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A Little Song
Amy Lowell
diurnal journey run. And, Moon, slip past the ladders of air In a single flash, while your streamRate it:

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A Solemn thing within the Soul
Emily Dickinson
golden hang—while farther up— The Maker's Ladders stop— And in the Orchard far below— You hear a BeRate it:

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Bomb Blast
Nikhil Parekh
man, Years of strife before he climbed the ladders of success, Now bestowed with a blissful littlRate it:

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Bricklayer Love
Carl Sandburg
afternoons. When the sun is in my eyes and the ladders are shaky and the mortar boards go wrRate it:

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Brutally Broken heart
Nikhil Parekh
spent their entire lives; leaning solely on the ladders of distant friendship; which though being cRate it:

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Cabin Fever
Robert Haigh
but they don't understand. We play 'Snakes and Ladders,' but not without some tears. My sons don'tRate it:

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Chaucer's Tale of Meliboeus
Geoffrey Chaucer
Three of his old foes have it espied, and set ladders to the walls of his house, and by the windoRate it:

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Game Of love
Nikhil Parekh
I spoke, I played a game of snakes and ladders; wistfully tossing the dice to climb the perilous Rate it:

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Katharine Tynan
to rest upon With remembrance of sweet hours. Ladders-to-heaven may be found Now in any common groRate it:

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In Order To Perpetually Attain "God"
Nikhil Parekh
to first and foremost go through its infinite ladders and steps of jubilantly undying sincerity, Rate it:

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Kinmont Willie
Andrew Lang
and five, like a mason-gang, That carried the ladders lang and hie; And five and five, like broken Rate it:

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Knotted inside me
Rochelle Potkar
on Rambaugh lane. It was tone deaf to career ladders, six sigma, hierarchies, MNCs, pecking orderRate it:

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Matilda Who told Lies, and was Burned to Death
Hilaire Belloc
from the Frenzied Crowd, They ran their ladders through a score Of windows on the Ball Room Floor; Rate it:

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Meditation Twenty
Edward Taylor
like Elias upward goe. But th’golden Ladders Jasper rounds did climbe Unto the Heavens high from EaRate it:

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Saša Milivojev - THE LADDERS
Saša Milivojev
was blinding Blinding As I was ascending The ladders to the Welkin Striving to perceive Amid the stRate it:

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Sweet Alarm clock
Nikhil Parekh
each opportunity that came my way; climbing the ladders to unprecedented success and irrefutable prRate it:

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Teapots and Quails
Edward Lear
see how he'll sneeze! .. Wafers and Bears, Ladders and Squares, Set him a staring and see how he stRate it:

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The Captain and the Mermaids
William Schwenck Gilbert
- It tore against the caudal fin, And "went in ladders" soon. So they designed another plan: They Rate it:

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The Circus Animals' Desertion
William Butler Yeats
my ladder's gone, I must lie down where all the ladders start In the foul rag-and-bone shop of the Rate it:

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The Defence of Lucknow
Alfred Lord Tennyson
do we hurl them to earth from the ladders to which they had clung, Twice from the ditch where they Rate it:

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The Gardener
Katharine Tynan
the sweet rain. Heartsease in her garden plot, Ladders-to-Heaven scale the skies; While the dear fRate it:

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The Ghost
Henry Lawson
motto of the world. `Ne'er assail the shaky ladders Fame has from her niches hung, Lest unfrienRate it:

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The last tear
Abass Bani Al-Maliki
their trial to travel to the sky on the dew’s ladders Father …..! Your travel has become the datRate it:

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The Ranger
John Greenleaf Whittier
veil the meadows, And the sunset's golden ladders Sink from twilight's walls of gray,-- From the wiRate it:

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The Requital
Adelaide Anne Procter
shelter In heaven that night, For the Angels’ ladders Are rays of light. She beat her winRate it:

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