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Songs that are not sung
John Boyle O'Reilly
DO not praise: a smile is payment more than meet for what is done; Who shall paint the mote's glad raiment floating in the molten sun? Nay, nor s...Rate it:

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These Little Songs
William Allingham
These little Songs, Found here and there, Floating in air By forest and lea, Or hill-side heather, In houses and throngs, Or down by the sea -...Rate it:

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Songs of Joy
William Henry Davies
Sing out, my soul, thy songs of joy; Sing as a happy bird will sing Beneath a rainbow's lovely arch In the spring. Think not of death in thy yo...Rate it:

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The Songs of the Lathes
Rudyard Kipling
The fans and the beltings they roar round me. The power is shaking the floor round me Till the lathes pick up their duty and the midnight-...Rate it:

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Songs of Education
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
I. HISTORY Form 991785, Sub-Section D The Roman threw us a road, a road, And sighed and strolled away: The Saxon gave us a raid, a raid, A raid t...Rate it:

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Three Songs
Anne Kingsmill Finch
LOVE, thou art best of Human Joys, Our chiefest Happiness below; All other Pleasures are but Toys, Musick without Thee is but Noise, And Beauty...Rate it:

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Four Songs Of Four Seasons
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I. WINTER IN NORTHUMBERLAND OUTSIDE the garden The wet skies harden; The gates are barred on The summer side: ...Rate it:

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Sister Songs-An Offering To Two Sisters - Part The Second
Francis Thompson
And now, thou elder nursling of the nest; Ere all the intertangled west Be one magnificence Of multitudinous blossoms that o'errun The flaming braz...Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
Still linger in our noon of time And on our Saxon tongue The echoes of the home-born hymns The Aryan mothers sung. And childhood had its litanies ...Rate it:

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Songs of Stones
Norma Odenthal
Silent hearts like stones caressed by waters of love, kissed by a whisper of wind; ripples passing through reflections of our souls; Trees of Life...Rate it:

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Arab Songs
Padraic Colum
I. THE PARROT AND THE FALCON MY Afghan poet-friend With this made his message end, 'The scroll around my wall shows two the poets have known The pa...Rate it:

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The Poet's Songs.
Robert Crawford
The copse-wood merely sows Itself, not planted; And so it is with those Strange and enchanted Moods that have taken root, Bloomed, and e'en borne f...Rate it:

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Song Of Songs
Wilfred Owen
Sing me at morn but only with your laugh; Even as Spring that laugheth into leaf; Even as Love that laugheth after Life. Sing me but only with you...Rate it:

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Songs for the Soldiers
Isabella Valancy Crawford
IF songs be sung let minstrels strike their harps To large and joyous strains, all thunder-winged To beat along vast shores. Ay, let their notes Wi...Rate it:

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The Lover Speaks To The Hearers Of His Songs In Coming Days
William Butler Yeats
O WOMEN, kneeling by your altar-rails long hence, When songs I wove for my beloved hide the prayer, And smoke from this dead heart drifts through t...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
SONGS are like painted window-panes! In darkness wrapp'd the church remains, If from the market-place we view it; Thus sees the ignoramus through i...Rate it:

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Now no-one will be listening to songs
Anna Akhmatova
Now no-one will be listening to songs. The days long prophesied have come to pass. The world has no more miracles. Don't break My heart, song, but ...Rate it:

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The Songs of Selma
James Macpherson
ARGUMENTAddress to the evening star: An apostrophe to Fingal and his times. Minonasings before the king the song of the unfortunate Colma; and th...Rate it:

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Songs Written to Welsh Airs
Amelia Opie
How fondly I gaze on the fast falling-leaves, That mark, as I wander, the summer's decline; And then I exclaim, while my conscious heart heaves, "T...Rate it:

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Songs Set To Music: 13. Set By Mr. De Fesch
Matthew Prior
Love! inform thy faithful creature How to keep his fair one's heart; Must it be by truth of nature, Or by poor dissembling art? Tell the secret, sh...Rate it:

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Interlude: Songs out of Sorrow
Sara Teasdale
I. Spirit's House From naked stones of agony I will build a house for me; As a mason all alone I will raise it, stone by stone, And every stone w...Rate it:

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Songs Set To Music: 12. Set By Mr. Smith
Matthew Prior
Since my words, though ne'er so tender, With sincerest truth express'd, Cannot make your heart surrender, Nor so much as warm your breast; What wi...Rate it:

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Two Songs Of Spain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Fountain, cans't thou sing the song My Juan sang to me The moonlit orange groves among? Then list the words from me, And mark thee, by the morning'...Rate it:

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Songs Set To Music: 8. Set By Mr. Smith
Matthew Prior
Still, Dorinda, I adore; Think I mean not to deceive you, For I loved you much before, And, alas! now love you more Though I force myself to leave ...Rate it:

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Two Songs
Paul Laurence Dunbar
A BEE that was searching for sweets one day Through the gate of a rose garden happened to stray. In the heart of a rose he hid away, And forgot in ...Rate it:

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