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Love's Phases
Paul Laurence Dunbar
his trilling-- List to his song when the moonlight is pale,-- Passionate, thrilling. Cherish the laRate it:

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Love's Treasure House
David MacDonald Ross
said, "is gold from out her hair, And this the moonlight that she wandered in, With here a rose, Rate it:

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Lover's Gifts LVI: The Evening Was Lonely
Rabindranath Tagore
candle. In a moment the room was flooded with moonlight. Spirit of Beauty, how could you, whoseRate it:

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Lucy Hooper
John Greenleaf Whittier
round our weary pathway smile, Like moonlight when the sun has set, A sweet and tender radiance yetRate it:

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Lyric of Love to Leah
Aleister Crowley
us dance beneath the palm Moving in the moonlight, frond Wooing frond above the calm Of the ocean dRate it:

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Madeline. A Domestic Tale
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
I think of thee, My child! and thou, along the moonlight sea, With a soft sadness haply in thy glanRate it:

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Amy Lowell
It is getting dark. Dark. Darker. In the moonlight, the slate roof shines palely milkily white. ThRate it:

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Lola Ridge
as big as a tiny silver bird with nothing but moonlight around it. Rate it:

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Arthur Henry Adams
Over weary wastes of shingle; Cold as moonlight is their flow From the glacier-ice and snow. Rate it:

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Boris Pasternak
now sit down to play chess with me Where ivory moonlight chequers the floor. It smells of acacia,Rate it:

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Margaret's Bridal Eve
George Meredith
the garden; I dragged his body all through the moonlight: And the bird sings over the roses. BuRate it:

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Marmion: Introduction to Canto II.
Sir Walter Scott
the flowers, Fair as the elves whom Janet saw By moonlight dance on Carterhaugh; No youthful baron'Rate it:

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Marriage Morn.
Robert Crawford
Fades the moonlight on the sea, And the dawn is coming in — What will this day bring for me, This of all days, Evelyn? Ah! to-day our hands we plig...Rate it:

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Matthew Arnold On hearing him read his Poems in Boston
Katharine Lee Bates
each and fade, like melting waves Upon a moonlight stream. Yet loyal to his own despair,Rate it:

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May Night
Sara Teasdale
every leaf is new, The world is brimmed with moonlight, The lilac brimmed with dew. Here in the moRate it:

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John Fletcher
groves, Places which pale passion loves! Moonlight walks, when all the fowls Are warmly housed, Rate it:

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William Wordsworth
heart as calm as lakes that sleep, In frosty moonlight glistening; Or mountain rivers, where theyRate it:

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Mid-Forest Fear
Roderic Quinn
way Thinking only of my lover, When the moonlight on the woodway, Made a weird-waRate it:

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Midnight in Camp
Lucy Maud Montgomery
the bosky steeps, And silent, silver-footed moonlight creeps Through the dim glades below. Oh, itRate it:

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Monday Before Easter
John Keble
with the blood That from His aching brow by moonlight fell, Over the mournful joy our thoughts woRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
in the glory of profoundly impeccable moonlight; and then intransigently demolish it; for its iciclRate it:

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Monody On The Death Of Chatterton
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
careless step may stray; And, dancing to the moonlight roundelay, The wizard passions weave an holyRate it:

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More And More Closer
Nikhil Parekh
the wholesome night; the resplendent blankets of moonlight casting an spell of eternal mysticism; uRate it:

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Morning Peace
Arthur Henry Adams
between the trees Like solid bars of silver. moonlight kissed, And strike the supine shadows whRate it:

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Henry Kendall
walls, Where the scanty sunshine wavers and the moonlight seldom falls? Oh, the feelings re-awakeneRate it:

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