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A Reading Of Life--The Test Of Manhood
George Meredith
Pleasure witched him her sweet cup to drain; Repentance offered ecstasy in pain. Delicious licence Rate it:

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A Visit From Wisdom
Khalil Gibran
brings the Pleasure of a minute with a year of repentance, and Gives himself to slumber the while dRate it:

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A Woman’s Sonnets: I
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
last that thou or love or fate Had conquered and repentance was too late. Rate it:

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After This The Judgement
Christina Georgina Rossetti
stand up before Thy face When from Thine eyes repentance shall be hid And utmost Justice stand in Rate it:

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Angels From the Realms of Glory
James Montgomery
appear. Chorus 5. Sinners, wrung with true repentance, Doomed for guilt to endless pains, Justice Rate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
from just sentence For tardy, fear-stricken repentance ? Ask those who came hither and went hence, Rate it:

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Avising The Bright Beams
Sir Thomas Wyatt
few glad, and many diverse thought With sore repentance of his hardiness. Of such a root cometh fruRate it:

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Avising The Bright Beams of These Fair Eyes
David McKee Wright
few glad, and many diverse thought With sore repentance of his hardiness. Of such a root cometh fruRate it:

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Beppo, A Venetian Story
George Gordon Lord Byron
People take their fill of recreation, And buy repentance, ere they grow devout, However high theiRate it:

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Bird Parliament (translation of)
Edward Fitzgerald
till the sullen Reprobate at cost Of long Repentance should regain the Lost; Therefore, yourselves Rate it:

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Botany Bay Eclogues 02 - Elinor
Robert Southey
to my poison'd breast; On these wild shores Repentance' saviour hand Shall probe my secret soul, shRate it:

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Ch 03 On The Excellence Of Contentment Story 05
Sa di
A man often made vows of repentance but broke them again till one of the sheikhs said to him: ‘I think thou art in the habit of eating a great deal...Rate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
a soul that is dark and drear, For the light of repentance bursting in, And the flood of the blindiRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fifth
George Gordon Lord Byron
and the loud tempests raise The waters, and repentance for past sinning In all, who o'er the great Rate it:

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John Newton
Hasten and yield to the call, While yet for repentance there's room! Your season will quickly be paRate it:

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Fantasie -- To Laura
Friedrich Schiller
they bear a grudge 'gainst Heaven alone! Shame, Repentance, pair Eumenides-like, Weave round sin Rate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
God's great, unerring scale. Think not repentance can redeem, That sin his wages can withdraw; No,Rate it:

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Laulindah Shiku
stand For in his grace they could walk Road Repentance. Yes, clad in filth I fell at his feet He cRate it:

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From Mount Gerizzim
John Bunyan
he lose his spirit and his breath. Repentance there is none within the grave, Nor Christ, nor gracRate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
we knew the worst too young! Our shame is clean repentance for the crime that brought the sentence,Rate it:

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
to the end The pale betrayer—he then with vain repentance Would share, he cannot now avert, the senRate it:

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Holy Communion
Ada Cambridge
and grace Compass it round about. Lord, with repentance, give Faith, deep and strong, that naught Rate it:

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How Samson Bore Away the Gates of Gaza
Vachel Lindsay
rent his garments, he rolled around In deep repentance on the ground. Then he felt a honey in his Rate it:

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Hymn II
John Greenleaf Whittier
of the wise are naught, The fountains of repentance flow; What hath our God in mercy wrought? SpeedRate it:

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Hymn of Sovereign Grace
Augustus Montague Toplady
thy favour claim, But, as an alms, intreat. Repentance, holiness, and faith. By which to thee we lRate it:

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