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The Flying-Fish Sailor
Cicely Fox Smith
known to the flying-fish sailor. The girls they'll cry and the lads'll shout When the blooming tugRate it:

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The Fortunes of Grandison Lee
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
his tie was a fantasee; And the wealthiest girls - Society's pearls Just loved his refulgency. HeRate it:

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The Ghetto
Lola Ridge
spotted as with a mold, And moist faces of girls Like dank white lilies, And infants' faces with opRate it:

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The Girl Of The U.S.A.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
girl of the U.S.A. I like to listen when French girls talk, Though I'm weak in the 'parlez-vous' gRate it:

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The Happy Little Cripple
James Whitcomb Riley
long-leg stool, An' watch the little boys an' girls a-skippin' by to school; An' I peck on the windRate it:

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The Host Of The Air
William Butler Yeats
piping so gay. And he saw young men and young girls Who danced on a level place, And Bridget his brRate it:

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The Illinois Village
Vachel Lindsay
glory enters in. Yet when I see the flocks of girls, Watching the Sunday train go thro' (As thoRate it:

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The Laughers
Louis Untermeyer
ecstasies. Laughter of trees. Laughter of shop-girls that giggle and blush; Laugh of the tug-boat'sRate it:

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The Men Who Made Bad Matches
Henry Lawson
matches think more often than we know, Of the girls they should have married, in the glorious long Rate it:

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The Nightingale
La Fontaine
block; For youthful ardour must prevail. Girls are precocious nowadays, Look at the men with ardenRate it:

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The Princess (part 3)
Alfred Lord Tennyson
envy her. "Who ever saw such wild barbarians? Girls?--more like men!" and at these words the snakRate it:

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The Susceptible Chancellor
William Schwenck Gilbert
young Wards in Chancery, All very agreeable girls - and none Is over the age of twenty-one. A pleasRate it:

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The Third Satire Of Dr. John Donne
Thomas Parnell
with the wanton, some perversely judge All girls unhealthy but the Country drudge. No foreign scheRate it:

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The Winding Banks Of Erne
William Allingham
cliff, and banks with wild flowers gay; The girls will bring their work and sing beneath a twisted Rate it:

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The Winding Stair And Other Poems
William Butler Yeats
Lissadell, Great windows open to the south, Two girls in silk kimonos, both Beautiful, one a gazellRate it:

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Three Women
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
a man with the eye Of a dreamer; a bevy of girls moving by; A swift moving train and a hot Summer sRate it:

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to Be a Kid
Deci Hernandez
hanging with The boys He man woman hating Girls can be annoying Tease'em and can't ignore'em InRate it:

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To My Daughter
Archibald Lampman
brightest and clearest, O gravest and gayest of girls; With your hands that are softer than roses,Rate it:

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Under The Rose
Christina Georgina Rossetti
never cared to play With the village boys and girls; And I think they thought me proud, I found so Rate it:

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Washington McNeely
Edgar Lee Masters
sent all the boys to Ann Arbor, all of the girls to Rockford, The while my life went on, getting moRate it:

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Your mirror frame
Emily Pauline Johnson
I'll have my little laughs at them. For girls may come, and girls may go, I think I have the Rate it:

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A White woman
Waheeb Nadeem Wahbah
filled the the editing of the drawers of the girls Before you, a young girl has never become aRate it:

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A New Year's Time At Willards's
James Whitcomb Riley
his woman-- jes the turn Of them-air two wild girls o' hern-- Marg'et an' S'repty-- allus in Fer anRate it:

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A Pig's-Eye View Of Literature
Dorothy Parker
of earls, And Byron walked out with a number of girls, But it didn't impair the poetical feats OfRate it:

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A Woman Waits For Me
Walt Whitman
I distil upon you shall grow fierce and athletic girls, new artists, musicians, and singerRate it:

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