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A Dream
Coventry Patmore
and the heavens began to glow, ‘The pride of personality, Seeking its highest, aspires to die, And Rate it:

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A Thousand Desires
Mirza Ghalib
on which you live... Oh tyrant, your true personality will be known to all If the curls of my hairRate it:

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Walt Whitman
O death! O you strong with iron and wood! O Personality! O the village or place which has theRate it:

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At Sea
Aleister Crowley
sea; My passion purifies my pain To peace past personality. Love of my life, God grant the years CRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
the truest shades of your eclectically vibrant personality; at times unleashing the unfettered animRate it:

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Charles Baudelaire
a body, he enters as he likes into each man's personality. For him alone everything is vacant; and Rate it:

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Custard (Explicit Content)
Jesse Cochran
gives a fuck about your stupid fucking personality When you fucking disgrace others without a brainRate it:

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I Love You
Angelina Sabia
safe, And I dont feel like a waif. I love your personality, I love your looks, I love how you mRate it:

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If You Quit
Robert Randle
Why stop and quit? Quitting is not your personality. Image stopping on the first try. If you quit, you will walk away from dynast. Life will goes ...Rate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
odors have destroyed Each other room's dear personality. The heavy scent of damp, funereal flowers,Rate it:

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My Room
Robert William Service
I live, My books, my desk, my bed, A personality I give They'll lose when I am Rate it:

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Old heltberg
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
in teaching, he led by the spirit; Personality unique: for with manner anarchic He carved up the teRate it:

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Opposites Attracts
Lamont Bennerman
your style is always on point, Your personality always keeps me smiling, even when I haven't had myRate it:

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James Lionel Michael
cannot make me new or strange To mine own Personality! For what am I? -- this mortal flesh, Rate it:

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Archibald Lampman
O differing human heart, Why is it that I tremble when thine eyes, Thy human eyes and beautiful human speech, Draw me, and stir within my soul That...Rate it:

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Robert Southey Burke
Edgar Lee Masters
my mind the almost perfect man. You devoured my personality, And the idealism of my youth, And the Rate it:

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Sinister Sooth
Robert William Service
will rot; Its many million cells that room My personality and thought Will in the Dark Destroyer's Rate it:

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The Lark Ascending
George Meredith
throat, The song seraphically free Of taint of personality, So pure that it salutes the suns The voRate it:

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The Portrait Of Jesus
Liam Ó Comáin
conversing With my inner self. Conveying the personality Of He referred too by Gabriel As the FruiRate it:

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To A Historian
Walt Whitman
great pride of man in himself;) Chanter of Personality, outlining what is yet to be, I proRate it:

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To A Pupil
Walt Whitman
The greater the reform needed, the greater the personality you need to accomplish it. Rate it:

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To Charles Baxter
Robert Louis Stevenson
sensuality - A droutly glint was in his e'e An' personality. An' day an' nicht, frae daw to daw, DRate it:

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Type AB
Xiaoyuan Yin
the 3rd kind of index after gender and race “The personality of A2 can be……” You do not actually knRate it:

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Unending Love
Mario William vitale
my love for you so much Is it your ways, your personality, or your gentle touch ? I believe it&#Rate it:

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