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Elegy On An Australian Schoolboy
Zora Bernice May Cross
unborn masters of creation cry Through murdered, white romance? I only know you, brother of my bloRate it:

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Henry Kendall
Tyranny grew dumb at sight of him, And Lust and Murder raged abroad no more; But where these were hRate it:

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Victor James Daley
with indrawn breath, The Redcoats looked like Murder, And the Blackcoats looked like Death. Our guRate it:

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Europe, The 72d And 73d Years Of These States
Walt Whitman
you liars, mark! Not for numberless agonies, murders, lusts, For court thieving in its manifoRate it:

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Explanation Of An Ancient Woodcut
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
brought to view; All kinds of bloodthirstiness, murder, and sin, The twelve wicked tyrants also werRate it:

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Fair Elanor
William Blake
cloth unfolds, Disclosing to her sight the murder'd head Of her dear lord, all ghastly pale, clotteRate it:

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Farmer Whipple--Bachelor
James Whitcomb Riley
a-dancin' in the air, And Mary screamin' 'Murder!' and a-runnin' up to where _I_ was layin' by theRate it:

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Feast Of Victory
Friedrich Schiller
peace of mind; On their household altars, they Murder foul perchance may find. Many fall by false Rate it:

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Fit the Fourth ( Hunting of the Snark )
Lewis Carroll
the day we embarked. "You may charge me with murder--or want of sense-- (We are all of us weak atRate it:

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For The Wounded
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
is all labor's dread Of war's mad waste and murder, Praying that peace may spread; It is all sufferRate it:

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For Thee
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
cell, Where crime and madness dwell, Where murder creeps And maniac laughter weeps, With the undyinRate it:

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Charlotte Smith
tremulous earth; While, bursting in the air, the murderous bomb Glares o'er her mansion--Where the Rate it:

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Freedom Cry
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Freedom! You jail them in your jails, You murder them, Torture them, Burn their schools and Rate it:

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Frithiof's Temptation. (From The Swedish)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Odin's eye beholds thee now. Coward! wilt thou murder sleep, and a defenceless old man slay! WhatsoRate it:

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From "Vashti"
Lascelles Abercrombie
causey. Out of tears Indeed, and blitheness, murder and lust and love, Whatever has been passRate it:

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From 'Religious Musings'
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
uninjured (in her best-aimed blow Victorious Murder a blind Suicide) Haply for this some youngeRate it:

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From the Medea of Euripides
Samuel Johnson
swells; Where Hate sits musing to betray, And murder meditates his prey! To dens of guilt and shadeRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
name, the crowned infidel Of France wrought murder with the arms of hell On that sad mountain slopeRate it:

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Gentle Alice Brown
William Schwenck Gilbert
yourself too heavily, my dear: It's wrong to murder babies, little corals for to fleece; But sins lRate it:

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Ghost Glen
Henry Kendall
(~step under and under~), Who did a foul murder and were blackened with thunder! Whenever the stRate it:

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Goddamned Are those
Nikhil Parekh
his stride, Goddamned are those who insanely murder; ruthlessly choose innocuously regal human flRate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
in a haunted house, That keeps the rust of murder on the walls-- Held her awake: or if she sleptRate it:

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Has Your Soul Sipped?
Wilfred Owen
wears Or the last end Of all wars. Or the sweet murder After long guard Unto the martyr Smiling atRate it:

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Hell And beyond
Nikhil Parekh
on earth, charging me with heinous crimes, murder, and assault on the innocent, dictating orders Rate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - VI. Klio
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
unfit to accomplish good actions. Then they murder'd each other, and took to oppressing their new-fRate it:

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