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The Morai
Helen Maria Williams
FAIR OTAHEITE , fondly blest By him who long was doom'd to brave The fury of the Polar wave, That fiercely mounts the frozen rock Where the harsh s...Rate it:

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The Mountain Castle
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THERE stands on yonder high mountain A castle built of yore, Where once lurked horse and horseman In rear of gate and of door. Now door and gate...Rate it:

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The Naked Goddess
James Thomson
Arcane danze D'immortal piede i ruinosi gioghi Scossero e l'ardue selve (oggi romito Nido de' venti). LEOPARDI Through the country to the town Ran...Rate it:

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The Origin of the Sail
Amelia Opie
"Sweet maid! on whom my wishes rest, My morning thought, my midnight dream, O grant Lysander's fond request, And let those eyes with mercy beam! "...Rate it:

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The Parish Register - Part III: Burials
George Crabbe
THERE was, 'tis said, and I believe, a time When humble Christians died with views sublime; When all were ready for their faith to bleed, But few t...Rate it:

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The Parson's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
THE PROLOGUE. By that the Manciple his tale had ended, The sunne from the south line was descended So lowe, that it was not to my sight Degree...Rate it:

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The Plate Of Gold
James Henry Leigh Hunt
One day there fell in great Benares' temple-court A wondrous plate of gold, whereon these words were writ; 'To him who loveth best, a gift from Hea...Rate it:

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The Priests of Ireland
John Boyle O'Reilly
YOU have waited, Priests of Ireland, until the hour was late: You have stood with folded arms until 'twas asked—Why do they wait? By the fever an...Rate it:

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The Purple Thread
Katharine Lee Bates
'The priests distributed various coloured silken threads to weave for the veil of the sanctuary; and it fell to Mary's lot to weave purple.' —The B...Rate it:

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The Rendezvous
Alan Seeger
He faints with hope and fear. It is the hour. Distant, across the thundering organ-swell, In sweet discord from the cathedral-tower, Fall the fa...Rate it:

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The Scapegoat
Andrew Barton Paterson
We have all of us read how the Israelites fled From Egypt with Pharaoh in eager pursuit of 'em, And Pharaoh's fierce troop were all put "in the s...Rate it:

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The Thief And Cordelier. A Ballad
Matthew Prior
To the tune of King John and the Abbot of Canterbury. Who has e'er been at Paris must needs know the Greve, The fatal retreat of th' unfortunate b...Rate it:

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The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons - Canto Third
William Wordsworth
NOW joy for you who from the towers Of Brancepeth look in doubt and fear, Telling melancholy hours! Proclaim it, let your Masters hear That Norton ...Rate it:

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The Yearly Distress; Or, Tithing-Time At Stock In Essex
William Cowper
Come, ponder well, for 'tis no jest, To laugh it would be wrong; The troubles of a worthy priest The burden of my song. This priest he merry is an...Rate it:

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To Mignon
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
OVER vale and torrent far Rolls along the sun's bright car. Ah! he wakens in his course Mine, as thy deep-seated smart In the heart. Ev'ry mornin...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
Now Tomlinson gave up the ghost in his house in Berkeley Square, And a Spirit came to his bedside and gripped him by the hair -- A Spirit gripped h...Rate it:

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Two Lovers
James Thomson
Their eyes met; flashed an instant like swift swords That leapt unparring to each other's heart, Jarring convulsion through the inmost chords; T...Rate it:

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Unhousel'd, Unanointed, Unanel'd
Katharine Tynan
When these men must go alone Sans an absolution, When their sins are heavy as lead, Thou Thyself will lift the head ; Thou, High Priest, wilt wh...Rate it:

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Upon A Dying Lady
William Butler Yeats
I Her Courtesy WITH the old kindness, the old distinguished grace, She lies, her lovely piteous head amid dull red hair propped upon pillows, roug...Rate it:

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Wat Tyler - Act II
Robert Southey
ACT II. SCENE— BLACKHEATH. TYLER, HOB, &c. SONG. ' When Adam delv'd, and Eve span, ' Who was then the gentleman?' Wretched is the infant...Rate it:

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Wat Tyler - Act III
Robert Southey
ACT III. SCENE—SMITHFIELD. PIERS (meeting JOHN BALL.) You look disturb'd, my father? JOHN BALL. Piers, I am so. Jack Straw has forced th...Rate it:

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Artemis To Actaeon
Edith Wharton
Thou couldst not look on me and live: so runs The mortal legend—thou that couldst not live Nor look on me (so the divine decree)! That saw’st me in...Rate it:

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Epithalamion Made At Lincoln's Inn
John Donne
I HAIL sun-beams in the east are spread ; Leave, leave, fair bride, your solitary bed ; No more shall you return to it alone ; It nurseth sadn...Rate it:

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How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds
John Newton
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds In a believer's ear? It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, And drives away his fear. It makes the wounded ...Rate it:

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Initial Love
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Venus, when her son was lost, Cried him up and down the coast, In hamlets, palaces, and parks, And told the truant by his marks, Golden curls, and ...Rate it:

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