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Memory's Mansion
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
In Memory's Mansion are wonderful rooms, And I wander about them at will; And I pause at the casements, where boxes of blooms Are sending sweet sce...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
It has columns and beams, there are glittering rooms, the hallway gleams, and figures of marble looRate it:

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Wilfred Owen
years will sit soft-chaired In rooms of amber; The years will stretch their hands, well-cheered By Rate it:

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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
in the house. But about dusk in the rooms opposite I see lamps lighted, and upon the blind A shadoRate it:

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Modern Love XXIII: 'Tis Christmas Weather
George Meredith
weather, and a country house Receives us: rooms are full: we can but get An attic-crib. Such loveRate it:

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Monsieur Qui Passe
Charlotte Mary Mew
blot against the dead white door In my friend's rooms, bathed in their vile pink light, I had not nRate it:

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Mr. Molony’s Account Of The Ball
William Makepeace Thackeray
the blacks,' says they, 'Almack's, And take the rooms at Willis's.' With flags and shawls, for thesRate it:

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Mrs. Effingham's Swan Song
Muriel Stuart
to wear a veil with heavy mesh, Or sit in shaded rooms afraid to face the light; I do not want to gRate it:

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Multitudes Turn In Darkness
Conrad Potter Aiken
teases at the drowsy brain. In numberless rooms we stretch ourselves and sleep. Where have we beenRate it:

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My Chinee Cook
James Brunton Stephens
the work of man and maid—made beds and swept out rooms; Nor cooled he in his zeal, as is the mannerRate it:

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My Dearest Frank, I Wish You Joy
Jane Austen
beat The ever have been made or mended, With rooms concise, or rooms distended. You'll find us veryRate it:

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My Kingdom
Robert Louis Stevenson
big my nurse appeared. How great and cool the rooms! Rate it:

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Nancy Knapp
Edgar Lee Masters
the dreadfulest smells infested the rooms. So I set fire to the beds and the old witch-house Went uRate it:

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Nature in Perfection
Richard Savage
Morning Masquerade. In vain to crouded Drawing Rooms you run: The Court a Desart seems without yourRate it:

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New Brooms
Roger McGough
New brooms sweep clean Old brooms can't be fussed New brooms are mad keen Old brooms can't stand dust. New brooms are young bulls Can't wait to ge...Rate it:

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No Candy This Year
Kurt Philip Behm
their hunch Through the living and dining rooms they tear with a fever And no corner is safe, froRate it:

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No Candy This Year
Kurt Philip Behm
all over, playing their hunch Living and dining rooms they tear with a fever No corner is safe, fRate it:

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No Candy This Year
Kurt Philip Behm
over, playing their hunch Living and dining rooms they tear with a fever No corner is safe, Rate it:

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Nobody's Home
Sonia Walker
walls? Footsteps echo throughout the dwelling, rooms are empty, pictures are gone, family and mirthRate it:

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North Infinity Street
Conrad Potter Aiken
The alarm clocks tick in a thousand furnished rooms, tick and are wound for a thousand separate dooms; all down both sides of North Infinity Street...Rate it:

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Charles Baudelaire
roar like the organ; and in our cursed hearts, Rooms of endless mourning where old death-rattles sRate it:

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Ode--Shell the Old City! Shell!
William Gilmore Simms
of tropic blooms, That, through the shaded rooms, Sent Orient-winged perfumes With dusk and dawn; TRate it:

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Of nearness to her sundered Things
Emily Dickinson
Shapes we buried, dwell about, Familiar, in the Rooms— Untarnished by the Sepulchre, The MoulderingRate it:

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Old heltberg
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
on an ink-spattered desk. Through two large open rooms what a spectacle grotesque! At one end, halRate it:

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On Such a Day
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Some hang above the tombs, Some weep in empty rooms, I, when the iris blooms, Remember. I, when the cyclamen Opens her buds again, Rejoice a momen...Rate it:

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