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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
Bio Of Mario William Vitale The language and images of Mario Vitale's poetry are so closely bound to the natural cycles of seasons, of generations...Rate it:

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Great Are The Myths
Walt Whitman
GREAT are the myths--I too delight in them; Great are Adam and Eve--I too look back and accept them; Great the risen and fallen nations, ...Rate it:

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A Faith On Trial
George Meredith
On the morning of May, Ere the children had entered my gate With their wreaths and mechanical lay, A metal ding-dong of the date! I mounted our hil...Rate it:

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A Grave
Marianne Moore
Man looking into the sea, taking the view from those who have as much right to it as you have to it yourself, it is human nature to stan...Rate it:

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A Jacobite's Exile
Algernon Charles Swinburne
The weary day runs down and dies, The weary night wears through: And never an hour is fair wi' flower, And never a flower wi' dew. I would the day...Rate it:

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A Worldly Death-Bed
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Hush! speak in accents soft and low, And treat with careful stealth Thro’ that rich curtained room which tells Of luxury and wealth; Men of high sc...Rate it:

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Afloat And Ashore
Sydney Thompson Dobell
'Tumble and rumble, and grumble and snort, Like a whale to starboard, a whale to port; Tumble and rumble, and grumble and snort, And the steamer st...Rate it:

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After This The Judgement
Christina Georgina Rossetti
As eager homebound traveller to the goal, Or steadfast seeker on an unsearched main, Or martyr panting for an aureole, My fellow-pilgrims pass me, ...Rate it:

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Carl Sandburg
The mare Alix breaks the world’s trotting record one day. I see her heels flash down the dust of an Illinois race track on a summer afternoon. I se...Rate it:

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An Evening Dream
Sydney Thompson Dobell
I'm leaning where you loved to lean in eventides of old, The sun has sunk an hour ago behind the treeless wold, In this old oriel that we loved how...Rate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
You may say they won't grow, and say they'll decay- Say it again till you're sick of the say, Get up on your ear, blow your blaring bazoo And hire ...Rate it:

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At A Funeral
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
I loved her too, this woman who is dead. Look in my face. I have a right to go And see the place where you have made her bed Among the snow. I lov...Rate it:

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At Liberty
Ada Cambridge
1. No sight to me like sight of ships. No wine to me like salt- spray thrown By morning breezes on my lips; No music sweeter than the moan Of sole...Rate it:

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At the Long Sault
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Searching the pile of corpses the victors found four Frenchmen still breathing. Three had scarcely a spark of life . . . the fourth seemed likely t...Rate it:

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Benedetta Minelli
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
I. THE NOVICE. IT is near morning. Ere the next night fall I shall be made the bride of heaven. Then home To my still marriage chamber I shall ...Rate it:

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Boulogne To Amiens And Paris (3 to 11 P.M.; 3rd Class)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Strong extreme speed, that the brain hurries with, Further than trees, and hedges, and green grass Whitened by distance,—further than small pools...Rate it:

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Christmas At Sea
Robert Louis Stevenson
The sheets were frozen hard, and they cut the naked hand; The decks were like a slide, where a seaman scarce could stand; The wind was a nor'wester...Rate it:

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Early Death
Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal
Oh grieve not with thy bitter tears The life that passes fast; The gates of heaven will open wide And take me in at last. Then sit down meekly at ...Rate it:

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Edith Conant
Edgar Lee Masters
We stand about this place -- we, the memories; And shade our eyes because we dread to read: "June 17th, 1884, aged 21 years and 3 days." And all th...Rate it:

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El Harith
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Lightly took she her leave of me, Asmá--u, went no whit as a guest who outstays a welcome; Went forgetting our trysts, Burkát Shemmá--u, all the jo...Rate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
'Tis morning now, yet silently I stand, Uplift the curtain with a weary hand, Look out while darkness overspreads the way, And long f...Rate it:

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Fifty Years (1863-1913)
James Weldon Johnson
O brothers mine, to-day we stand Where half a century sweeps our ken, Since God, through Lincoln's ready hand, Struck off our bonds and made us men...Rate it:

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For All We Have and Are
Rudyard Kipling
For all we have and are, For all our children's fate, Stand up and meet the war. The Hun is at the gate! Our world has passed away In wantonne...Rate it:

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From The Porch At Runnymede
Paul Laurence Dunbar
I stand above the city's rush and din, And gaze far down with calm and undimmed eyes, To where the misty smoke wreath grey and dim Above the myriad...Rate it:

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From The Portuguese
Edith Nesbit
I When I lived in the village of youth There were lilies in all the orchards, Flowers in the orange-gardens For brides to wear in their hair. It w...Rate it:

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