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A Woman Commends Her Little Son
Katharine Tynan
To the aid of my little son I call all the magnalities -- Archangel, Dominion, Powers and Principalities. Mary without a stain, Joseph that was he...Rate it:

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Little Major
Henry Clay Work
At his post, the "Little Major" Dropp'd his drum, that battle-day; On the grass, all stain'd with crimson, Through that battle-night he lay-- Cryin...Rate it:

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Our little Kinsmen—after Rain
Emily Dickinson
Our little Kinsmen—after Rain In plenty may be seen, A Pink and Pulpy multitude The tepid Ground upon. A needless life, it seemed to me Until a li...Rate it:

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The Little Sister Of The Prophet
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
'If there arise among you a prophet or dreamer. . .' I HAVE left a basket of dates In the cool dark room that is under the vine, Some curds set ou...Rate it:

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The Little Black Boy
William Blake
My mother bore me in the southern wild, And I am black, but oh my soul is white! White as an angel is the English child, But I am black, as...Rate it:

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A Little County Derry Cottage
liam o'comain
A Little County Derry Cottage. ~~~ Oh, to have a little cottage Alongside a wee river Called the Roe not far from Lough Foyle in the Irish county ...Rate it:

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The way your little finger moved
Stephen Crane
AH, God, the way your little finger moved As you thrust a bare arm backward And made play with your hair And a comb a silly gilt comb Ah, God--...Rate it:

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(The sunshine seeks my little room)
Robert William Service
The sunshine seeks my little room To tell me Paris streets are gay; That children cry the lily bloom All up and down the leafy way; That half the t...Rate it:

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The Little Girl and her Doll
Adelbert Von Chamisso
All you do for your children, For my Doll I do instead, And in her little cradle She lies beside my bed. When she sleeps, I dream about her, When s...Rate it:

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A Little Boy Lost
William Blake
v'Nought loves another as itself, Nor venerates another so, Nor is it possible to thought A greater than itself to know. 'And, father, ho...Rate it:

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My Little Doll
Charles Kingsley
I once had a sweet little doll, dears, The prettiest doll in the world; Her cheeks were so red and so white, dears, And her hair was so charmingly ...Rate it:

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A Little Child Shall Lead Them
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Only a little scrap of blue Preserved with loving care, But earth has not a brilliant hue To me more bright and fair. Strong drink, like a rag...Rate it:

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A Little Ghost
Dame Mary Gilmore
The moonlight flutters from the sky To meet her at the door, A little ghost, whose steps have passed Across the creaking floor. And rustling v...Rate it:

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I'm the little
Emily Dickinson
I'm the little "Heart's Ease"! I don't care for pouting skies! If the Butterfly delay Can I, therefore, stay away? If the Coward Bumble Bee In his...Rate it:

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I'm the little "Heart's Ease"
Emily Dickinson
I'm the little "Heart's Ease"! I don't care for pouting skies! If the Butterfly delay Can I, therefore, stay away? If the Coward Bumble Bee In his...Rate it:

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Little Aggie
Marriott Edgar
When Joe Dove took his elephants out on the road He made each one hold fast with his trunk To the tail of the elephant walking in front To stop the...Rate it:

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Little all-aloney
Eugene Field
Little All-Aloney's feet Pitter-patter in the hall, And his mother runs to meet And to kiss her toddling sweet, Ere perchance he fall. He is, oh, s...Rate it:

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Little Billee
William Makepeace Thackeray
Air--"il y avait un petit navire." There were three sailors of Bristol city Who took a boat and went to sea. But first with beef and captain's bis...Rate it:

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Little Brown Baby
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Little brown baby wif spa'klin' eyes, Come to yo' pappy an' set on his knee. What you been doin', suh -- makin' san' pies? Look at dat bi...Rate it:

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Little Lucy Landman
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Oh, the day has set me dreaming In a strange, half solemn way Of the feelings I experienced On another long past day,-- Of the way my heart made mu...Rate it:

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Little Red Riding Hood
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
LINES SUGGESTED BY THE ENGRAVING OF LANDSEER’S PICTURE. Come back, come back together, All ye fancies of the past, Ye days of April weather,...Rate it:

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Little Waxy
Cicely Fox Smith
Wake, little Waxy! Hunting-time again, The short days and goodly, the clean Autumn rain: In the old North country, in the grey open weather, Hounds...Rate it:

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Our Little Girl
James Whitcomb Riley
Her heart knew naught of sorrow, Nor the vaguest taint of sin-- 'Twas an ever-blooming blossom Of the purity within: And her hands knew only touche...Rate it:

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Our Little House
Thomas Walsh
Our little house upon the hill In winter time is strangely still; The roof tree, bare of leaves, stands high, A candelabrum for the sky, And do...Rate it:

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O’Grady’s Little Girl
Alice Guerin Crist
Her hair was dark and curly, floatin’ to the saddle bow, Her laugh was frank and girlish, and her voice was sweet and low; When I was one-and-twent...Rate it:

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