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A Letter Home
Siegfried Sassoon
(To Robert Graves) I Here I'm sitting in the gloom Of my quiet attic room. France goes rolling all around, Fledged with forest May has crown...Rate it:

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Emily Dickinson
Years I had been from home, And now, before the door I dared not open, lest a face I never saw before Stare vacant into mine And ask my business ...Rate it:

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Sweet Stay-at-Home
William Henry Davies
Sweet Stay-at-Home, sweet Well-content, Thou knowest of no strange continent; Thou hast not felt thy bosom keep A gentle motion with the deep; ...Rate it:

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When You Come Home
Katharine Tynan
All will be right when you come home, dear lad, But oh, 'tis long of coming that you are! Everything's wrong with all the world and sad; There are ...Rate it:

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Where Is My Home
Ehsan Sehgal
My family had been In refuge Everywhere I did not stay, at one place Since my childhood I have a large family I have countless friends Even that ...Rate it:

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A Royal Home-Coming
Alfred Austin
Welcome, right welcome home, to these blest Isles, Where, unforgotten, loved Victoria sleeps, But now with happy pride your Father smiles, Your Mot...Rate it:

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The Troubadour. Canto 4 C (Home)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
AND what were RAYMOND'S dreams that night? The morning's gift of crimson light Waked not his sleep, for his pale cheek Did not of aught like slumbe...Rate it:

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Bringing Home The Cows
Andrew Barton Paterson
Shadows of the twilight falling On the mountain's brow, To each other birds are calling, In the leafy bough. Where the daisies are a-springing, And...Rate it:

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Hounds going home in the Dark
William Henry Ogilvie
Rustle of feet in the roadside grass, Trample of horses' hoofs, and - Hark! Blast of an anxious horn! Hounds pass; Hounds going home in the dark...Rate it:

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My Childhood's Home
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
I HAVE tasted each varied pleasure, And drunk of the cup of delight; I have danced to the gayest measure In the halls of dazzling light. I have dwe...Rate it:

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Riding Home
Katharine Tynan
Who are these that go to the high peaks and the snow? Side by side do they ride, their steady eyes aglow. Gallant gentlemen, they go spurring o'er ...Rate it:

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The Old Home By The Mill
James Whitcomb Riley
This is 'The old Home by the Mill'--far we still call it so, Although the old mill, roof and sill, is all gone long ago. The old home, though, and ...Rate it:

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They Shall Come Home
Roderic Quinn
ALTHOUGH they sleep in alien graves afar, Where, restlessly, chill winds we know not roam, When Peace has laid the cruel waves of war They shall co...Rate it:

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When Cap'n Tom Comes Home
Katharine Lee Bates
WHEN Cap'n Tom comes home, and his sea chest Is opened, oh, the shells that rainbow foam Tossed on far shores, by us to be possessed When Cap'n Tom...Rate it:

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Canada Our Home
James McIntyre
The following response to ' Canada, our Home,' was given at a banquet of the Caledonian Society, Ingersoll. In responding to the sentiment, 'Canad...Rate it:

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When the Children Come Home
Henry Lawson
On a lonely selection far out in the West An old woman works all the day without rest, And she croons, as she toils 'neath the sky's glassy dome,...Rate it:

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Home 1
Edward Thomas
Not the end: but there's nothing more. Sweet Summer and Winter rude I have loved, and friendship and love, The crowd and solitude: But I know them...Rate it:

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Home-Sick. Written In Germany
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
'Tis sweet to him, who all the week Through city-crowds must push his way, To stroll alone through fields and woods, And hallow thus the Sabbath-da...Rate it:

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As I wandered home
William Henry Ogilvie
As I wandered home By Hedworth Combe I heard a lone horse whinney, And saw on the hill Standing statue-still At the top of the old oak spinney A ro...Rate it:

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I dreamt last night of happy home-comings
Lesbia Harford
I dreamt last night of happy home-comings. Friends I had loved and had believed were dead Came happily to visit me and said I was a part of thei...Rate it:

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Prophets at Home
Rudyard Kipling
Prophets have honour all over the Earth, Except in the village where they were born, Where such as knew them boys from birth Nature-ally hold 'em i...Rate it:

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Going Home
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
UNDER the young moon's slender shield With the wind's cool lips on mine, I went home from the Rabitty Field As the clocks were striking nine. The ...Rate it:

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A Poet's Home
George Wither
Two pretty rills do meet, and meeting make Within one valley a large silver lake: About whose banks the fertile mountains stood In ages pass├Ęd brav...Rate it:

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I am driven everywhere from a clinging home
Christopher John Brennan
I am driven everywhere from a clinging home, O autumn eves! and I ween'd that you would yet have made, when your smouldering dwindled to odorous ...Rate it:

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The Home
Rabindranath Tagore
I paced alone on the road across the field while the sunset was hiding its last gold like a miser. The daylight sank deeper and deeper into the...Rate it:

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