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William Cullen Bryant
thy youthful grace! The elder dames, thy haughty peers, Admire and hate thy blooming years. With woRate it:

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An Athenian Reverie
Archibald Lampman
bow, and quiver lightly slung, she stands, And peers across that dim and motionless glade, BeckoninRate it:

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An Imitation of Spenser
William Blake
the worse To sit in council with his modern peers, And judge of tinkling rimes and elegances terse.Rate it:

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And Yet
Arthur Henry Adams
voice is dumb; But aching through the twilight peers, And, unremembering, yet with tears, SheRate it:

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Answer From Norway To The Speeches In The Swedish House Of Nobles, 1860
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
proud hat; We, in council or war-making, Peers are for all that. If things take the worse turn in tRate it:

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April Byeway
Edmund Blunden
sight. The blackbird sings us home, on a sudden peers The round tower hung with ivy's blackened chaRate it:

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Art And Love
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Shot by that unskilled, mischevous boy, who peers From ambush on us, struck one day in her breastRate it:

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Artegal And Elidure
William Wordsworth
schemes; The feats of Arthur and his knightly peers; Of Arthur,-who, to upper light restored, With Rate it:

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As Old George Said
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
may make This youthful country proud among its peers Of progress wooed and won for progress sake. ARate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
learned jurist's chair, But they hurry to their peers, To their kinsfolk and their dears, Louder thRate it:

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At Last
James Whitcomb Riley
fancy like a window-frame. A care-worn face peers out into the dark, And childish faces--frighteneRate it:

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At the Fords of Jordan
Mary Hannay Foott
the youthful, the courtly, the brave for my peers. The days when I dreamt but of battle! The lamp Rate it:

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Bridegroom Dick
Herman Melville
by-gone years, My betters recall along with my peers. Recall them? Wife, but I see them plain: AlivRate it:

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By the Camp Fire
Ada Cambridge
an opossum flits above the firelight, pauses, peers— I see a round ball where he sits, with pendantRate it:

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By The Seaside : Twilight
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
a ruddier light, And a little face at the window Peers out into the night. Close, close it is preRate it:

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Captain Reece
William Schwenck Gilbert
promised to an Earl, And all my other familee To peers of various degree. "But what are dukes and Rate it:

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Cathair Fhargus
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
land, Or swayed by tongue or pen my meaner peers, Or earth's whole learning once did understand,-Rate it:

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Muriel Stuart
go, Unpraised of thee. though praised of all my peers, Until the vine that thou hast quckened, beRate it:

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Charles VII And Joan Of Arc At Rheims
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
shone armor, shield and lance, Of princes, peers, and nobles proud, the chivalry of France. The oRate it:

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China 1899
Arthur Henry Adams
impotence. Giants enduring, she and Time are peers-- Her dream-hazed eyes knowing no hopes, no teRate it:

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Cotton and Corn
Thomas Moore
distance between you and me! To expect that we, Peers of high birth, Should waste our illustrious Rate it:

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Sir Henry Newbolt
These were paladins, these were Craven's peers, These with him shall be crowned in story and sonRate it:

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Cupid And Folly
Anne Kingsmill Finch
in the Skys, To Jupiter in Council set, With Peers for the Occasion met; In her Arms the Boy sheRate it:

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Dance Of The Seasons
Harriet Monroe
Spring like a girl. Trembling and timorous She peers through the thin white thaws, Afraid of theRate it:

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Death, To The Dead For Evermore
Robert Louis Stevenson
ever wet; So from this garish life the spirit peers; And lo! as a sleeping city death outspread, WhRate it:

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