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In Praise of Mandragora
Muriel Stuart
O, MANDRAGORA, many sing in praise Of life, and death, and immortality,-- Of passion, that goes famished all her days,-- Of Faith, or fant...Rate it:

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Henry Van Dyke
The melancholy gift Aurora gained From Jove, that her sad lover should not see The face of death, no goddess asked for thee, My Keats! But when th...Rate it:

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Life, Love and Truth
Joseph Mark Ippolito
The greatest gift ever Life never-ending Everlasting, no Ever-mending, yes The greatest gift ever Love never-ending Everlasting, no Ever-mending, ...Rate it:

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Lover's Gifts II: Come to My Garden Walk
Rabindranath Tagore
Come to my garden walk, my love. Pass by the fervid flowers that press themselves on your sight. Pass them by, stopping at some chance joy, which l...Rate it:

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Meditation under Stars
George Meredith
What links are ours with orbs that are So resolutely far: The solitary asks, and they Give radiance as from a shield: Still at the death of day, Th...Rate it:

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Mogg Megone - Part I.
John Greenleaf Whittier
Who stands on that cliff, like a figure of stone, Unmoving and tall in the light of the sky, Where the spray of the cataract sparkles on high, Lon...Rate it:

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Mr. Fink's Debating Donkey
Ambrose Bierce
Of a person known as Peters I will humbly crave your leave An unusual adventure into narrative to weave Mr. William Perry Peters, of the town of Mu...Rate it:

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My Last Duchess
Robert Browning
FERRARA. That's my last Duchess painted on the wall, Looking as if she were alive. I call That piece a wonder, now: Fr Pandolf's hands Worked bus...Rate it:

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Of The Three Seekers
William Morris
There met three knights on the woodland way, And the first was clad in silk array: The second was dight in iron and steel, But the third was rags f...Rate it:

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Our Heritage
William Henry Ogilvie
This is our heritage; the far-flung grass, The golden stubble and the dark-red moor; Men pass and perish as the swift years pass, But wide and w...Rate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
Yes, you have it; I can see. Beautiful?… Dear, look at me! Look and let my shame confess Triumph after weariness. Beautiful? Ah, yes. Lift it ...Rate it:

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Phaethon--Attempted In Galliambic Measure
George Meredith
At the coming up of Phoebus the all-luminous charioteer, Double-visaged stand the mountains in imperial multitudes, And with shadows dappled men si...Rate it:

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Samson Agonistes
John Milton
Samson. A little onward lend thy guiding hand To these dark steps, a little further on; For yonder bank hath choice of sun or shade. There I am ...Rate it:

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Victor James Daley
Give thou a gift to me From thy treasure-house, O sea! Said a red-lipped laughing girl While the summer yet was young; And the sea laughed back...Rate it:

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Song of the Flower XXIII
Khalil Gibran
I am a kind word uttered and repeated By the voice of Nature; I am a star fallen from the Blue tent upon the green carpet. I am the daughter of...Rate it:

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Spring Carol
Robert Louis Stevenson
WHEN loud by landside streamlets gush, And clear in the greenwood quires the thrush, With sun on the meadows And songs in the shadows Comes again t...Rate it:

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Stratton Water
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
“O HAVE you seen the Stratton flood That's great with rain to-day? It runs beneath your wall, Lord Sands, Full of the new-mown hay. “I led your hou...Rate it:

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Edgar Allan Poe
Kind solace in a dying hour! Such, father, is not (now) my theme- I will not madly deem that power Of Earth may shrive me o...Rate it:

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Walther von der Vogelweide
'Lady,' I said, 'this garland wear! For thou wilt wear it gracefully; And on thy brow 'twill sit so fair, And thou wilt dance so light and free; H...Rate it:

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I Shakespeare and Milton--what third blazoned name Shall lips of after-ages link to these? His who, beside the wide encircling seas, Was Englan...Rate it:

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Thanking The creator
Nikhil Parekh
If i lost a leg in vagaries of disdainful war, i would limp for the remainder of my disillusioning life, thanking the Creator for having blessed ...Rate it:

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The Artist Of Benevenagh
Liam O Comáin
The Artist Of Benevenagh. (For Margaret.) The art of painting is God Given as is nature’s mist But as a gift to some it Is the greatest gift. A...Rate it:

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The Birth And Death Of Pain
Silas Weir Mitchell
A Poem Read October Sixteenth, Mdcccxcvi, At The Commemoration Of The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The First Public Demonstration Of Surgical Anæsthesia...Rate it:

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The Church-Builder
Thomas Hardy
The church flings forth a battled shade Over the moon-blanched sward: The church; my gift; whereto I paid My all in hand and hoard; Lavished my...Rate it:

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The Faith Of A Christian.
Liam Ó Comain
Having faith in God is a wonderful gift And he is the giver of the gift of faith. Which gives the believer an insight into The march of time convey...Rate it:

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