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Clare Market
Eugene Field
in silk and old patterns in cheese, For the girls pretty toys, rude alarums for boys, And baubles gRate it:

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Robert William Service
And licks the heels of Fame: Though shop-girls make a fuss of him I do not envy Jim. JoRate it:

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Cobain's Hard On
Mario William Vitale
for heaven since their birth Boys and girls stand in line To hear Kurt sing, moan, and cry Why was Rate it:

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Come Into the Garde, Maud
Alfred Lord Tennyson
and thee. Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls, Come hither, the dances are done, In gRate it:

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Coming Home
Augusta Davies Webster
and wan, and her lip quiver; I can see the girls, restless between the hall door and the clock, Rate it:

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Conroy's Gap
Andrew Barton Paterson
name of Kate Carew, Quiet and shy as the bush girls are, But ready-witted and plucky, too. She lRate it:

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Corny Bill
Henry Lawson
was -- an' may be now -- A favourite with the girls; I've heard bush-wimmin scream an' squall --Rate it:

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Couldn't Have Lived it Any Other Way
Mario William Vitale
time I would shine as the prom king all the girls would scream then the leader of my play still thrRate it:

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Padraic Colum
they have Foxes as gossips to their boys and girls? Would that a lad from Irrus now was here To teRate it:

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Carl Sandburg
line of skirmishes, spreads a chorus of dancing girls, performs blazing ochre evolutions, gathers tRate it:

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Cupid And Swallows Flying From Winter. By Dagley
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
song and light guitar,-- Where the dark hair'd girls are dancing, Fairies in the moonlight glancingRate it:

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Dad on the Test
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the boys an' the harvester crew, But Mum an' the girls gits dotty too. An' I reckon (says Dad) thatRate it:

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De Erotio Puella
Robert Louis Stevenson
the lawns Or Curine oyster. She, the flower of girls, Outshone the light of Erythraean pearls; TheRate it:

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De Profundis
Dorothy Parker
not relate, in accents suave, The tales of girls he used to have? Rate it:

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Dear Mylani
and aggressive Such a funny contrast Most girls don't make me laugh U make me laugh out loud I jusRate it:

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Dedication for a Plot of Ground
William Carlos Williams
storms, sun, fire, against flies, against girls that came smelling about, against drought, agaiRate it:

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Walter Savage Landor
the door? Simpleton! Will you never learn That girls and time will not return; Of each you should hRate it:

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Deliverance Through Art
Lesbia Harford
With love. Deathless Ideas! I have no need Of girls' lips then. Goodness and happiness and poetrRate it:

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Description Of A Lost Friend
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
one of them seems to believe How the pretty girls once used to grieve When they missed me amongstRate it:

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Dinah Kneading Dough
Paul Laurence Dunbar
finer charms-- Naught to me like Dinah's arms; Girls may draw, or paint, or sew-- I love Dinah kneaRate it:

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Discerning Mr. Murphy
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
and red with shame, He tells of girls depraved, who may Take up the old, maternal game On business Rate it:

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Don't Forget Daddy
that Daddy is still climbing Because you three girls are all he adores I know our time together Rate it:

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Dorothy D.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
your curls,' 'You musn't play with those noisy girls.' 'You musn't be silent when spoken to,' 'You Rate it:

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Double Ballade on the Nothingness of Things
William Ernest Henley
"O Vanity of Vanities!" The Fates are subtle girls! They give us chaff for grain. And Time, thRate it:

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Dream Town
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
and rosy and bright, The boys and the girls of dream town wait To play with us all the night. So roRate it:

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