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Celia To Damon
Matthew Prior
What can I say? What Arguments can prove My Truth? What Colors can describe my Love? If it's Excess and Fury be not known, In what Thy Celia has al...Rate it:

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Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life - Maxim 66
Sa di
Whoever does not betake himself to the path of rectitude in consequence of the castigations of this world will fall under eternal punishment in the...Rate it:

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Chapter-House, Furness Abbey
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The following lines are a translation of an exquisite epistle addressed by St. Beuve to A. Fontenay. It applies very aptly to the fine old Abbey, w...Rate it:

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William Ernest Henley
Hist? . . . Through the corridor's echoes, Louder and nearer Comes a great shuffling of feet. Quick, every one of you, Strighten your quilts, and b...Rate it:

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Cold Clap In The Dark
Mario William Vitale
skeletal bones in the hidden residue to escape with its fashionable decorum hidden inside there is a map a scroll to tell us where is the buried tr...Rate it:

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Come, Tell Me Some Olden Story
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
I. Come tell me some olden story Of Knight or Paladin, Whose sword on the field of glory Bright laurel wreaths did win: Tell me of the heart of fi...Rate it:

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Comrades An Episode
Robert Nichols
Before, before he was aware The 'Verey' light had risen… on the air in hung glistering.. And he could not stay his hand From moving to the barbed w...Rate it:

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Conquest Of Prejudice
Charles Lamb
Unto a Yorkshire school was sent A negro youth to learn to write, And the first day young Juba went All gazed on him as a rare sight. But soon wit...Rate it:

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Anonymous Americas
She folded up the worn and mended frock, And smoothed it tenderly upon her knee, Then through the soft web of a wee red sock She wove the bright wo...Rate it:

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Counterpoint: Two Rooms
Conrad Potter Aiken
He, in the room above, grown old and tired; She, in the room below, his floor her ceiling, Pursue their separate dreams. He turns his light, And...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
As our mother the Frigate, bepainted and fine, Made play for her bully the Ship of the Line; So we, her bold daughters by iron and fire, Accost and...Rate it:

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Cypher Seven [07]
Henry Lawson
The nearer camp fires lighted, The distant beacons bright— The horsemen on the skyline Are closing in to-night! My brothers, Oh my brothers! Lie do...Rate it:

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Dark Road
James Martin Devaney
I will be your stay When the feet falter. I will be your stay When the tears blind. Love will sweeten yet Though the friend alter, And the world’s ...Rate it:

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De Profundis
Clive Staples Lewis
Come let us curse our Master ere we die, For all our hopes in endless ruin lie. The good is dead. Let us curse God most High. Four thousand years ...Rate it:

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De Profundis Clemadi
Arthur Symons
I did not know; child, child, I did not know, Who now in lonely wayfare go, Who wander lonely of you, O my child, And by myself exiled. I did not k...Rate it:

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Ada Cambridge
“ON board the Petrel, in St. Lucia's bay, Of yellow fever—agèd twenty-nine.” “Who did you say, my lady?” drawled the Earl. “The duke—what duke?” “...Rate it:

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Dearest, this one day we own
Augusta Davies Webster
DEAREST, this one day we own, Stolen from the crowd and press, Let it be sweet silence's. We two, heart in heart, alone; Any speech were less. We ...Rate it:

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Death Of Captain Cooke,
William Lisle Bowles
OF 'THE BELLEROPHON,' KILLED IN THE SAME BATTLE. When anxious Spain, along her rocky shore, From cliff to cliff returned the sea-fight's roar; Whe...Rate it:

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Deliciae Sapientiae de Amore
Coventry Patmore
Love, light for me Thy ruddiest blazing torch, That I, albeit a beggar by the Porch Of the glad Palace of Virginity, May gaze within,k and sing the...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
In the midnight of darkness and terror, When I would grope nearer to God, With my back to a record of error And the highway of sin I have trod,...Rate it:

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Matthew Arnold
Thou, who dost dwell alone; Thou, who dost know thine own; Thou, to whom all are known, From the cradle to the grave,-- Save, O, save! From the wo...Rate it:

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Edward Thomas
What matter makes my spade for tears or mirth, Letting down two clay pipes into the earth? The one I smoked, the other a soldier Of Blenheim, Ramil...Rate it:

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Dirge For Two Veterans
Walt Whitman
THE last sunbeam Lightly falls from the finish'd Sabbath, On the pavement here--and there beyond, it is looking, Down a new-ma...Rate it:

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Distant Time
Rabindranath Tagore
I know not from what distant time thou art ever coming nearer to meet me. Thy sun and stars can never keep thee hidden from me for aye. In many...Rate it:

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Distant View Of England From The Sea
William Lisle Bowles
Yes! from mine eyes the tears unbidden start, As thee, my country, and the long-lost sight Of thy own cliffs, that lift their summits white Above t...Rate it:

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