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A Musing On A Victory
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Down by the Sutlej shore, Where sound the trumpet and the wild tum-tum, At winter's eve did come A gaunt old northern lion, at whose roar The myria...Rate it:

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A Name
John Greenleaf Whittier
The name the Gallic exile bore, St. Malo! from thy ancient mart, Became upon our Western shore Greenleaf for Feuillevert. A name to hear in soft a...Rate it:

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A Nocturne
George Essex Evans
Like weary sea-birds spent with flight And faltering, The slow hours beat across the night On leaden wing. The wild bird knows where rest...Rate it:

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A November Night
Sara Teasdale
There! See the line of lights, A chain of stars down either side the street -- Why can't you lift the chain and give it to me, A ne...Rate it:

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A Portrait
Arthur Henry Adams
HER glance is equable, serene; She looks at life with level brow; She strides through circumstance—a queen! To compromise she cannot bow— E...Rate it:

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A Renegade
Mario Vitale
Share with the handle that holds you forget how to mold ya its important to blend beyond the means a special taunt to provide naturally through ba...Rate it:

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A Saint
Padraic Colum
THE stir of children with fresh dresses on, And men who meet and say unguarded words, And women from the coops Of drudgeries released; And standin...Rate it:

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A Sigh in the Night
Ada Cambridge
O sweet darkness, still, and calm, and lonely! Spread thy downy pinions round about. Spare me from thy hidden riches only One dream-face; blot all ...Rate it:

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A Singer
William Allingham
That which he did not feel, he would not sing; What most he felt, religion it was to hide In a dumb darkling grotto, where the spring Of tremulo...Rate it:

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A Softer Rhyme
Kurt Philip Behm
Are the feelings soft, but the words rock hard Turning emotion into anger or worse Are those wishes pure when the ink goes down Are the...Rate it:

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A Song
Archibald Lampman
Oh night and sleep, Ye are so soft and deep, I am so weary, come ye soon to me. Oh hours that creep, With so much time to weep, I am so tired, can ...Rate it:

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A Song For Peace And Honour
Edith Nesbit
TO THE QUEEN LADY and Queen, for whom our laurels twine, Upon whose head the glories of our land In one immortal diadem are met, Embodied Engla...Rate it:

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A Song for St. Cecilia's Day
John Dryden
FROM harmony, from heavenly harmony, This universal frame began: When nature underneath a heap Of jarring atoms lay, And could not heav...Rate it:

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A Song Of Comfort
John McCrae
"Sleep, weary ones, while ye may -- Sleep, oh, sleep!" Eugene Field. Thro' May time blossoms, with whisper ...Rate it:

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A Song of Sherwood
Alfred Noyes
Sherwood in the twilight, is Robin Hood awake? Grey and ghostly shadows are gliding through the brake, Shadows of the dappled deer, dreaming of the...Rate it:

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A Spanish Love Song
Henry Kendall
From Andalusian gardens I bring the rose and rue, And leaves of subtle odour, To weave a gift for you. You’ll know the reason wherefore ...Rate it:

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A Sphinx
Carl Sandburg
Close-mouthed you sat five thousand years and never let out a whisper. Processions came by, marchers, asking questions you answered with grey eyes...Rate it:

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A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
John Donne
As virtuous men pass mildly away, And whisper to their souls, to go, Whilst some of their sad friends do say, 'The breath goes now,' and ...Rate it:

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A Voice from Afar
John Henry Newman
Weep not for me;— Be blithe as wont, nor tinge with gloom The stream of love that circles home, Light hearts and free! Joy in the gifts Heaven’...Rate it:

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A Voice From The Dungeon
Anne Brontë
I'm buried now; I've done with life; I've done with hate, revenge and strife; I've done with joy, and hope and love And all the bustling world abov...Rate it:

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A Whispered Tale
Siegfried Sassoon
I’d heard fool-heroes brag of where they’d been, With stories of the glories that they’d seen. But you, good simple soldier, seasoned well In wo...Rate it:

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A Wrangdillion
James Whitcomb Riley
Dexery-tethery! down in the dike, Under the ooze and the slime, Nestles the wraith of a reticent Gryke, Blubbering bubbles of rhyme: Though the ree...Rate it:

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A Year's Spinning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
1 He listened at the porch that day, To hear the wheel go on, and on; And then it stopped, ran back away, While through the door he broug...Rate it:

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Address To Thought
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
OH thou! the musing, wakeful pow'r, That lov'st the silent, midnight hour, Thy lonely vigils then to keep, And banish far the angel, sleep, With al...Rate it:

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Thomas Sturge Moore
Dear exile from the hurrying crowd, At work I muse to you aloud; Thought on my anvil softens, glows, And I forget our art has foes; For life, the m...Rate it:

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