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Aspiring Miss DeLaine
Francis Bret Harte
(A CHEMICAL NARRATIVE) Certain facts which serve to explain The physical charms of Miss Addie De Laine, Who, as the common reports obtain, Surpass...Rate it:

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Babette's Love
William Schwenck Gilbert
BABETTE she was a fisher gal, With jupon striped and cap in crimps. She passed her days inside the Halle, Or catching little nimble shrimps. Yet sh...Rate it:

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Marriott Edgar
I'll tell you the story of Balbus, You know, him as builded a wall; I'll tell you the reason he built it, And the place where it happened an' all...Rate it:

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Beyond My Fear
Kurt Philip Behm
The Sage brought me to the Muse, when I was but sixteen Her face familiar, her words estranged, my fate caught in-between As years went on sh...Rate it:

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Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan
Vachel Lindsay
I In a nation of one hundred fine, mob-hearted, lynching, relenting, repenting millions, There are plenty of sweeping, swinging, stinging, gorgeo...Rate it:

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Cadenus And Vanessa
Jonathan Swift
THE shepherds and the nymphs were seen Pleading before the Cyprian Queen. The counsel for the fair began Accusing the false creature, man. The brie...Rate it:

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Chaste Florimel
Matthew Prior
No - I'll endure ten thousand deaths Ere any further I'll comply: Oh! Sir, no man on earth that breathes Had ever yet his hand so high. Oh! take y...Rate it:

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
PART I 'Tis the middle of night by the castle clock And the owls have awakened the crowing cock; Tu-whit!- Tu-whoo! And hark, again! the crowing ...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
When a girl's sixteen, and as poor as she's pretty, And she hasn't a friend and she hasn't a home, Heigh-ho! She's as safe in Paris city As...Rate it:

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Congregation Of numbers
Nikhil Parekh
Numbers have a profound power to enchant, it all started centuries ago, like a magic wand in a conjurer's hand, when astral constellation in the...Rate it:

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Contemplation Of The Sword
Robinson Jeffers
Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide. The sword: an obsolete instrument of bronze or steel, formerly used to kill men, bu...Rate it:

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Couldn't Have Lived it Any Other Way
Mario William Vitale
it was years ago let the truth ago when I first existed as a seed then i was formed into a baby yet just maybe I would see things in a sought after...Rate it:

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Evelyn Hope
Robert Browning
I. Beautiful Evelyn Hope is dead! Sit and watch by her side an hour. That is her book-shelf, this her bed; She plucked that piece of geranium-...Rate it:

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Farmer Downs Changes His Opinion Of Nature
Isabella Valancy Crawford
'No,' said old Farmer Downs to me, 'I ain't the facts denyin', That all young folks in love must be, As birds must be a-flyin'. Don't go agin sech ...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
(The Wounded Canadian Speaks) My leg? It's off at the knee. Do I miss it? Well, some. You see I've had it since I was born; And lately a d...Rate it:

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Flossie Cabanis
Edgar Lee Masters
From Bindle's opera house in the village To Broadway is a great step. But I tried to take it, my ambition fired When sixteen years of age, Seeing "...Rate it:

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For The Marriage of Faustus and Helen
Harold Hart Crane
' And so we may arrive by Talmud skill And profane Greek to raise the building up Of Helen's house against the Ismaelite, King of Thogarma, and ...Rate it:

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Fragments from 'Genius Lost'
Charles Harpur
Prelude I SEE the boy-bard neath life’s morning skies, While hope’s bright cohorts guess not of defeat, And ardour lightens fr...Rate it:

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Freedom Under Compromised Knowledge
Zebedee De Costa
Unseen zeros and ones in vertical lines, Of H two six fours written for HTML fives, Never-ending lefts, finally swiping right, Blood heats up, and ...Rate it:

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Georgie Sails To-Morrow!
Henry Clay Work
For sixteen years, a merry, laughing maiden, I have warbl'd only songs of joy; And in this heart, so very lightly laden, Happy thoughts have ever f...Rate it:

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Go To That Impenetrable Realm
Go to that impenetrable realm That death himself trembles to look upon. There plays the fountain of love With swans sporting on its waters. There ...Rate it:

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Herve Riel
Robert Browning
On the sea and at the Hogue, sixteen hundred ninety two, Did the English fight the French,--woe to France! And, the thirty-first of May, helter-ske...Rate it:

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How Shirwi ascended the Throne
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
From the Shahnameh Now when Shirwi sat on the goodly throne, And donned the royal crown so much desired, The leaders of the Iranians each drew nea...Rate it:

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In The First Elective Ministry
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
In the neolithic age of our Australia, long ago, There dwelt a wise old chieftain, as you probably don't know; His royal tastes and habits I won't ...Rate it:

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Malcolm's Katie: A Love Story - Part I.
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Max plac'd a ring on little Katie's hand, A silver ring that he had beaten out From that same sacred coin--first well-priz'd wage For boyish labour...Rate it:

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