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Harold Hart Crane
It sheds a shy solemnity, This lamp in our poor room. O grey and gold amenity, -- Silence and gentle gloom! Wide from the world, a stolen hour We ...Rate it:

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Invita Minerva
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Not of desire alone is music born, Not till the Muse wills is our passion crowned; Unsought she comes; if sought, but seldom found, Repaying thu...Rate it:

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I´ve Looked So Much…
Constantine P. Cavafy
I’ve looked on beauty so much that my vision overflows with it. The body’s lines. Red lips. Sensual limbs. Hair as though stolen from Greek statue...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 02 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
XXI It was amazement, wonder and delight, Although not love, that moved his cruel sense; "Tell on," quoth he, "unfold the chance aright, Thy people...Rate it:

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Just Marrying Her
Nikhil Parekh
Just touching her skin; doesn't mean that you were brutally forcing her, Just winking at her doesn't mean; that you were perpetually proposing he...Rate it:

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Lamia. Part I
John Keats
Upon a time, before the faery broods Drove Nymph and Satyr from the prosperous woods, Before King Oberon's bright diadem, Sceptre, and mantle, c...Rate it:

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Late Summer
Edwin Arlington Robinson
(ALCAICS) Confused, he found her lavishing feminine Gold upon clay, and found her inscrutable; And yet she smiled. Why, then, should horrors Be...Rate it:

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Le Testament: Les Regrets De La Belle Heaulmière
François Villon
By chance, I heard the belle complain, The one we called the Armouress, Longing to be a girl again, Talking like this, more or less: ‘Oh, old age, ...Rate it:

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Lines On Observing A Blossom On The First Of February, 1796
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Sweet flower! that peeping from thy russet stem Unfoldest timidly, (for in strange sort This dark, frieze-coated, hoarse, teeth-chattering month Ha...Rate it:

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Ehsan Sehgal
Listen, Once more listen You are a thief I am also a thief You stole my heart I stole yours Let's come, and admit If possible, make love The stolen...Rate it:

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Lord Rochester’s Song
Victor Marie Hugo
[CROMWELL, ACT I.] 'Hold, little blue-eyed page!' So cried the watchers surly, Stern to his pretty rage And golden hair so curly-- 'Methinks your ...Rate it:

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Louis Pasteur and Dextrotartaric Acid, 1848
Xiaoyuan Yin
Louis Pasteur and Dextrotartaric Acid, 1848 By Xiaoyuan Yin On a grayish slide under the microscope, tiny human figures Evolve into kaleidoscop...Rate it:

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Marriage Song
Yehudah HaLevi
Fair is my dove, my loved one, None can with her compare: Yea, comely as Jerusalem, Like unto Tirzah fair. Shall she in tents unstable A wand...Rate it:

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Marsupial Bill
James Brunton Stephens
1 IT was the time when geese despond, And turkeys make their wills; The time when Christians, to a man, Forgive each other's bills; It was the time...Rate it:

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Mary Lemaine
Henry Lawson
Jim Duff was a ‘native,’as wild as could be; A stealer and duffer of cattle was he, But back in his youth he had stolen a pearl— Or a diamond rathe...Rate it:

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Memory Hacked
Kurt Philip Behm
When you’re inside, you can always get out But stuck outside, you must plead and then shout “please let me please let me please let me in...Rate it:

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My Bees: An Allegory
Helen Hunt Jackson
"O bees, sweet bees!" I said, "that nearest field Is shining white with fragrant immortelles. Fly swiftly there and drain those honey wells." Th...Rate it:

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My Broken Heart Needed
Nikhil Parekh
The broken door of pure rosewood needed a carpenter to repair it; replenishing its distorted edges with loads of compassionate varnish and an array...Rate it:

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Nt For Loan
kurt Philip Behm
Stolen from eternity, the feelings would not lend themselves—to words (Villanova Pennsylvania: September, 2016)Rate it:

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O great golden head lie in my lap'
Lesbia Harford
O great golden head lie in my lap, Sweet, sweet, lie there. Sleep and I'll watch thee lest evil behap. Sweet, sweet and fair. O great golden he...Rate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
Inscribed to W.H. Channing Though loath to grieve The evil time's sole patriot, I cannot leave My honeyed thought For the priest's cant, Or s...Rate it:

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Ode to Apollo. On An Inkglass Almost Dried In The Sun
William Cowper
Patron of all those luckless brains, That, to the wrong side leaning, Indite much metre with much pains, And little or no meaning; Ah why, since oc...Rate it:

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Ode To William H. Channing
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Though loth to grieve The evil time's sole patriot, I cannot leave My buried thought For the priest's cant, Or statesman's rant. If I refuse My st...Rate it:

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Old Stone Chimney
Henry Lawson
The rising moon on the peaks was blending Her silver light with the sunset glow, When a swagman came as the day was ending Along a path that he see...Rate it:

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Thomas Moore
When daylight was yet sleeping under the pillow, And stars in the heavens still lingering shone, Young Kitty, all blushing, rose up from her pill...Rate it:

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