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Celebrate Spring Today
Amir Khusro
Rejoice, my love, rejoice, Its spring here, rejoice. Bring out your lotions and toiletries, And decorate your long hair. Oh, you're still enjoying ...Rate it:

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Early Spring
John Clare
The Spring is come, and Spring flowers coming too, The crocus, patty kay, the rich hearts' ease; The polyanthus peeps with blebs of dew, And daisy ...Rate it:

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Echoes Of Spring
Mathilde Blind
I. I WALK about in driving snow, And drizzling rain, splashed o'er and o'er; No sign that radiant spring e'en now Stands at the threshold of the do...Rate it:

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I So Liked Spring
Charlotte Mary Mew
I so liked Spring last year Because you were here;- The thrushes too- Because it was these you so liked to hear- I so liked you. This year's a dif...Rate it:

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In A Forest Garden: A Promise of Spring
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Spring surely must be near. High over head The kind blue heavens bend to timbers tall; And here, this morning, is the picture spread That I have l...Rate it:

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O Thou Breeze of Spring!
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
O thou breeze of spring! Gladdening sea and shore, Wake the woods to sing, Streams have felt the sighing Of thy scented wing, Let each found replyi...Rate it:

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Ode to a Lady on the Spring
Joseph Warton
Lo! Spring, array'd in primrose-colour'd robe, Fresh beauties sheds on each enliven'd scene, With show'rs and sunshine cheers the smiling globe, ...Rate it:

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On Spring
George Moses Horton
Hail, thou auspicious vernal dawn! Ye birds, proclaim the winter's gone, Ye warbling minstrels sing; Pour forth your tribute as ye rise, And thus s...Rate it:

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Sonnet LXXXIII: Barren Spring
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Once more the changed year's turning wheel returns: And as a girl sails balanced in the wind, And now before and now again behind Stoops as it swoo...Rate it:

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Alice Duer Miller
'YES, Spring has come,' the grocer said, And tied a final knot of string, Rang up the change and becked his head, Elated at the breath of Spring. ...Rate it:

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Spring Dirge
Victor James Daley
A child came singing through the dusty town A song so sweet that all men stayed to hear, Forgetting for a space their ancient fear Of evil da...Rate it:

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Spring Greeting
Sidney Lanier
From the German of Herder. All faintly through my soul to-day, As from a bell that far away Is tinkled by some frolic fay, Floateth a lovely ch...Rate it:

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Spring In Canada
William Wilfred Campbell
SEASON of life's renewal, love's rebirth, And all hope's young espousals; in your dream, I feel once more the ancient stirrings of Earth. Now i...Rate it:

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Spring Longing
Emma Lazarus
Lilac hazes veil the skies. Languid sighs Breathes the mild, caressing air. Pink as coral's branching sprays, Orchard ways With the blossomed peach...Rate it:

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Spring Rain
Sara Teasdale
I thought I had forgotten, But it all came back again To-night with the first spring thunder In a rush of rain. I remembered a darkened doorway ...Rate it:

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Spring Time Is Coming
Julia A Moore
Beautiful Spring is coming, Ah, yes, will soon be here, For the clear bright sun is shining All human hearts to cheer. One the brightest gems of na...Rate it:

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The Enkindled Spring
David Herbert Lawrence
This spring as it comes bursts up in bonfires green, Wild puffing of emerald trees, and flame-filled bushes, Thorn-blossom lifting in wreaths o...Rate it:

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Welcome To Our Canadian Spring
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
We welcome thy coming, bright, sunny Spring, To this snow-clad land of ours, For sunshine and music surround thy steps, Thy pathway is strewn with ...Rate it:

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Before Spring
Alice Duer Miller
FARE you well, who love the highways, Love the cities, tall and bright, For the forest ways are my ways, And the birds' songs my delight, And the s...Rate it:

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Spring comes hither
George Eliot
Spring comes hither Buds the rose . . . Roses wither Sweet spring goes . . . O ja là O ja là . . . Would she carry me. Summer soars Wide-wing'd da...Rate it:

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Ask not the cause why sullen spring
John Dryden
Ask not the cause why sullen spring So long delays her flow'rs to bear; Why warbling birds forget to sing, And winter storms inve...Rate it:

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Spring's Welcome
John Lyly
WHAT bird so sings, yet so does wail? O 'tis the ravish'd nightingale. Jug, jug, jug, jug, tereu! she cries, And still her woes at midnight rise...Rate it:

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A Song To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring
John Dryden
1. Ask not the cause why sullen spring So long delays her flowers to bear; Why warbling birds forget to sing, And winter storms invert the year; C...Rate it:

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A Spring Poem From Bion
Eugene Field
One asketh: 'Tell me, Myrson, tell me true: What's the season pleaseth you? Is it summer suits you best, When from harvest toil we rest? Is it autu...Rate it:

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A spring poem from bion
Eugene Field
One asketh: "Tell me, Myrson, tell me true: What's the season pleaseth you? Is it summer suits you best, When from harvest toil we rest? Is it aut...Rate it:

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