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Hokku Poems in Four Seasons
Yosa Buson
doors, standing in the dusk of spring. Hazy moonlight -- someone is standing among the pear treRate it:

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I Dreamt Of Robin
John Clare
at e'en-- I thought that I saw him, a ghost by moonlight, Like a stalking horse stand on the green.Rate it:

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In Spadger's Lane
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Ginger's Rose! To see 'er sittin' there, The moonlight shinin' fair into 'er face, An' sort o' touRate it:

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John Gorham
Edwin Arlington Robinson
me laugh or let me go now, for long faces in the moonlight Are a sign for me to say again a word tRate it:

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Lincoln Monument: Washington
Langston Hughes
go see Old Abe Sitting in the marble and the moonlight, Sitting lonely in the marble and the moonliRate it:

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Mogg Megone - Part I.
John Greenleaf Whittier
foot was set. He is watchful: each form in the moonlight dim, Of rock or of tree, is seen of him: HRate it:

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My White Mouse
Robert William Service
really, truly white, And not just silvered by moonlight. And then there came a big black cat, And Rate it:

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Off the Turnpike
Amy Lowell
the shed, 'Cause there was such a sight o' moonlight Somehow or another I thought 'twould be prettyRate it:

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Old Jim Shore
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
that were his pride. 'Get on, Rodney! Steady, Moonlight!' Thro' the disk or dappled moonlight, DowRate it:

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Reedy River
Henry Lawson
the river That night we rode a race, And the moonlight lent a glory To Mary Campbell's face; AnRate it:

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William Henry Ogilvie
the good mare home! She snorts across the moonlight Through nostrils red and wide The challenge ofRate it:

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Song of the Moon
Claude McKay
The moonlight breaks upon the city's domes, And falls along cemented steel and stone, Upon the grayness of a million homes, Lugubrious in unchangin...Rate it:

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Southampton Castle
William Lisle Bowles
INSCRIBED TO THE MARQUIS OF LANSDOWNE. The moonlight is without; and I could lose An hour to gaze, though Taste and Splendour here, As in a lustro...Rate it:

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The Discovery
Paul Laurence Dunbar
sweet enchanted ring. Where gleamed the guile of moonlight's smile, Once paused I, listening for a Rate it:

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The Dream
Edna St. Vincent Millay
I dreamed of waking,— White and awful the moonlight reached Over the floor, and somewhere, somewRate it:

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The Empty Glass
Henry Lawson
howling the cricket score: Oh! The bright moonlight on the angels white, And the tombs and the monuRate it:

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The Flower Of Flame
Robert Nichols
your load utterly at length Over the moonlight-marbled breast. There sleep, diffused, the long dimRate it:

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The Garrison of Cape Ann
John Greenleaf Whittier
rough walls of unhewn timber with the moonlight overlaid. On his slow round walked the sentry, souRate it:

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The Indian Cupid
Louisa Stuart Costello
his sparkling plumes, That shine in the clear moonlight; By the scarlet wings of his soaring birRate it:

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The Merry Bard
William Makepeace Thackeray
Praise be to Allah! He ravishes my soul in the moonlight. I am a merry bard. The peacock is an AgaRate it:

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The Old Grey Squirrel
Alfred Noyes
ever see, Was the sailormen a-dancing in the moonlight by the capstan that stood beside the quay. Rate it:

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The Pangolin
Marianne Moore
night, returning before sunrise; stepping in the moonlight, on the moonlight peculiarly, that the oRate it:

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The Question
Percy Bysshe Shelley
hedge grew lush eglantine, Green cowbind and the moonlight-coloured may, And cherry-blossoms, and wRate it:

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The Resting-Place
Ada Cambridge
I live, ye shall live also.” Calmly the Paschal moonlight now is sleeping On mossy hillock and on Rate it:

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The River and the Hill
Henry Kendall
roses blew When the winds went through, In the moonlight so white and still; But the river it beRate it:

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