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Le temps perdu
Rene Francois Armand Prudhomme
Si peu d'oeuvres pour tant de fatigue et d'ennui ! De stériles soucis notre journée est pleine : Leur meute sans pitié nous chasse à perdre haleine...Rate it:

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The Crooked Stick
Elinor Morton Wylie
First Traveller: What's that lying in the dust? Second Traveller: A crooked stick. First Traveller: What's it worth, if you can trust to arithmet...Rate it:

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It Happens in the B.R. Families
Franklin P. Adams
'Twas on the shores that round our coast From Deal to Newport lie That I roused from sleep in a huddled heap An elderly wealthy guy. His hair w...Rate it:

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Give Me Just One Chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord
Nikhil Parekh
Give me just one chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord; making me the richest of the richest man on this fathomless Universe; give me just one chance ...Rate it:

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Keeping His First Wife Now
Henry Lawson
IT’S OH! for a rivet in marriage bonds, And a splice in the knot untied— The sanctity of the marriage tie Is growing more sanctified! They’re getti...Rate it:

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Of The Three Seekers
William Morris
There met three knights on the woodland way, And the first was clad in silk array: The second was dight in iron and steel, But the third was rags f...Rate it:

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Time- An Unstoppable Whirlwind
Nikhil Parekh
Whether you be the most triumphant vanguard of all civilization; or whether you be a mist of inimitably silken desire; sensuously enveloping every ...Rate it:

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M'Fingal - Canto I
John Trumbull
When Yankies, skill'd in martial rule, First put the British troops to school; Instructed them in warlike trade, And new manoeuvres of parade, The ...Rate it:

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Katharine Tynan
Now she need dread no more to grow Too old for him, she need not know The bitterness when he who was All hers turns to some younger face, And she h...Rate it:

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Dedication for a Plot of Ground
William Carlos Williams
This plot of ground facing the waters of this inlet is dedicated to the living presence of Emily Dickinson Wellcome who was born in England; ma...Rate it:

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Faithless Nelly Gray
Thomas Hood
A Pathetic Ballad Ben Battle was a soldier bold, And used to war's alarms; But a cannon-ball took off his legs, So he laid down his arms. Now as ...Rate it:

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Girls Spinning
Padraic Colum
FIRST GIRL MALLO lero iss im bo nero! Go where they're threshing and find me my lover, Mallo lero iss im bo bairn! SECOND GIRL Mallo lero iss im b...Rate it:

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L'Horloge (The Clock)
Charles Baudelaire
Horloge! dieu sinistre, effrayant, impassible, Dont le doigt nous menace et nous dit: «Souviens-toi! Les vibrantes Douleurs dans ton coeur plein d'...Rate it:

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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
In the prologue to the Masnavi Rumi hailed Love and its sweet madness that heals all infirmities, and he exhorted the reader to burst the bonds to ...Rate it:

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Men and Women
James Kenneth Stephen
1. IN THE BACKS. As I was strolling lonely in the Backs, I met a woman whom I did not like. I did not like the way the woman walked: Loose-hippe...Rate it:

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Of Love To God
John Bunyan
When I do this begin to apprehend, My heart, my soul, and mind, begins to bend To God-ward, and sincerely for to love His son, his ways, his peopl...Rate it:

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Paradise Lost: Book 12
John Milton
As one who in his journey bates at noon, Though bent on speed; so here the Arch-Angel paused Betwixt the world destroyed and world restored, If ...Rate it:

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Peter Bell The Third
Percy Bysshe Shelley
BY MICHING MALLECHO, Esq. Is it a party in a parlour, Crammed just as they on earth were crammed, Some sipping punch-some sipping tea; But, as you...Rate it:

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The Coronation
Thomas Hardy
At Westminster, hid from the light of day, Many who once had shone as monarchs lay. Edward the Pious, and two Edwards more, The second Richard, He...Rate it:

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The Epitaph Of Bion.
Henry Alford
Dolefully sound, ye groves and Dorian waters, Lament, ye rivers, our beloved Bion; Mourn, all ye plants, and whisper low, ye forests; Ye flowers, b...Rate it:

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The Three Hermits
William Butler Yeats
THREE old hermits took the air By a cold and desolate sea, First was muttering a prayer, Second rummaged for a flea; On a windy stone, the third, G...Rate it:

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The Three Kings
Edith Nesbit
WHEN the star in the East was lit to shine The three kings journeyed to Palestine; They came from the uttermost parts of earth With long trains la...Rate it:

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Your Love Broke Trough
Mario William Vitale
there is something inside of me that seeks to hide from thee or is it the powers that be each reflection we keep hearts second guessing better star...Rate it:

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Of all the artistic failures that have nothing to do with either law’s... or the Muses... pay attention to the main one... Protect your heads from...Rate it:

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Thump Thump Thump
Ocatvia Snow
My heartbeat is pounding loudly in my ears; The rhythm is in time to the drip drop of the warm shower as it flows down my body. Thump Thump Thump T...Rate it:

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