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The Precinct. Rochester
Amy Lowell
The tall yellow hollyhocks stand, Still and straight, With their round blossoms spread open, In the quiet sunshine. And still is the old Roman wall...Rate it:

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Friend of Yakshsa
Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort, which could only be broken by Love's first k...Rate it:

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A Sketch
William Wordsworth
The little hedgerow birds, That peck along the road, regard him not. He travels on, and in his face, his step, His gait, is one expression; every l...Rate it:

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Animal Tranquillity and Decay
William Wordsworth
The little hedgerow birds, That peck along the roads, regard him not. He travels on, and in his face, his step, His gait, is one expression: eve...Rate it:

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The Love Sonnets Of Proteus. Part II: To Juliet: XXXII
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
EXHORTING HER TO PATIENCE Why do we fret at the inconstancy Of our frail hearts, which cannot always love? Time rushes onward, and we mortals move ...Rate it:

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King Saul at Gilboa
Henry Kendall
With noise of battle and the dust of fray, Half hid in fog, the gloomy mountain lay; But Succoth’s watchers, from their outer fields, Saw fits of f...Rate it:

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Archibald Lampman
Not to be conquered by these headlong days, But to stand free: to keep the mind at brood On life's deep meaning, nature's altitude Of...Rate it:

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Tale I
George Crabbe
That all men would be cowards if they dare, Some men we know have courage to declare; And this the life of many a hero shows, That, like the tide, ...Rate it:

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To Robert Batty, M.D., on His Giving Me a Lock of Milton's Hair
James Henry Leigh Hunt
It lies before me there, and my own breath Stirs its thin outer threads, as though beside The living head I stood in honoured pride, Talking of ...Rate it:

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The Goat Paths
James Stephens
The crooked paths go every way Upon the hill - they wind about Through the heather in and out Of the quiet sunniness. And there the goats, day ...Rate it:

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Epistle To Augusta
George Gordon Lord Byron
I. My sister! my sweet sister! if a name Dearer and purer were, it should be thine; Mountains and seas divide us, but I claim No tears, but tendern...Rate it:

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The Lady Of La Garaye - Part III
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
NEVER again! When first that sentence fell From lips so loth the bitter truth to tell, Death seemed the balance of its burdening care, The only ...Rate it:

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The Pennsylvania Pilgrim
John Greenleaf Whittier
Prelude I sing the Pilgrim of a softer clime And milder speech than those brave men's who brought To the ice and iron of our winter time A will as...Rate it:

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"The Little Quaker Sinner"
Lucy Lincoln Montgomery
A little Quaker maiden, with dimpled cheek and chin, Before an ancient mirror stood and viewed her form within, She wore a gown of sober grey, a ca...Rate it:

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A Dirge of the Morning After
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
VOICE OF THE PEOPLE (wailing dismally): 'Who can deliver us, Lord of our destiny! Out of the depths comes our passionate cry, Wrung from the soul o...Rate it:

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Ch 03 On The Excellence Of Contentment Story 01
Sa di
A Maghrabi supplicant said in Aleppo in the row of linen-drapers: ‘Lords of wealth, if you were just and we contented, the trade of begging would v...Rate it:

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Charms of Precedence - A Tale
William Shenstone
'Sir, will you please to walk before?'- 'No, pray, Sir-you are next the door.'- 'Upon mine honour, I'll not stir.'- 'Sir, I'm at home; consider, Si...Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
Patience, little Heart. One day a heavy, June-hot woman Will enter and shut the door to stay. And when your stifling heart would summon Coo...Rate it:

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Haunted By Tigers
John Boyle O'Reilly
NATHAN BEANS and William Lambert were two wild New England boys, Known from infancy to revel only in forbidden joys. Many a mother of Nantucket br...Rate it:

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Hiawatha's Photographing
Lewis Carroll
From his shoulder Hiawatha Took the camera of rosewood, Made of sliding, folding rosewood; Neatly put it all together. In its case it lay compactly...Rate it:

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Our Lady of the Sackcloth
Rudyard Kipling
There was a Priest at Philae, Tongue-tied, feeble, and old; And the daily prayer to the Virgin Was all the Office he could. The others were ...Rate it:

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Paradise Regained: The Third Book
John Milton
So spake the Son of God; and Satan stood A while as mute, confounded what to say, What to reply, confuted and convinced Of his weak arguing and fal...Rate it:

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Quaker Hill
Harold Hart Crane
Perspective never withers from their eyes; They keep that docile edict of the Spring That blends March with August Antarctic skies: These are bu...Rate it:

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Rubaiyat 37
Shams al-Din Hafiz
Let not your thoughts constantly be fought, Let thoughts in patience and joy be caught. What patience? Cause what they call the heart Is a drop of ...Rate it:

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George Crabbe
THE WAGER. Counter and Clubb were men in trade, whose pains, Credit, and prudence, brought them constant gains; Partners and punctual, every frien...Rate it:

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