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The Prelude, Book 1: Childhood and School-time
William Wordsworth
--Was it for this That one, the fairest of all Rivers, lov'd To blend his murmurs with my Nurse's song, And from his alder shades and roc...Rate it:

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The Rape of the Lock
Alexander Pope
Part 1 WHAT dire Offence from am'rous Causes springs, What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things, I sing -- This Verse to C---, Muse! is due; T...Rate it:

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The Rape of the Lock: Canto 1
Alexander Pope
Nolueram, Belinda, tuos violare capillos; Sedjuvat, hoc precibus me tribuisse tuis. (Martial, Epigrams 12.84) What dire offence from am...Rate it:

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The Second Nun's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
The minister and norice* unto vices, *nurse Which that men call in English idleness, The porter at the gate is of delices...Rate it:

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The Zenana - 3
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
_ Again, again Murad must wield His scimetar in battle-field: And must he leave his lonely flower To pine in solitary bower? Has power no aid ha...Rate it:

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The River Maiden
Victor James Daley
Her gown was simple woven wool, But, in repayment, Her body sweet made beautiful The simplest raiment: For all its fine, melodious curves ...Rate it:

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A Shower In War-Time
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Rain, rain, sweet warm rain, On the wood and on the plain! Rain, rain, warm and sweet, Summer wood lush leafy and loud, With note of a throat that ...Rate it:

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April Byeway
Edmund Blunden
Friend whom I never saw, yet dearest friend, Be with me travelling on the byeway now In April's month and mood: our steps shall bend By the shut sm...Rate it:

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April on the Battlefields
Leonora Speyer
April now walks the fields again, Trailing her tearful leaves And holding all her frightened buds against her heart: Wrapt in her clouds and mis...Rate it:

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Beautiful Edinburgh
William Topaz McGonagall
Beautiful city of Edinburgh, most wonderful to be seen, With your ancient palace of Holyrood and Queen's Park Green, And your big, magnificent, ele...Rate it:

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Sidney Lanier
To-day the woods are trembling through and through With shimmering forms, that flash before my view, Then melt in green as dawn-stars melt in blue....Rate it:

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Good Tidings; Or News From The Farm
Robert Bloomfield
Where's the Blind Child, so admirably fair, With guileless dimples, and with flaxen hair That waves in ev'ry breeze? he's often seen Beside yon cot...Rate it:

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Metropolitan Nightmare
Stephen Vincent Benet
I rained quite a lot, that spring. You woke in the morning And saw the sky still clouded, the streets still wet, But nobody noticed so much, except...Rate it:

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On A Tuft Of Grass
Emma Lazarus
WEAK, slender blades of tender green, With little fragrance, little sheen, What maketh ye so dear to all? Nor bud, nor flower, nor fruit have ye, S...Rate it:

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Richborough Castle
Edith Nesbit
THESE three grey walls are still stout and strong, Though the fourth wide wall has crumbled away Where the sea swept by when the land was young, ...Rate it:

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Ryton Firs
Lascelles Abercrombie
The Dream All round the knoll, on days of quietest air, Secrets are being told; and if the trees Speak out — let them make uproar loud as drums — ...Rate it:

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Song of Insane Gardener
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Oh, I dance upon the lawn in the cold, white dawn, And I gloat upon the corpses of a countless million slain; Where the frost about my feet spread...Rate it:

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The Bridge: Cutty Sark
Harold Hart Crane
I met a man in South Street, tall— a nervous shark tooth swung on his chain. His eyes pressed through green glass —green glasses, or bar ligh...Rate it:

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The Dead To The Living
Edith Nesbit
Work while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. IN the childhood of April, while purple woods With the young year's blood in them s...Rate it:

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The Deserted Garden
Alan Seeger
I know a village in a far-off land Where from a sunny, mountain-girdled plain With tinted walls a space on either hand And fed by many an olive-dar...Rate it:

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The Earth Waxeth Old.
Isabella Valancy Crawford
When yellow-lock'd and crystal ey'd I dream'd green woods among; Where tall trees wav'd from side to side, And in their green breasts deep and wide...Rate it:

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The Flower And The Leaf, Or the Lady In The Arbour. A Vision
John Dryden
Now turning from the wintry signs, the sun His course exalted through the Ram had run, And whirling up the skies, his chariot drove Through Taurus,...Rate it:

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The Golden Yesterday
Roderic Quinn
AFTER a spell of chill, grey weather, (Green, O green, are the feet of Spring!) The heaven is here of flower and feather, Of wild red blossom and f...Rate it:

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The Hall And The Wood
William Morris
’Twas in the water-dwindling tide When July days were done, Sir Rafe of Greenhowes, ’gan to ride In the earliest of the sun. He left the white-wal...Rate it:

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The Scout Toward Aldie
Herman Melville
The cavalry-camp lies on the slope Of what was late a vernal hill, But now like a pavement bare- An outpost in the perilous wilds Which ever are...Rate it:

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