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The Banner Of The Covenanters
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
I. HERE, where the rain-drops may not fall, the sunshine doth not play, Where the unfelt and distant breeze in whispers dies away; Here, where t...Rate it:

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The Battle of Hastings
Marriott Edgar
I'll tell of the Battle of Hastings, As happened in days long gone by, When Duke William became King of England, And 'Arold got shot in the eye. ...Rate it:

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The Battle Of Lora
James Macpherson
ARGUMENT Fingal, at his return from Ireland, after he had expelled Swaran from that kingdom, made a feast to all his heroes: he forgot to invite ...Rate it:

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The Boat On The Serchio
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Our boat is asleep on Serchio's stream, Its sails are folded like thoughts in a dream, The helm sways idly, hither and thither; Dominic, the boatma...Rate it:

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The Centerarian's Story
Walt Whitman
GIVE me your hand, old Revolutionary; The hill-top is nigh--but a few steps, (make room, gentlemen;) Up the path you have follow'd me wel...Rate it:

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The Coming of the Ship
Khalil Gibran
Almustafa, the chosen and the beloved, who was a dawn onto his own day, had waited twelve years in the city of Orphalese for his ship that was to r...Rate it:

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The Cottage
Robert Graves
Here in turn succeed and rule Carter, smith, and village fool, Then again the place is known As tavern, shop, and Sunday-school; Now somehow it...Rate it:

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The Drovers
John Greenleaf Whittier
THROUGH heat and cold, and shower and sun, Still onward cheerly driving! There's life alone in duty done, And rest alone in striving. But see! the ...Rate it:

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The Huskers
John Greenleaf Whittier
IT was late in mild October, and the long autumnal rain Had left the summer harvest-fields all green with grass again; The first sharp frosts had f...Rate it:

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The Insect
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
From Camoweal to Windywoe, from Windywoe to Thirstyville, We'll drag the line around the map, along the plain, and up the hill; Scross the desert, ...Rate it:

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The Killing
Edwin Muir
That was the day they killed the Son of God On a squat hill-top by Jerusalem. Zion was bare, her children from their maze Sucked by the dream of cu...Rate it:

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The Lady of the Lake: Canto 5 (excerpt)
Sir Walter Scott
"Have, then, thy wish!"--he whistled shrill, And he was answer'd from the hill; Wild as the scream of the curlew, From crag to crag the s...Rate it:

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The Revenge Of Hamish
Sidney Lanier
It was three slim does and a ten-tined buck in the bracken lay; And all of a sudden the sinister smell of a man, Awaft on a wind-shift, wavered a...Rate it:

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The Sea-Maid’s Song
Augusta Davies Webster
'OH, love me! love me!' The sea-maid sings ori the pebbly shore— 'Love me! oh, love me!' The tears they gather, the tears run o'er; She looks to th...Rate it:

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The Shepheardes Calender: July
Edmund Spenser
July: Ægloga Septima. Thomalin & Morrell. Thomalin. IS not thilke same a goteheard prowde, that sittes on yonder bancke, Whose straying heard th...Rate it:

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The Sky Watcher
William Wilfred Campbell
Black rolls the phantom chimney-smoke Beneath the wintry moon; For miles on miles, by sound unbroke, The world lies wrapt in its ermine...Rate it:

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The Spiritual Canticle
St John of the Cross
I THE BRIDE Where have You hidden Yourself, And abandoned me in my groaning, O my Beloved? You have fled like the hart, Having wounded me. I ...Rate it:

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The Staff and Scrip
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
“Who rules these lands?” the Pilgrim said. “Stranger, Queen Blanchelys.” “And who has thus harried them?” he said. “It was Duke Luke did this: God'...Rate it:

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The Tree of Laughing Bells
Vachel Lindsay
[A Poem for Aviators] How the Wings Were Made From many morning-glories That in an hour will fade, From many pansy buds Gathered in the shade,...Rate it:

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The Tryst Of The Sachem’s Daughter
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
In the far green depths of the forest glade, Where the hunter’s footsteps but rarely strayed, Was a darksome dell, possessed, ’twas said, By an evi...Rate it:

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The Wood Giant
John Greenleaf Whittier
From Alton Bay to Sandwich Dome, From Mad to Saco river, For patriarchs of the primal wood We sought with vain endeavor. And then we said: 'The gi...Rate it:

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The Woodman’s Daughter
Coventry Patmore
In Gerald's Cottage by the hill, Old Gerald and his child, Innocent Maud, dwelt happily; He toil'd, and she beguiled The long day at her spinning-w...Rate it:

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Uncle Ned’s Tale: An Old Dragoon's Story
John Boyle O'Reilly
I OFTEN, musing, wander back to days long since gone by, And far-off scenes and long-lost forms arise to fancy's eye. A group familiar now I see, ...Rate it:

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Edward George Dyson
I saw the Christ down from His cross, A tragic man lean-limbed and tall, But weighed with suffering and loss. His back was to a broken wall, An...Rate it:

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Up and Down
Walter de la Mare
Down the Hill of Ludgate, Up the Hill of Fleet, To and fro and East and West With people flows the street; Even the King of England On Temple Bar m...Rate it:

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