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'Ave a 'eart!
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
strike me bandy, this is bloody war! It's murder! An' you got no blasted right To arst a 'uman manRate it:

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'Peaceable Expulsion'
Ambrose Bierce
Chinese expulsion, hurrah! To mobbing and murder, all hail! Away with your justice and law- We'll mRate it:

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A Christmas Folksong
Paul Laurence Dunbar
dis one lef': An' now de curse is comin' Wid murder in hits bref. It's goin' to be a green ChristmaRate it:

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A Litany
John Donne
My heart is by dejection, clay, And by self-murder, red. From this red earth, O Father, purge awRate it:

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A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet III
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
sole care for company, Like Cain, lest I do murder on my hearth. I ask not others' goods, nor wealtRate it:

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A New Temperance Poem, in Memory of My Departed Parents, Who Were Sober Living & God Fearing People
William Topaz McGonagall
been made by the Devil For to make them quarrel, murder, steal, and fight, And prevent them from doRate it:

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A Poet's Voice XV
Khalil Gibran
by what they call "patriotic spirit" to murder, and invaded my neighbor's country, then upon the coRate it:

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A Prayer For My Son
William Butler Yeats
devilish things exist, Who have planned his murder, for they know Of some most haughty deed or thouRate it:

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A Prologue
John Le Gay Brereton
waning measure of slipping sand. Though lust and murder made of him a slave, Her love set free, herRate it:

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A Promise
Ada Cambridge
be, Call me — and I will set thee free. 2. Murder! And thou to judgment hurled — Cut off from somRate it:

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A Reflection on Lawson's Poems
John Le Gay Brereton
traitors, swindler, 'business men,' Plot and murder, slave and master, secret sneer, and wounding pRate it:

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A Sheaf Of Snakes Used Heretofore To Be My Seal, The Crest Of Our Poor Family
John Donne
dust, that's me. And, as he rounds the earth to murder sure, My death he is, but on the Cross, myRate it:

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A Study In Feeling
Ellis Parker Butler
his brain, And fill his soul with joyousness or murder it with pain. And when his soul was troubleRate it:

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A Tenant of Mrs. Van Kleeck
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
& mincing will not better the matter; And murder and truth, my dear mammy wd say By some means or oRate it:

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A Vision Of Doom
Ambrose Bierce
with a nameless shame. For there Red-handed murder rioted; and there The people gathered gold, nor Rate it:

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A Wayside Queen
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
regret and less ruth As she tempts men to murder their youth. Is she marked down as yet by the fRate it:

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A Woeful New Ballad Of The Protestant Conspiracy To Take The Pope’s Life
William Makepeace Thackeray
let those villians go That was plotting of the murder of the good PIO NONO. Now isn't this safishnRate it:

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A Word to Texas Jack
Henry Lawson
tossin’ by Ridin’ bareback on a bucker that had murder in his eye. What? yer come to learn the natRate it:

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Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
Vachel Lindsay
and Sea. It breaks his heart that kings must murder still, That all his hours of travail here for Rate it:

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Aeschylos And Sophocles
Walter Savage Landor
conquered Ilion, nor could he revenge His murder, or stamp everlasting brand Upon the brow of that Rate it:

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After The Play
Robert Graves
the man, Maddening his heart, There was old murder done before play began, Ay, the ghost took part.Rate it:

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Ahmad Qarran Al zahrany
The poem
the arrow of the farewell with more than one murder !! Do not accept to take the distances of theRate it:

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An Aboriginal Mothers's Lament
Charles Harpur
woman only, with her infant, escaped from the murderers.] Still farther would I fly, my child, Rate it:

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An Epistle Of The Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole
Richard Savage
the doom'd Hebrew of his stores bereft! See holy murder justify the theft! His ravag'd gold some usRate it:

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An Ode on the Piece
Helen Maria Williams
dear illusions sink in night; She views the murder'd form—the quiv'ring breath, The rising virtues Rate it:

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