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Beauty And The Beast
Charles Lamb
A Merchant, who by generous pains Prospered in honourable gains, Could boast, his wealth and fame to share, Three manly Sons, three Daughters fair;...Rate it:

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Hero And Leander. The Third Sestiad
George Chapman
New light gives new directions, fortunes new, To fashion our endeavours that ensue. More harsh, at least more hard, more grave and high Our subject...Rate it:

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Laughter and Tears IX
Khalil Gibran
As the Sun withdrew his rays from the garden, and the moon threw cushioned beams upon the flowers, I sat under the trees pondering upon the phenome...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of East And West
Rudyard Kipling
Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat; But ...Rate it:

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The Hind and the Panther: Part I (excerpts)
John Dryden
A milk-white Hind, immortal and unchang'd, Fed on the lawns, and in the forest rang'd; Without unspotted, innocent within, She fear'd no d...Rate it:

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The Philistine And The Bohemian
Robert William Service
She was a Philistine spick and span, He was a bold Bohemian. She had the mode, and the last at that; He had a cape and a brigand hat. She was so ri...Rate it:

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The Triumphs Of Philamore And Amoret. To The Noblest Of Our
Richard Lovelace
Sir, your sad absence I complain, as earth Her long-hid spring, that gave her verdures birth, Who now her cheerful aromatick head Shrinks in her co...Rate it:

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The Virtuoso: In Imitation of Spenser's Style And Stanza
Mark Akenside
“--- Videmus Nugari solitos.” -Persius Whilom by silver Thames's gentle stream, In London town there dwelt a subtile wight; A wight of mickle wea...Rate it:

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Troilus And Criseyde: Book 02
Geoffrey Chaucer
Incipit Prohemium Secundi Libri. Out of these blake wawes for to sayle, O wind, O wind, the weder ginneth clere; For in this see the boot hath swi...Rate it:

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A Few Remarks on Goats, Asses and the Dead Hand
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I don't mind kings and dukes and things; I don't mind wigs or maces; I don't mind crowns or robes or gowns Or ruffles, swords or laces But what I ...Rate it:

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A Hymn to the Name and Honour of the Admirable Saint Teresa
Richard Crashaw
LOVE, thou are absolute, sole Lord Of life and death. To prove the word, We'll now appeal to none of all Those thy old soldiers, great and tall,...Rate it:

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Balin and Balan
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Pellam the King, who held and lost with Lot In that first war, and had his realm restored But rendered tributary, failed of late To send his tri...Rate it:

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Goldilocks And Goldilocks
William Morris
It was Goldilocks woke up in the morn At the first of the shearing of the corn. There stood his mother on the hearth And of new-leased wheat was l...Rate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - I. Kalliope
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
FATE AND SYMPATHY. 'NE'ER have I seen the market and streets so thoroughly empty! Still as the grave is the town, clear'd out! I verily fancy Fift...Rate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - II. Terpsichore
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
HERMANN. THEN when into the room the well-built son made his entry, Straightway with piercing glances the minister eyed him intently, And with car...Rate it:

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Homer's Battle Of The Frogs And Mice. Book III
Thomas Parnell
Now Front to Front the marching Armies shine, Halt e'er they meet, and form the length'ning Line, The Chiefs conspicuous seen, and heard afar, Give...Rate it:

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Jahara Baug, Agra - The History of Shah Dara’s Flight and Death
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Agra was Shah Jehan’s city of residence. It was from its walls that he witnessed the overthrow of Prince Dara, his eldest son. The Jehara Baug is o...Rate it:

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My Spectre Around Me Night and Day
William Blake
i My spectre around me night and day Like a wild beast guards my way; My Emanation far within Weeps incessantly for my sin. ii `A fathomless and...Rate it:

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Pharaoh and the Sergeant
Rudyard Kipling
". . . Consider that the meritorious services of the Sergeant Instructors attached to the Egyptian Army haue been inadequately acknowledged. . . . ...Rate it:

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The Daddy Long-Legs and the Fly
Edward Lear
Once Mr Daddy Long-Legs, Dressed in brown and gray, Walked about upon the sands Upon a summer's day; And there among the pebbles, When the wind was...Rate it:

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The Owl And The Sparrow
John Trumbull
In elder days, in Saturn's prime, Ere baldness seized the head of Time, While truant Jove, in infant pride, Play'd barefoot on Olympus' side, Each ...Rate it:

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The Prelude, Book 1: Childhood and School-time
William Wordsworth
--Was it for this That one, the fairest of all Rivers, lov'd To blend his murmurs with my Nurse's song, And from his alder shades and roc...Rate it:

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The Squatter, Three Cornstalks, and the Well
Henry Lawson
There was a Squatter in the land— So runs the truthful tale I tell— There also were three cornstalks, and There also was the Squatter’s Well. Sing...Rate it:

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The Toad And Spyder. A Duell
Richard Lovelace
Upon a day, when the Dog-star Unto the world proclaim'd a war, And poyson bark'd from black throat, And from his jaws infection shot, Under a deadl...Rate it:

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Translations And Adaptations From Heine
Ezra Pound
FROM ‘DIE HEIMKEHR' I Is your hate, then, of such measure? Do you, truly, so detest me? Through all the world will I complain Of how you have addr...Rate it:

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