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The Thousandth Man
Rudyard Kipling
One man in a thousand, Solomon says, Will stick more close than a brother. And it's worth while seeking him half your days If you find him before t...Rate it:

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The Twenty Hoss-Power Shay
Ellis Parker Butler
You have heard of the wonderful one-hoss shay That was built in such a logical way It ran a hundred years to a day. And then, of a sudden, it up an...Rate it:

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The Woman In The Rye
Thomas Hardy
'Why do you stand in the dripping rye, Cold-lipped, unconscious, wet to the knee, When there are firesides near?' said I. 'I told him I wished him ...Rate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
So, in the Sunday papers _you_, Del Mar, Damn, all great Englishmen in English speech? I am no Englishman, but in my reach A rogue shall never rail...Rate it:

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To Baynard Taylor
Sidney Lanier
To range, deep-wrapt, along a heavenly height, O'erseeing all that man but undersees; To loiter down lone alleys of delight, And hear the beating...Rate it:

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Trivia ; or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London : Book III
John Gay
Of Walking the Streets by Night. O Trivia, goddess, leave these low abodes, And traverse o'er the wide ethereal roads, Celestial queen, put on thy...Rate it:

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Christina Georgina Rossetti
I took my heart in my hand (O my love, O my love), I said: Let me fall or stand, Let me live or die, But this once hear me speak- (O my love, ...Rate it:

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Unguarded Gates
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
WIDE open and unguarded stand our gates, Named of the four winds, North, South, East, and West; Portals that lead to an enchanted land Of cities, f...Rate it:

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United Front Song
Bertolt Brecht
And because a man is human He'll want to eat, and thanks a lot But talk can't take the place of meat or fill an empty pot. So left, two, three! So...Rate it:

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You Can't Strangulate Yourself And Still Lead Life
Nikhil Parekh
You can't compress your fingers and still prolifically write, You can't clench your teeth and still gregariously smile, You can't sleep tight o...Rate it:

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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Woe is me for 'Ommi 'Aufa! Woe for the tents of her lost on thy stony plain, Durráj, on thine, Mutethéllemi! In Rákmatéyn I found our dwelling, fai...Rate it:

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A Boston Ballad, 1854
Walt Whitman
TO get betimes in Boston town, I rose this morning early; Here's a good place at the corner--I must stand and see the show. Clear the wa...Rate it:

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Lift Every Voice and Sing
James Weldon Johnson
Lift ev'ry voice and sing, Till earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise High as the list'ning skies, Let ...Rate it:

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PAPI Mario (Reaching The Masses) flirting with fire burning it up with its fullest of desire I'm a hot wire dynamite is my friend with whom ...Rate it:

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Rouge Bouquet
Joyce Kilmer
In a wood they call the Rouge Bouquet There is a new-made grave to-day, Built by never a spade nor pick Yet covered with earth ten metres thick....Rate it:

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The Secret Whisky Cure
Henry Lawson
’Tis no tale of heroism, ’tis no tale of storm and strife, But of ordinary boozing, and of dull domestic life— Of the everlasting friction that mos...Rate it:

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John Burroughs
Serene, I fold my hands and wait, Nor care for wind, nor tide, nor sea; I rave no more 'gainst time or fate, For lo! my own shall come to m...Rate it:

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Yaksha the Great
Friend of Yakshsa
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the gr...Rate it:

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`Oh, if that Rainbow up there!'
Ethel Turner
Oh, if that rainbow up there, Spanning the sky past the hill, Slenderly, tenderly fair Shining with colours that thrill, Oh, if that rainbow up...Rate it:

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Those who stand behind lies Cannot stand to confront truth If I knew how to whisper I would not If I am not welcomed but you want to falsely greet ...Rate it:

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Megan Henley
Pain Pain is what I know I know I messed up for the last time I'm afraid you'll want me to go I don’t blame you, I'm a burden But every time,...Rate it:

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M'Fingal - Canto IV
John Trumbull
Now Night came down, and rose full soon That patroness of rogues, the Moon; Beneath whose kind protecting ray, Wolves, brute and human, prowl for p...Rate it:

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Love One Another
Khalil Gibran
Love one another, but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup, but drink not...Rate it:

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Ellis Parker Butler
I hold her letter as I stand, Nor break the seal; no need to guess What dainty little female hand Penned this most delicate address. The scented s...Rate it:

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O World Of Many Worlds
Wilfred Owen
O World of many worlds, O life of lives, What centre hast thou? Where am I? O whither is it thy fierce onrush drives? Fight I, or drift; or stand; ...Rate it:

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