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When My Time Is Come
John Le Gay Brereton
When my time is come to die, I would shun the decent gloom, Whispered word and weeping eye, Fitful hum of knowing fly Questing through the darkened...Rate it:

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Come, Gentle God
James Thomson
Come, gentle God of soft desire, Come and possess my happy breast, Not fury-like in flames and fire, Or frantic folly's wildness dressed; But come...Rate it:

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The Change Has Come
Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE change has come, and Helen sleeps— Not sleeps; but wakes to greater deeps Of wisdom, glory, truth, and light, Than ever blessed her seeking sig...Rate it:

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They Shall Come Home
Roderic Quinn
ALTHOUGH they sleep in alien graves afar, Where, restlessly, chill winds we know not roam, When Peace has laid the cruel waves of war They shall co...Rate it:

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When the Children Come Home
Henry Lawson
On a lonely selection far out in the West An old woman works all the day without rest, And she croons, as she toils 'neath the sky's glassy dome,...Rate it:

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You'd Definitely Have To Come Back 'tobby' Darling
Nikhil Parekh
So that each morsel of food that I consumed perfectly assimilated into each ingredient of my blood once again—instead of only wanting to vomit out ...Rate it:

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Colin Clouts Come Home Againe
Edmund Spenser
Colin Clouts Come Home Againe THe shepheards boy (best knowen by that name) That after Tityrus first sung his lay, Laies of sweet loue, without reb...Rate it:

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Come In
Robert Frost
As I came to the edge of the woods, Thrush music -- hark! Now if it was dusk outside, Inside it was dark. Too dark in the woods for a bird By...Rate it:

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Come that my soul has no repose
Mirza Ghalib
Come that my soul has no repose Has no strength to bear the injustice of waiting Heaven is given in return for the life of this world But that hig...Rate it:

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Please Come soon
Nikhil Parekh
Sheets of fascination wholesomely blinded my eyes; engulfing them with thunderbolts of exotic excitement, Waves of insurmountable passion flowed ...Rate it:

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The Best Is Yet To Come
Mario William Vitale
A shadow brightens the unusual vortex it's in the wanting that's the hardest part I treasured a red rose that was plucked a time ago living on t...Rate it:

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Come Sirrah Jack Ho
Thomas Weelkes
Come sirrah Jack ho, Fill some tobacco, Bring a wire and some fire, Haste haste away, quick I say, do not stay, shun delay, for I drank none good t...Rate it:

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Come, Let Us Find
William Henry Davies
Come, let us find a cottage, love, That's green for half a mile around; To laugh at every grumbling bee, Whose sweetest blossom's not yet found....Rate it:

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Except the Heaven had come so near
Emily Dickinson
Except the Heaven had come so near— So seemed to choose My Door— The Distance would not haunt me so— I had not hoped—before— But just to hear the ...Rate it:

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The first Day's Night had come
Emily Dickinson
The first Day's Night had come— And grateful that a thing So terrible—had been endured— I told my Soul to sing— She said her Strings were snapt— H...Rate it:

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Perhaps You Come Back
Ehsan Sehgal
Every day, every time I look towards the way With my rapid-breathings With intense eagerness And with many hopes Perhaps today you come back Realiz...Rate it:

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Sweet Endings Come and Go, Love
George Eliot
"La noche buena se viene, La noche buena se va, Y nosotros nos iremos Y no volveremos mas." -- Old Villancico. Sweet eveni...Rate it:

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As They Come
William Henry Ogilvie
Right and left the leaders wheel, Seeking gap and gate, Catch his head and give him heel! Ride your country straight! Fences are by fortune mad...Rate it:

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Come With The Summer Leaves
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Come with the summer leaves, love, to my grave, And, if you doubt among the quiet dead, Choose out that mound where greenest grasses wave And where...Rate it:

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Come, Pretty School-Girl!
Henry Clay Work
On this rolling planet ever have you seen A home so like a palace waiting for its queen? -- A dwelling place so fair, So fill'd with treasures rare...Rate it:

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Come, Rest Awhile
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Come, rest awhile, and let us idly stray In glimmering valleys, cool and far away. Come from the greedy mart, the troubled street, And listen t...Rate it:

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I Shall Come Back
Dorothy Parker
I shall come back without fanfaronade Of wailing wind and graveyard panoply; But, trembling, slip from cool Eternity- A mild and most bewildered li...Rate it:

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In The Year That's Come and Gone
William Ernest Henley
In the year that's come and gone, love, his flying feather Stooping slowly, gave us heart, and bade us walk together. In the year that's coming on,...Rate it:

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King Arthur's Men Have Come Again
Vachel Lindsay
[Written while a field-worker in the Anti-Saloon League of Illinois.] King Arthur's men have come again. They challenge everywhere The foes of C...Rate it:

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Lord May I Come?
Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal
Life and night are falling from me, Death and day are opening on me, Wherever my footsteps come and go, Life is a stony way of woe. Lord, have I lo...Rate it:

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