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On The Queen's Visit To London, The Night Of The 17th March 1789
William Cowper
When, long sequestered from his throne, George took his seat again, By right of worth, not blood alone Entitled here to reign; Then, Loyalty, with...Rate it:

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On The University Carrier Who Sickn'd In The Time Of His Vacancy, Being Forbid To Go To London, By Reason Of The Plague
John Milton
Here lies old Hobson, Death hath broke his girt, And here alas, hath laid him in the dirt, Or els the ways being foul, twenty to one, He's here stu...Rate it:

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Orinda To Lucasia Parting October 1661 At London
Katherine Philips
Adieu dear object of my Love's excess, And with thee all my hopes of happiness, With the same fervent and unchanged heart Which did it's whole self...Rate it:

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Philomel in London
Edmund William Gosse
Not within a granite pass, Dim with flowers and soft with grass-- Nay, but doubly, trebly sweet In a poplared London street, While below my windows...Rate it:

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Scenes In London I - Piccadilly
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The sun is on the crowded street, It kindles those old towers; Where England’s noblest memories meet, Of old historic hours. Vast, shadowy...Rate it:

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Scenes In London II - Oxford Street
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Life in its many shapes was there, The busy and the gay; Faces that seemed too young and fair To ever know decay. Wealth, with its waste, ...Rate it:

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Scenes In London III - The Savoyard In Grosvenor Square
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
He stands within the silent square, That square of state, of gloom; A heavy weight is on the air, Which hangs as o’er a tomb. It is a tomb...Rate it:

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Scenes In London IV - The City Churchyard
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
I PRAY thee lay me not to rest Among these mouldering bones; Too heavily the earth is prest By all these crowded stones. Life is too gay—life is ...Rate it:

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Spring Wind in London
Katherine Mansfield
I Blow across the stagnant world, I blow across the sea, For me, the sailor's flag unfurled, For me, the uprooted tree. My challenge to the world i...Rate it:

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The Cavalier's March to London
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
To horse! to horse! brave Cavaliers! To horse for Church and Crown! Strike, strike your tents! snatch up your spears! And ho for London town! T...Rate it:

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The Declaration of London
Rudyard Kipling
On the reassembling of Parliament after the Coronation, the Government have no intention of allowing their followers to vote according to their con...Rate it:

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The Lights of London
Louise Imogen Guiney
The evenfall, so slow on hills, hath shot Far down into the valley's cold extreme, Untimely midnight; spire and roof and stream Like fleeing spe...Rate it:

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The Little London Girl
Kate Greenaway
IN my little Green House, quite content am I, When the hot sun pours down from the sky; For oh, I love the country–the beautiful country. Who'd liv...Rate it:

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The London 'Bobby'
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A Tribute To The Policemen Of Englands Capital Here in my cosy corner, Before a blazing log, I’m thinking of cold London Wrapped in its killin...Rate it:

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The London Flood
James McIntyre
From the long, continuous rains, O'erflowing were the swamps and drains, For each day had its heavy shower, Torrents fell for many an hour. At Lond...Rate it:

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The London Lackpenny
John Lydgate
To London once my steps I bent, Where truth in no wise should be faint; To Westminster-ward I forthwith went, To a man of Law to make complaint. I ...Rate it:

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The Oldest Thing In London
Cicely Fox Smith
A thousand landmarks perish, A hundred streets grow strange; With all the dreams they cherish They go the ways of change; But, whatso towers may tu...Rate it:

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The Rush to London
Henry Lawson
You’re off away to London now, Where no one dare ignore you, With Southern laurels on your brow, And all the world before you. But if you should re...Rate it:

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The Triumphs Of Philamore And Amoret. To The Noblest Of Our Youth And Best Of Friends, Charles Cotton, Esquire. Being At Berisford, At His House In Straffordshire. From London. A Poem
Richard Lovelace
Sir, your sad absence I complain, as earth Her long-hid spring, that gave her verdures birth, Who now her cheerful aromatick head Shrinks in her co...Rate it:

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The World’s Convention Of The Friends Of Emancipation, Held In London In 1840
John Greenleaf Whittier
YES, let them gather! Summon forth The pledged philanthropy of Earth. From every land, whose hills have heard The bugle blast of Freedom waking; Or...Rate it:

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The Wreck of the Steamer London
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1866, and on a very beautiful day, That eighty-two passengers, with spirits light and gay, Left Gravesend harbour, and sailed ...Rate it:

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To Dr. Austin, Of Cecil Street, London
William Cowper
Austin, accept a grateful verse from me, The poet's treasure, no inglorious fee. Loved by the Muses, thy ingenuous mind Pleasing requital in my ver...Rate it:

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To the City of London
William Dunbar
London, thou art of town{.e}s A per se. Soveraign of cities, semeliest in sight, Of high renoun, riches, and royaltie; Of lordis, baro...Rate it:

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To The Right Honourable John Barber, Esq; Lord Mayor Of London, On Committing One Of My Sons To His Care.
Mary Barber
To the late King of Britain a Savage was brought, Which wild in the Woods of Germania was caught. This Present so princely was train'd up with Care...Rate it:

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Trivia ; or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London : Book II.
John Gay
Of Walking the Streets by Day. Thus far the Muse has trac'd in useful lays The proper implements for wintry ways; Has taught the walker, with j...Rate it:

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