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The Midnight Skaters
Edmund Blunden
The hop-poles stand in cones, The icy pond lurks under, The pole-tops steeple to the thrones Of stars, sound gulfs of wonder; But not the tallest t...Rate it:

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The Song of the Wheels
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
King Dives he was walking in his garden all alone, Where his flowers are made of iron and his trees are made of stone, And his hives are full of...Rate it:

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The Virtuous Man
George Wither
Thus fears the man whom virtue, beacon-like, Hath fix'd upon the hills of eminence; At him the tempests of mad envy strike, And rage against his pi...Rate it:

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To the Author of a Poem Entitled Succession
Alexander Pope
Begone, ye Critics, and restrain your spite, Codrus writes on, and will for ever write, The heaviest Muse the swiftest course has gone, As clocks r...Rate it:

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To The Countess Of Bedford II
John Donne
TO have written then, when you writ, seem'd to me Worst of spiritual vices, simony ; And not to have written then seems little less Than worst o...Rate it:

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When The Bell Blew Up
Edward George Dyson
‘THAT’S the boiler at The Bell, mates! Tumble out, Ned, neck and crop— Never mind your hat and coat, man, we’ll be wanted on the job. Barney’s driv...Rate it:

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Morning Song Of Senlin
Conrad Potter Aiken
It is morning, Senlin says, and in the morning When the light drips through the shutters like the dew, I arise, I face the sunrise, And do the t...Rate it:

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Of Judgement
John Bunyan
As 'tis appointed men should die, So judgment is the next That meets them most assuredly; For so saith holy text. Wherefore of judgment I shall no...Rate it:

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The English Way
Rudyard Kipling
After the fight at Otterburn, Before the ravens came, The Witch-wife rode across the fern And spoke Earl Percy's name. 'Stand up-stand up, Nor...Rate it:

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Angels High
Mark Nadin (The Deal Poet)
16/09/2012 It was so warm and sunny Not a cloud was in the sky Whilst all around was quiet Except spitfires at angels high You could hear the eng...Rate it:

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The Rebel
Henry Lawson
Call me traitor to my country and a rebel to my God. And the foe of “law and order”, well deserving of the rod, But I scorn the biassed sentence fr...Rate it:

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Address To The Tooth-Ache
Robert Burns
My curse upon your venom'd stang, That shoots my tortur'd gums alang; And thro' my lugs gies mony a twang, Wi' gnawing vengeance; Tearing my n...Rate it:

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The Stones of Gosh
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, here is a tale of the Glugs of Gosh, In the end of the year umteen; Of the Glugs of Gosh and their great King Splosh, And Tush, his virtuous ...Rate it:

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A Meditation On Rhode-Island Coal
William Cullen Bryant
I sat beside the glowing grate, fresh heaped With Newport coal, and as the flame grew bright --The many-coloured flame--and played and leaped, I th...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
a dog has overwhelming addiction for raw sticks of bone, gnaws them with immense fervour, crushing them to finely powdered calcium with brutal st...Rate it:

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An Epistle Of The Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole
Richard Savage
Still let low wits, who sense nor honour prize, Sneer at all gratitude, all truth disguise; At living worth, because alive, exclaim, Insult the exi...Rate it:

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An Excursion Steamer Sunk in the Tay
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1888, and on July the 14th day, That an alarming accident occurred in the River Tay. Which resulted in the sinking of the Tay ...Rate it:

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An heroic address to [Oxford], concerning the combined utility and dignity of military affairs and o
Gabriel Harvey
This is my welcome; this is how I have decided to bid All Hail! to thee and to the other Nobles. Thy splendid fame, great Earl, demands even more...Rate it:

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At Sea
Duncan Campbell Scott
Three are emerald pools in the sea, And wing-like flashes of light; The sea is bound with the heavens In a large delight. Night comes out of the e...Rate it:

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Australian Engineers
Henry Lawson
Ah, well! but the case seems hopeless, and the pen might write in vain; The people gabble of old things over and over again. For the sake of th...Rate it:

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Author's Apology For His Book
John Bunyan
WHEN at the first I took my pen in hand Thus for to write, I did not understand That I at all should make a little book In such a mode: nay, I had...Rate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
By Mystic's banks I held my dream. (I held my fishing rod as well,) The vision was of dace and bream, A fruitless vision, sooth to tell. But round ...Rate it:

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Bullocky Bill
Edward George Dyson
FROM a river siding, the railway town, Or the dull new port there three days down, Forward and back on the up-hill track, With a creak of the jinke...Rate it:

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Democritus And His Neighbors
Anne Kingsmill Finch
IN Vulgar Minds what Errors do arise! How diff'ring are the Notions, they possess, From theirs, whom better Sense do's bless, Who justly are enr...Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Tenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
When Newton saw an apple fall, he found In that slight startle from his contemplation-- 'Tis said (for I 'll not answer above ground For any sage's...Rate it:

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