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The Shadowy Waters: Introductory Lines
William Butler Yeats
winds and ponds cover more quiet woods, More shining winds, more star-glimmering ponds? Is Eden outRate it:

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The Shepherd's Calendar - August
John Clare
the tempting shop Wi in whose diamond winder shining lye Things of all sorts to tempt his eager eyeRate it:

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The Song Of Hiawatha XVII: The Hunting Of Pau-Puk Keewis
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
in flecks and gleams upon him, Fell in little shining patches, Through the waving, rustling brancheRate it:

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The Sun's Last Ray
Anonymous Americas
The camps of the clouds in the heavens were shining with evening fires, many-colored, And the pooRate it:

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The Sussex sailor
Alfred Noyes
land? Or have you seen her footprints Upon that shining sand? Beneath the happy palmtrees, By Eden Rate it:

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The Town Down by the River
Edwin Arlington Robinson
your scorn to-day. By the light that we saw shining, Let us not be lured alway; Let us hear no RRate it:

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The Two Keys
Victor James Daley
end in dazzling distance lost. Great windows shining in a row Lit up the wondrous corridor, AnRate it:

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The Unseen City
Marietta Holley
eyes now; Fanned by its soft breeze floats the shining hair, Hair we have smoothed back from the geRate it:

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The Waggoner - Canto First
William Wordsworth
still, though all be dark elsewhere, Some shining notice will be 'there', Of open house and ready Rate it:

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The Wake Of Tim O'Hara
William Cosmo Monkhouse
Look’d on so grim, In the corpse-light shining Yellow and dim. The cup of liquorRate it:

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The Watchman
Ada Cambridge
brood Above the altar-glow; They cannot dim the shining face Of one conspicuous in his place Amid tRate it:

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The Zenana - 6 The Raki
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
stars of ev'ry precious stone enwrought in shining gold. “Bound by the Raki's sacred tie, his readRate it:

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Through My Eyes
Michael Walker
my travels, near and far I’ve longed to see the shining star Of hope, that sets my spirit free And Rate it:

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To Flush, My Dog
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Either side demurely Of thy silver-suited breast Shining out from all the rest Of thy body purRate it:

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Robert William Service
only lilies you say, Nestling and softly shining there where the spear-grass waves. No, my frieRate it:

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Edwin James Brady
still, remote lagoon; And above the headland, shining, Hangs a quiet, crescent moon; When the Rate it:

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Frederick George Scott
tongue, Nor the smooth speech that, like the shining leaves, Hides the rough stems beneath. We brinRate it:

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Henry Kendall
are all before me - now, indeed, do I behold Shining growths on wild wet hillheads, quiet pools of Rate it:

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Winding Wool
Robert William Service
my pipe I cease to pull And watch her twine the shining strands Into a ball so snug and neat, PerchRate it:

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Amy Levy
I have caught The fair, far glimpses of a shining sea; And, nearer, of tall ships which thronged thRate it:

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100 M Sprint
Nikhil Parekh
tightly to throbbing forehead, 10 chains of shining metal, jingling against heavy chest bone, 10Rate it:

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A Code of Morals
Rudyard Kipling
life. The artless Aide-de-camp was mute, the shining Staff were still, And red and ever redder greRate it:

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was real. When we started, you were as the shining sun, Each edge you turned, beamed the beauty ofRate it:

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A Song of Rain
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
nigh, As clerklings watch their increments fall shining from the sky. Rolls the thunder at Eudunda;Rate it:

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A Sonnet for Imogen Rose
annette gagliardi
shine as bright, when new as you - the soft and shining morning dew, who lends life’s lonely beautyRate it:

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