us begin and carry up this corpse, Singing together. Leave we the common crofts, the vulgar thorpes Each in its tether Slee...Rate it:

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A Guiltlesse Lady Imprisoned: After Penanced. Song
Richard Lovelace
I. Heark, faire one, how what e're here is Doth laugh and sing at thy distresse; Not out of hate to thy reliefe, But joy t' enjoy thee, though ...Rate it:

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Ralph Hodgson
"How fared you when you mortal were? What did you see on my peopled star?" "Oh well enough," I answered her, "It went for me where mortals are! ...Rate it:

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Robert Browning
Take the cloak from his face, and at first Let the corpse do its worst! How he lies in his rights of a man! Death has done all death can. And,...Rate it:

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Muriel Stuart
WHEN, on an empty night in later years Thou ponderest over sorrowful sweet things, While troubling with cold hands the muted strings Of Memory's...Rate it:

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William Ernest Henley
Like as a flamelet blanketed in smoke, So through the anaesthetic shows my life; So flashes and so fades my thought, at strife With the strong stup...Rate it:

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Lizette Woodworth Reese
Oh, the littles that remain! Scent of mint out in the lane; Flare of window; sound of bees; — These, but these. Three times sitting down to bread;...Rate it:

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After A Journey
Thomas Hardy
I come to interview a Voiceless ghost; Whither, O whither will its whim now draw me? Up the cliff, down, till I'm lonely, lost, And the unseen wate...Rate it:

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After a Tempest
William Cullen Bryant
The day had been a day of wind and storm;-- The wind was laid, the storm was overpast,-- And stooping from the zenith, bright and warm Shone the...Rate it:

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After a Visit
Paul Laurence Dunbar
I BE'N down in ole Kentucky Fur a week er two, an' say, 'T wuz ez hard ez breakin' oxen Fur to tear myse'f away. Allus argerin' 'bout fren'ship An'...Rate it:

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After an Epigram of Clement Marot
Alan Seeger
The lad I was I longer now Nor am nor shall be evermore. Spring's lovely blossoms from my brow Have shed their petals on the floor. Thou, Love,...Rate it:

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After Apple Picking
Robert Frost
My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a tree Toward heaven still. And there's a barrel that I didn't fill Beside it, and there may be tw...Rate it:

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After Bank Holiday
Elizabeth Daryush
Now deserted are the roads Where awhile the lovers went; Vacant are the field-abodes Where a vivid hour they spent: Solemn dark Broods again in lan...Rate it:

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After Cattle
Roderic Quinn
WE lit a fire, and straightway camped, And all night long We heard the river sing its song. Our horses fed, and neighed, and stamped; But else, o'e...Rate it:

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After Cawnpore
Francis Turner Palgrave
June: 1857 Fourteen, all told, no more, Pack'd close within the door Of that old idol-shrine: And at them, as they stand, And from that English ba...Rate it:

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After Consuming A Barrel Of Wine
Nikhil Parekh
He babbled incoherently at innocuous pedestrians traversing through the streets, Clenched his fist high in the air; barking a malicious volley of ...Rate it:

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After Court Martial
Francis Ledwidge
My mind is not my mind, therefore I take no heed of what men say, I lived ten thousand years before God cursed the town of Nineveh. The Present is...Rate it:

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