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Memories Of Le Mans
Kurt Philip Behm
behind you, your legend—your nerve Worn tires losing traction, the edge of control Fate laughRate it:

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Miss Mischievous
Robert William Service
brat Is quite a strain; But when she tires of prank and play And says good-night, I'm lonRate it:

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My Lady’s Lamantation And Complaint Against The Dean
Jonathan Swift
using my feet; To lengthen my breath, He tires me to death. By the worst of all squires, Thro' bogsRate it:

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Ode to Envy
Mary Darby Robinson
native dust: Thy ever-watchful eye no labour tires, Beneath thy venom'd touch the angel TRUTH expRate it:

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On Mr. Milton's Paradise Lost
Andrew Marvell
a vast expense of Mind? Just Heav'n Thee, like Tiresias, to requite, Rewards with Prophesie thy losRate it:

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Self Communion
Anne Brontë
weary desert through That awes the brave and tires the strong? Where shall it centre so much trust Rate it:

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Senlin: His Dark Origins
Conrad Potter Aiken
There is no sound Except where an old twig tires and falls; Or a lizard among the dead leaves craRate it:

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Some Of Farmer Stebbin's Opinions
Isabella Valancy Crawford
them reeds that rustle up Agin the waggon tires. 'An' throw a forrard eye along Where that bush roRate it:

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Song of the Soldier's Wifes.
Thomas Hardy
lives--even wearily, Like those whom living tires. IV And now you are nearing home again, Rate it:

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Sonnet 53: What is your substance, whereof are you made
William Shakespeare
cheek all art of beauty set, And you in Grecian tires are painted new. Speak of the spring, and foiRate it:

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Sunday Next Before Advent
John Keble
faster than she soars, our earth-bound Fancy tires. Nor yet for these, nor all the rites, By wRate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto IV.
Coventry Patmore
aptitude exact, Diversity that never tires. II The Tribute Boon Nature to the woman bows; She walRate it:

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The Barefooted Friar
Sir Walter Scott
He can roam where he lists, he can stop when he tires, For every man's house is the Barefooted FrRate it:

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The Flitting
John Clare
rapture not its own, And she's a fame that never tires; How could I feel myself alone? No, pastureRate it:

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The Great and Little Weavers
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
the drums of the thunder When the Titan chorus tires, And the bird-song piercing the sunset FRate it:

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The Jubilee Of A Magazine:(To The Editor)
Thomas Hardy
careers). - Here, on your cover, never tires The sower, reaper, thresher, while As through the seaRate it:

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The Man Against the Sky
Edwin Arlington Robinson
aspires Than one at which he neither quails nor tires? He may do more by seeing what he sees ThanRate it:

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The Man On The Dump
Wallace Stevens
the time One looks at the elephant-colorings of tires. Everything is shed; and the moon comes up asRate it:

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The Nativity
William Cowper
the heart! Repeat the charming truth that never tires, No God is like the God my soul desires; He Rate it:

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The Poor Relation
Edwin Arlington Robinson
well as anyone That Pity, having played, soon tires. But one friend always reappears, A good ghRate it:

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The Rupaiyat of Omar Kal'vin
Rudyard Kipling
was it I said, Of Her who paints her Eyes and tires Her Head, And gibes and mocks and People in theRate it:

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The Teams
Henry Lawson
are pulling as bullocks must; And the shining tires might almost rust While the spokes are turniRate it:

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The Vantage Point
Robert Frost
If tires of trees I seek again mankind, Well I know where to hie me--in the dawn, To a slope where the cattle keep the lawn. There amid loggin juni...Rate it:

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The Voyage
Charles Baudelaire
it’s no matter where Man, whose hope never tires, as if insane, rushes on, in search of rest, throuRate it:

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The Worst Treason
Victor Marie Hugo
punishment, which, howe'er slow, ne'er tires, Begins to march, and comes serene and calm, With her Rate it:

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