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Spring Breezes
Christopher John Brennan
Spring breezes over the blue, now lightly frolicking in some tropic bay, go forth to meet her way, for here the spell hath won and dream is true. ...Rate it:

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Spring Day
Amy Lowell
Bath The day is fresh-washed and fair, and there is a smell of tulips and narcissus in the air. The sunshine pours in at the bath-room window and...Rate it:

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Spring Fever
Paul Laurence Dunbar
GRASS commence a-comin' Thoo de thawin' groun', Evah bird dat whistles Keepin' noise erroun'; Cain't sleep in de mo'nin', Case befo' it's light B...Rate it:

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Spring Flowers
John Boyle O'Reilly
O THE rare spring flowers! take them as they come: Do not wait forsummer buds—they may never bloom. Every sweet to-day sends, we are wise to save...Rate it:

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Spring Goeth all in White
Robert Seymour Bridges
Spring goeth all in white, Crowned with milk-white may: In fleecy flocks of light O'er heaven the white clouds stray: White butterflies in the air...Rate it:

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Spring In War-Time
Edith Nesbit
Now the sprinkled blackthorn snow Lies along the lover’s lane Where last year we used to go- Where we shall not go again. In the hedge the buds ar...Rate it:

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Spring is the Period
Emily Dickinson
Spring is the Period Express from God. Among the other seasons Himself abide, But during March and April None stir abroad Without a cordial interv...Rate it:

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Spring It Is Cheery
Thomas Hood
Spring it is cheery, Winter is dreary, Green leaves hang, but the brown must fly; When he's forsaken, Wither'd and shaken, What can an old man...Rate it:

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Spring On Mattagmi
Duncan Campbell Scott
Far in the east the rain-clouds sweep and harry, Down the long haggard hills, formless and low, Far in the west the shell-tints meet and marry, Pil...Rate it:

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Spring Pastoral
Elinor Morton Wylie
Liza, go steep your long white hands In the cool waters of that spring Which bubbles up through shiny sands The colour of a wild-dove's wing. D...Rate it:

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Spring Quiet
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Gone were but the Winter, Come were but the Spring, I would go to a covert Where the birds sing; Where in the whitethorn Singeth a thrush, And a r...Rate it:

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Spring rain
Matsuo Basho
Spring rain leaking through the roof dripping from the wasps' nest. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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Spring Song
Roderic Quinn
SING out and be happy! The Spring is at hand, The grass green, and sappy The trees o' the land. Sing! for the breeze is Rustling and silky, And toy...Rate it:

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Spring Song
Edith Nesbit
ALL winter through I sat alone, Doors barred and windows shuttered fast, And listened to the wind's faint moan, And ghostly mutterings of the pa...Rate it:

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Spring Song In The City
William Cosmo Monkhouse
WHO remains in London, In the streets with me, Now that Spring is blowing Warm winds from the sea; Now that trees grow green and tall, N...Rate it:

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Spring's Messengers
John Clare
Where slanting banks are always with the sun The daisy is in blossom even now; And where warm patches by the hedges run The cottager when coming ho...Rate it:

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Spring's Promises
Richard Le Gallienne
When the spring comes again, will you be there? Three springs I watched and waited for your face, And listened for your voice upon the air; I sough...Rate it:

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Spring, 1916
Isaac Rosenberg
Slow, rigid, is this masquerade That passes as through a difficult air : Heavily-heavily passes. What has she fed on ? Who her table laid Through t...Rate it:

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Spring-Watching Pavilion
Ho Xuan Huong
A gentle spring evening arrives airily, unclouded by worldly dust. Three times the bell tolls echoes like a wave. We see heaven upside-down in sad...Rate it:

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Spring. (From The French Of Charles D'Orleans. XV. Century)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Gentle Spring! in sunshine clad, Well dost thou thy power display! For Winter maketh the light heart sad, And thou, thou makest the sad heart gay, ...Rate it:

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Tardy Spring
George Meredith
Now the North wind ceases, The warm South-west awakes; Swift fly the fleeces, Thick the blossom-flakes. Now hill to hill has made the stride, And ...Rate it:

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The end of spring
Yosa Buson
The end of spring-- the poet is brooding about editors. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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The First Approach Of The Sweet Spring
Le Châtelain de Coucy
The first approach of the sweet spring Returning here once more,-- The memory of the love that holds In my fond heart such power,-- The thrush agai...Rate it:

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The First Leaf Of Spring
Charles Lamb
WRITTEN ON THE FIRST LEAF OF A LADY'S ALBUM. Thou fragile, filmy, gossamery thing, First leaf of spring! At every lightest breath that quakest, An...Rate it:

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The Four Seasons : Spring
James Thomson
Come, gentle Spring! ethereal Mildness! come, And from the bosom of yon dropping cloud, While music wakes around, veil'd in a shower Of shadowin...Rate it:

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