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Robert Herrick
Fled are the frosts, and now the fields appear Reclothed in fresh and verdant diaper; Thaw'd are the snows; and now the lusty Spring Gives to each ...Rate it:

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George Meredith
When buds of palm do burst and spread Their downy feathers in the lane, And orchard blossoms, white and red, Breathe Spring delight for Autumn g...Rate it:

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Spring rain
Yosa Buson
Spring rain: telling stories, a straw coat and umbrella walk past Rate it:

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Child's Song in Spring
Edith Nesbit
The Silver Birch is a dainty lady, She wears a satin gown; The elm tree makes the old churchyard shady, She will not live in town. The English...Rate it:

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First day of spring
Matsuo Basho
First day of spring-- I keep thinking about the end of autumn. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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A Spring Wooing
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Come on walkin' wid me, Lucy; 't ain't no time to mope erroun' Wen de sunshine 's shoutin' glory in de sky, An' de little Johnny-Jump-Ups 's jes' a...Rate it:

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A light exists in spring
Emily Dickinson
A light exists in spring Not present on the year At any other period. When March is scarcely here A color stands abroad On solitary hills...Rate it:

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A Man Young And Old: VIII. Summer And Spring
William Butler Yeats
We sat under an old thorn-tree And talked away the night, Told all that had been said or done Since first we saw the light, And when we talked of g...Rate it:

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A Mountain Spring
Henry Kendall
Peace hath an altar there. The sounding feet Of thunder and the wildering wings of rain Against fire-rifted summits flash and beat, And through ...Rate it:

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A spring day
Masaoka Shiki
A spring day A long line of footprints On the sandy beach. Rate it:

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A Spring Song
Mathilde Blind
Dark sod pierced by flames of flowers, Dead wood freshly quickening, Bright skies dusked with sudden showers, Lit by rainbows on the wing. Cuc...Rate it:

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A Spring Song And A Later
James Whitcomb Riley
She sang a song of May for me, Wherein once more I heard The mirth of my glad infancy-- The orchard's earliest bird-- The joyous breeze among the t...Rate it:

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Another Spring
Kurt Philip Behm
The string is broken, the past is lost A road forgotten, —fresh winters frost All memory erases, new thoughts to spin The distance thawing, —ano...Rate it:

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As spring the winter doth succeed
Anne Bradstreet
May 13, 1657. As spring the winter doth succeed, And leaues the naked Trees doe dresse, The earth all black is cloth'd in green; At svn-shine each ...Rate it:

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At the Gates of Spring
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
With April here, And first thin green on the awakening bough, What wonderful things and dear, My tired heart to cheer, At last appear! Colours of d...Rate it:

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Australian Spring
Hugh McCrae
The bleak faced Winter, with his braggart winds (Coiled to his scrawny throat in tattered black), Posts down the highway of his late domain, Hi...Rate it:

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Beauty Sat Bathing By A Spring
Anonymous Americas
Beauty sat bathing by a spring, Where fairest shades did hide her; The winds blew calm, the birds did sing, The cool streams ran beside her. My wa...Rate it:

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Before you thought of spring,
Emily Dickinson
Before you thought of spring, Except as a surmise, You see, God bless his suddenness, A fellow in the skies Of independent hues, A little weather-w...Rate it:

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By the Spring, at Sunset
Vachel Lindsay
Sometimes we remember kisses, Remember the dear heart-leap when they came: Not always, but sometimes we remember The kindness, the dumbness, the go...Rate it:

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CXV: Spring
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Now fades the last long streak of snow, Now burgeons every maze of quick About the flowering squares, and thick By ashen roots the violets blow. ...Rate it:

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Elegy XIX. - Written in Spring, 1743
William Shenstone
Again the labouring hind inverts the soil; Again the merchant ploughs the tumid wave; Another spring renews the soldier's toil, And finds me vacant...Rate it:

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Face of the spring moon
Kobayashi Issa
Face of the spring moon-- about twelve years old, I'd say. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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For Spring By Sandro Botticelli
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
WHAT masque of what old wind-withered New-Year Honours this Lady? Flora, wanton-eyed For birth, and with all flowrets prankt and pied: Aurora, Zeph...Rate it:

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From you have I been absent in the spring... (Sonnet 98)
William Shakespeare
From you have I been absent in the spring, When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim, Hath put a spirit of youth in everything, That heavy Sat...Rate it:

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Frühlingsglaube (Faith In Spring)
Johann Ludwig Uhland
Die linden Lüfte sind erwacht, Sie säuseln und wehen Tag und Nacht, Sie schaffen an allen Enden. O frischer Duft, o neuer Klang! Nun, armes Her...Rate it:

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