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To Mrs. Anne Donnellan, With The Fourth Essay On Man
Mary Barber
Dear Philomela, oft you condescend, With Notes seraphic, to transport your Friend: Then in Return, let Verse your Soul rejoice, Wise, as your Conve...Rate it:

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To The Daisy (fourth poem)
William Wordsworth
Sweet Flower! belike one day to have A place upon thy Poet's grave, I welcome thee once more: But He, who was on land, at sea, My Brother, too,...Rate it:

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Travels By The Fireside. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The ceaseless rain is falling fast, And yonder gilded vane, Immovable for three days past, Points to the misty main, It drives me in upon myself ...Rate it:

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Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Trinity
John Keble
Why should we faint and fear to live alone, Since all alone, so Heaven has willed, we die, Nor e'en the tenderest heart, and next our own, Know...Rate it:

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Winter - The Fourth Pastoral, or Daphne
Alexander Pope
Lycidas. Thyrsis, the music of that murm'ring spring, Is not so mournful as the strains you sing. Nor rivers winding thro' the vales below, So swe...Rate it:

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The Yarn of the Nancy Bell
William Schwenck Gilbert
'Twas on the shores that round our coast From Deal to Ramsgate span, That I found alone on a piece of stone An elderly naval man. His hair was wee...Rate it:

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The Canterbury Tales; THE MAUNCIPLES TALE
Geoffrey Chaucer
Part 29 PROLOGUE TO THE MAUNCIPLES TALE Heere folweth the Prologe of the Maunciples tale. Woot ye nat where ther stant a litel toun, Which that ...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
What's the use? Give it best; Cut her loose; Have a rest. Hope is dead; Gloom collects, Nuff is said Cook objects. Moth and rust Hither lurk; All...Rate it:

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It Happens in the B.R. Families
Franklin P. Adams
'Twas on the shores that round our coast From Deal to Newport lie That I roused from sleep in a huddled heap An elderly wealthy guy. His hair w...Rate it:

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Brother And Sister
Lewis Carroll
"SISTER, sister, go to bed! Go and rest your weary head." Thus the prudent brother said. "Do you want a battered hide, Or scratches to your fa...Rate it:

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Franklin P. Adams
The Passionate Householder to his Love Come, live with us and be our cook, And we will all the whimsies brook That German, Irish, Swede, and Slav ...Rate it:

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Ode to W. Kitchener, M.D.
Thomas Hood
Author of The Cook's Oracle, Observations on Vocal Music, The Art of Invigorating and Prolonging Life, Practical Observations on Telescopes, Opera...Rate it:

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The Absent-Minded Beggar
Rudyard Kipling
When you've shouted ' Rule Britannia,' when you've sung ' God save the Queen,' When you've finished killing Kruger with your mouth, Will you kindl...Rate it:

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Con large comme un estuaire
Guillaume Apollinaire
Con large comme un estuaire Où meurt mon amoureux reflux Tu as la saveur poissonnière l'odeur de la bite et du cul La fraîche odeur trouduculière F...Rate it:

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La cueillette
Guillaume Apollinaire
Nous vînmes au jardin fleuri pour la cueillette. Belle, sais-tu combien de fleurs, de roses-thé, Roses pâles d'amour qui couronnent ta tête...Rate it:

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La Jolie Rousse
Guillaume Apollinaire
Me voici devant tous un homme plein de sens Connaissant la vie et de la mort ce qu'un vivant peut connaître Ayant éprouvé les douleurs et les jo...Rate it:

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Le temps perdu
Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme
Si peu d'oeuvres pour tant de fatigue et d'ennui ! De stériles soucis notre journée est pleine : Leur meute sans pitié nous chasse à perdre haleine...Rate it:

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A Ditty
Edmund Spenser
In praise of Eliza, Queen of the Shepherds SEE where she sits upon the grassie greene, (O seemely sight!) Yclad in Scarlot, like a mayden Qu...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 06 - part 02
Torquato Tasso
XV 'Say that a knight, who holds in great disdain To be thus closed up in secret new, Will with his sword in open field maintain, If any dare deny...Rate it:

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Madonna's Last Hymn
Kurt Philip Behm
I’m on my fourth lifeline, how about you? The first three pre-owned, the current one new This one seems fleeting, which gives me concern M...Rate it:

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The Bellaires
Ezra Pound
The good Bellaires Do not understand the conduct of this world's affairs. In fact they understood them so badly That they have had to cross the Cha...Rate it:

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The Seven Sages
William Butler Yeats
The First. My great-grandfather spoke to Edmund Burke In Grattan's house. The Second. My great-grandfather shared A pot-house bench with Oliver Gol...Rate it:

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Young America
Carolyn Wells
Wee Willie sat a-thinking, And he shook his curly head. Around him on the nursery floor His treasures lay outspread. Firecrackers and torpedoes, T...Rate it:

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Anniversary Song
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHY pacest thou, my neighbour fair, The garden all alone? If house and land thou seek'st to guard, I'd thee as mistress own. My brother sought t...Rate it:

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A Capital Ship
Charles Edward Carryl
A capital ship for an ocean trip Was the 'Walloping Window Blind' No wind that blew dismayed her crew Or troubled the captain's mind The man at the...Rate it:

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