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The Gift Of The Terek
Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov
Through the rocks in wildest courses Seethes the Terek grim of mood, Tempest howling its bewailing, Pearled with foam its tearful flood. At the mo...Rate it:

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The Gift of Tritemius
John Greenleaf Whittier
Tritemius of Herbipolis, one day, While kneeling at the altar's foot to pray, Alone with God, as was his pious choice, Heard from without a miserab...Rate it:

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The Greatest Gift
Blanche Edith Baughan
IF of us two might only one be glad, Pain I’d pursue, and struggle to be sad. If of us two one only might be great, Safely obscure I’d tr...Rate it:

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The Poet's New-Year's Gift. To Mrs. (Afterwards Lady) Throckmorton
William Cowper
Maria! I have every good For thee wished many a time, Both sad and in a cheerful mood, But never yet in rhyme. To wish thee fairer is no need, Mo...Rate it:

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The Soul of the City Receives the Gift of the Holy Spirit
Vachel Lindsay
A BROADSIDE DISTRIBUTED IN SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS Censers are swinging, Over the town; Censers are swinging, Look overhead! Censers are swinging, H...Rate it:

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Where lies the gift
Kerri Birch
With harrow disc and mouldboard plough, Calloused hands and furrowed brow, In leather traces and iron beast, From dawn'...Rate it:

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L'Ancien Regime
James Thomson
Who has a thing to bring For a gift to our lord the king, Our king all kings above? A young girl brought him love; And he dowered her with sham...Rate it:

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Hymn of Futility
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Lord, Thou hast given unto us a land. In Thy beneficence Thou has ordained That we should hold a country great and grand, Such as no race of old ha...Rate it:

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The Nativity of Christ
Robert Southwell
Behold the father is his daughter's son, The bird that built the nest is hatched therein, The old of years an hour hath not outrun, Eternal life to...Rate it:

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The Plate Of Gold
James Henry Leigh Hunt
One day there fell in great Benares' temple-court A wondrous plate of gold, whereon these words were writ; 'To him who loveth best, a gift from Hea...Rate it:

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Epilogue--To The Poet's Sitter
Francis Thompson
Wherein he excuseth himself for the manner of the Portrait. Alas! now wilt thou chide, and say (I deem), My figured descant hides the simple theme...Rate it:

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An Epistle
Emma Lazarus
I. Master and Sage, greetings and health to thee, From thy most meek disciple! Deign once more Endure me at thy feet, enlighten me, As when upon m...Rate it:

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By Grace Are Ye Saved
Daniel Webster Moody
In grace the holy God Did full salvation plan, Electing in His sovereign grace To save rebellious man. Refrain By grace are ye saved thro’ faith,...Rate it:

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To Wait
Ehsan Sehgal
As you know It is very common To everyone Whatever it is Anyhow The gift is the gift That carries love The beautiful beauties Give as a gift To w...Rate it:

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A Special Loving Lord
Keith Rideout
I woke up early on Christmas Day to open my presents Sneaking down the stairs to peak underneath the tree I couldn’t believe the sight what my eyes...Rate it:

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An Aboriginal Mothers's Lament
Charles Harpur
An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament Charles Harpur ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- [About the year...Rate it:

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Johnnie Armstrang
Andrew Lang
Some speak of lords, some speak of lairds, And sic like men of high degree; Of a gentleman I sing a sang, Some time call'd Laird of Gilnockie. The...Rate it:

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Tasso Dying
Konstantin Nikolaevich Batiushkov
What festival is ancient Rome preparing? Where flow the crowds in noisy waves? Why these aromas, myrrh's sweet smoke And censers all aroun...Rate it:

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Troy Town
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
HEAVENBORN Helen, Sparta's queen, (O Troy Town!) Had two breasts of heavenly sheen, The sun and moon of the heart's desire: All Love's lordship lay...Rate it:

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Lucy Maud Montgomery
I thank thee, friend, for the beautiful thought That in words well chosen thou gavest to me, Deep in the life of my soul it has wrought With its ow...Rate it:

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A Sequence of Sonnets on the Death of Robert Browning
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I1. The clearest eyes in all the world they read . With sense more keen and spirit of sight more true . Than burns and thri...Rate it:

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Alison Gross
Andrew Lang
O Alison Gross, that lives in yon tow'r, The ugliest witch in the north countrie, She trysted me ae day up till her bow'r, And mony fair speeches s...Rate it:

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Amor Umbratilis
Ernest Christopher Dowson
A gift of Silence, sweet! Who may not ever hear: To lay down at your unobservant feet, Is all the gift I bear. I have no songs to sing, That you s...Rate it:

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Robert Browning
"As certain also of your own poets have said"-- (Acts 17.28) Cleon the poet (from the sprinkled isles, Lily on lily, that o'erlace ...Rate it:

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Fairy Favours
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Wouldst thou wear the gift of immortal bloom? Wouldst thou smile in scorn at the shadowy tomb? Drink of this cup! it is richly fraught With balm fr...Rate it:

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