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A Pair Of Lovers In The Street
Arthur Henry Adams
A PAIR of lovers in the street! I dare not mock: with reverence meet My unforgetting heart I cheat. Ah, God, spare me—so soon again ...Rate it:

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Footsteps in the Street
Robert Fuller Murray
Oh, will the footsteps never be done? The insolent feet Thronging the street, Forsaken now of the only one. The only one out of all the throng, Wh...Rate it:

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In Collins Street
George Essex Evans
I stood in the heart of the city street, I felt the throb of her pulses beat, The thunder of life on the sunny air, The waves of the people everywh...Rate it:

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In the Street
Henry Lawson
Where the needle-woman toils Through the night with hand and brain, Till the sickly daylight shudders like a spectre at the pain – Till her eyes...Rate it:

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Lines in Memoriam Regarding the Entertainment in Reform Street Hall, Dundee
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas on the 31st of March, and in the year of 1893, I gave an entertainment in the city of Dundee, To a select party of gentlemen, big and small, ...Rate it:

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North Infinity Street
Conrad Potter Aiken
The alarm clocks tick in a thousand furnished rooms, tick and are wound for a thousand separate dooms; all down both sides of North Infinity Street...Rate it:

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Street Light
John Crowe Ransom
The shine of many city streets Confuses any countryman; It flickers here and flashes there, It goes as soon as it began, It beckons many ways at on...Rate it:

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Street Music
Lesbia Harford
There's a band in the street, there's a band in the street. It will play you a tune for a penny— It will play you a tune, you a tune, you a tune,...Rate it:

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Stupidity Street
Ralph Hodgson
I saw with open eyes Singing birds sweet Sold in the shops For people to eat, Sold in the shops of Stupidity Street. I saw in vision The wor...Rate it:

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A Street Corner
Robert Fuller Murray
Here, where the thoroughfares meet at an angle Of ninety degrees (this angle is right), You may hear the loafers that jest and wrangle Through the ...Rate it:

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Saluting The Street Dogs.
Nikhil Parekh
You unsparingly reprimanded them when they ferociously barked - mischievously chased other damsels of their fraternity and indulged in the most unc...Rate it:

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Halsted Street Car
Carl Sandburg
Come you, cartoonists, Hang on a strap with me here At seven o’clock in the morning On a Halsted street car. Take your pencils And draw these ...Rate it:

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The Lonely Street
William Carlos Williams
School is over. It is too hot to walk at ease. At ease in light frocks they walk the streets to while the time away. They have grown tall. They...Rate it:

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A Blind Man in the Street
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'He's blind,' we say. Then turn aside Upon our way, again to view Familiar things - some prospect wide, Some olden scene for ever new. Heedless we...Rate it:

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A door just opened on a street
Emily Dickinson
A door just opened on a street-- I, lost, was passing by-- An instant's width of warmth disclosed And wealth, and company. The door as sudde...Rate it:

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Beat Street (Papi Mario Version)
Mario William Vitale
just like Tony loved his Tiger you will find me inside her nothing could be finer then to be in her Vagina in the morning nothing could be sweete...Rate it:

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Fleet Street
Arthur Henry Adams
BENEATH this narrow jostling street, Unruffled by the noise of feet, Like a slow organ-note I hear The pulses of the great world beat. ...Rate it:

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Harrison Street Court
Carl Sandburg
I heard a woman's lips Speaking to a companion Say these words: "A woman what hustles Never keeps nothin' For all her hustlin'. Somebody always g...Rate it:

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In The Street
Constantine P. Cavafy
His attractive face a bit pale, his brown eyes looking tired, dazed, twenty-five years old but could be taken for twenty, with something of the art...Rate it:

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It's spring, I leave a street where poplars...
Boris Pasternak
It's spring, I leave a street where poplars are astonished, Where distance is alarmed and the house fears it may fall. Where air is blue just like ...Rate it:

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King Street
Arthur Henry Adams
A morn, a sallow lamp-lit morn, A dawn that never breaks to day! Old, old the faces, and forlorn; The hearts look out, so seared, so grey! ...Rate it:

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Moloch In State Street
John Greenleaf Whittier
THE moon has set: while yet the dawn Breaks cold and gray, Between the midnight and the morn Bear off your prey! On, swift and still! the conscious...Rate it:

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Scenes In London II - Oxford Street
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Life in its many shapes was there, The busy and the gay; Faces that seemed too young and fair To ever know decay. Wealth, with its waste, ...Rate it:

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Street Circus
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
A small circus is amazing; It’s for kids who are merry and bright; There a girl and a boy're gazing At the ladies, kings, and droll sprites. … And ...Rate it:

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The Crowded Street
William Cullen Bryant
Let me move slowly through the street, Filled with an ever-shifting train, Amid the sound of steps that beat The murmuring walks like autumn rain. ...Rate it:

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