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Illahi Nama (Book of God)
Farid ud-Din Attar Abu Hamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim
In the Book of God (Ilahi-nama) 'Attar framed his mystical teachings in various stories that a caliph tells his six sons, who are kings themselves ...Rate it:

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Tender Buttons [Chicken]
Gertrude Stein
CHICKEN. Pheasant and chicken, chicken is a peculiar third. CHICKEN. Alas a dirty word, alas a dirty third alas a dirty third, alas a dirty bird...Rate it:

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Thomas Hardy
"OLD Norbert with the flat blue cap-- A German said to be-- Why let your pipe die on your lap, Your eyes blink absently?"-- ...Rate it:

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The Ballad of St. Barbara
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
(St Barbara is the patron saint of gunners, and those in danger of sudden death.) When the long grey lines came flooding upon Paris in the plain, ...Rate it:

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Forsaking All Others Part 1
Alice Duer Miller
'NOT that you'll like him,' Nell said, 'No mystery - no romance, A fine, stern, eagle-like head, But he simply reeks of finance, -­ Started from no...Rate it:

(5.00 / 1 vote)
Harry Crosby
I, The Sun, Lord of the Sky, sojourning in the Land of Sky, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare the following to be...Rate it:

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A Minor Poet
Amy Levy
"What should such fellows as I do, Crawling between earth and heaven?" Here is the phial; here I turn the key Sharp in the lock. Click!--there's n...Rate it:

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A Mother's Wail
Henry Timrod
My babe! my tiny babe! my only babe! My single rose-bud in a crown of thorns! My lamp that in that narrow hut of life, Whence I looked forth upon a...Rate it:

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Concerning the Philosophers Stone. ( alchemical verse .)
John Gower
. And also with great diligence, Thei fonde thilke Experience: Which cleped is Alconomie, Whereof the Silver multiplie; Thei made, and eke the Gol...Rate it:

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Hilaire Belloc
Of Courtesy, it is much less Than Courage of Heart or Holiness, Yet in my Walks it seems to me That the Grace of God is in Courtesy. On Monks I di...Rate it:

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Fingal - Book III
James Macpherson
ARGUMENT. Cuthullin, pleased with the story of Carril, insists with that bard for more of his songs. He relates the actions of Fingal in Lochlin,...Rate it:

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Sara Teasdale
I gave my first love laughter, I gave my second tears, I gave my third love silence Through all the years. My first love gave me singing, My se...Rate it:

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Holy Fair, The
Robert Burns
1 Upon a simmer Sunday morn, 2 When Nature's face is fair, 3 I walked forth to view the corn 4 An' snuff the caller air. 5 The ri...Rate it:

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Italian In England, The
Robert Browning
That second time they hunted me From hill to plain, from shore to sea, And Austria, hounding far and wide Her blood-hounds thro' the country-side, ...Rate it:

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Lapis Lazuli
William Butler Yeats
(For Harry Clifton) I HAVE heard that hysterical women say They are sick of the palette and fiddle-bow. Of poets that are always gay, For everybod...Rate it:

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Legend of The Corrievrechan
George MacDonald
Prince Breacan of Denmark was lord of the strand And lord of the billowy sea; Lord of the sea and lord of the land, He might have let maidens be! ...Rate it:

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Ode On Indolence
John Keats
ONE morn before me were three figures seen, I With bowed necks, and joined hands, side-faced; And one behind the other stepp'd serene, In...Rate it:

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Sister Helen
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
"Why did you melt your waxen man Sister Helen? To-day is the third since you began." "The time was long, yet the time ran, ...Rate it:

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So Many Blood-Lakes
Robinson Jeffers
We have now won two world-wars, neither of which concerned us, we were slipped in. We have levelled the powers Of Europe, that were the powers of ...Rate it:

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Temora - Book VII
James Macpherson
ARGUMENT. This book begins about the middle of the third night from the opening of the poem. The poet describes a kind of mist, which rose by nig...Rate it:

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The Abandoned
Mathilde Blind
SHE sat by the wayside and wept, where roses, red roses and white, Lay wasted and withered and sere, like her life and its ruined delight; Like cha...Rate it:

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The Alleys
Henry Lawson
I was welcome in a palace when the ball was at my feet, I was petted in a garden and my triumph was complete. But for me above the alleys there for...Rate it:

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The Battle of Culloden
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1746, and in April the 14th day, That Prince Charles Stuart and his army marched on without delay, And on the 14th of April th...Rate it:

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The Forsaken
Duncan Campbell Scott
I Once in the winter Out on a lake In the heart of the north-land, Far from the Fort And far from the hunters, A Chippewa woman With her sick baby...Rate it:

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The Italian In England
Robert Browning
That second time they hunted me From hill to plain, from shore to sea, And Austria, hounding far and wide Her blood-hounds thro' the country-side, ...Rate it:

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