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A FRIEND OF MINE Once upon a time” The beginning of a tale “It all began”, or “it started when”; are beginnings to use as well “Happily ever after...Rate it:

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A Holiday
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The Wife The house is like a garden, The children are the flowers, The gardener should come methinks And walk among his bowers, Oh! lock the d...Rate it:

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A Jacobite's Exile
Algernon Charles Swinburne
The weary day runs down and dies, The weary night wears through: And never an hour is fair wi' flower, And never a flower wi' dew. I would the day...Rate it:

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A Late Lark Twitters From The Quiet Skies
William Ernest Henley
the quiet skies: And from the west, Where the sun, his day's work ended, Lingers as in content, There falls on the old, gray city An influence lumi...Rate it:

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A Lay Of Old Time
John Greenleaf Whittier
One morning of the first sad Fall, Poor Adam and his bride Sat in the shade of Eden's wall-- But on the outer side. She, blushing in her fig-leaf ...Rate it:

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A Legend of Service
Henry Van Dyke
It pleased the Lord of Angels (praise His name!) To hear, one day, report from those who came With pitying sorrow, or exultant joy, To tell of eart...Rate it:

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A Letter Written For My Daughter To A Lady, Who Had Presented Her With A Cap.
Mary Barber
Your late kind Gift let me restore; For I must never wear it more. My Mother cries, ``What's here to do? ``A Crimson Velvet Cap for you! ``If to th...Rate it:

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A Little Prayer
Robert William Service
Let us be thankful, Lord, for little things - The song of birds, the rapture of the rose; Cloud-dappled skies, the laugh of limpid springs, Drowned...Rate it:

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A Lover's Envy
Henry Van Dyke
I envy every flower that blows Along the meadow where she goes, And every bird that sings to her, And every breeze that brings to her The fragra...Rate it:

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A Madrigal
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Dream days of fond delight and hours As rosy-hued as dawn, are mine. Love's drowsy wine, Brewed from the heart of Passion flowers, Flows softly o'e...Rate it:

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A Modern Courtship
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Why turn from me thus with such petulant pride, When I ask thee, sweet Edith, to be my bride; When I offer the gift of heart fond and true, And wit...Rate it:

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A Parody Of Glass
Mario William Vitale
through the long lens we often will bask into the trash..., a gift to renew; in borrowed basement pews insde we often will ponder a common call fr...Rate it:

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A Pastoral Ballad II: Hope
William Shenstone
My banks they are furnish'd with bees, Whose murmur invites one to sleep; My grottos are shaded with trees, And my hills are white-over with she...Rate it:

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A poem, Sacred to the Glorious memory of King George
Richard Savage
Let gaudy Mirth, to the blithe Carrol-song, In loose light-measur'd Numbers dance along; Thou, Muse no flow'ry Fancies here display, Nor warble wit...Rate it:

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A Portrait
Alfred Austin
When friends grown faithless, or the fickle throng, Withdrawing from my life the love they lent, Breed in my heart disdainful discontent, And sadde...Rate it:

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A Portrait
Harriet Monroe
The little world span round and round, Singing along her sunny ways, And all the glory she unwound She gave to him for joy and praise. And he, wh...Rate it:

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A Prayer for a Mother's Birthday
Henry Van Dyke
Lord Jesus, Thou hast known A mother's love and tender care: And Thou wilt hear, while for my own Mother most dear I make this birthday prayer. Pr...Rate it:

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A Prayer For My Daughter
William Butler Yeats
ONCE more the storm is howling, and half hid Under this cradle-hood and coverlid My child sleeps on. There is no obstacle But Gregory's wood and o...Rate it:

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A Prayer To Saint Rosa
Lesbia Harford
When I am so worn out I cannot sleep And yet I know I have to work next day Or lose my job, I sometimes have recourse To one long dead, who list...Rate it:

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A Preaching From A Spanish Ballad
George Meredith
I Ladies who in chains of wedlock Chafe at an unequal yoke, Not to nightingales give hearing; Better this, the raven's croak. II Down the Prado ...Rate it:

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A Reality Inside The Reality
Ehsan Sehgal
I foresee And often envisage I cannot figure out Such description Such sense Which would exhibit The picture of events Even that I stay evoking it ...Rate it:

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A Riddle: On A Kiss
William Strode
What thing is that, nor felt nor seene Till it bee given? a present for a Queene: A fine conceite to give and take the like: The giver yet is farth...Rate it:

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A Satyre Against Mankind
Lord John Wilmot
Were I - who to my cost already am One of those strange, prodigious creatures, man - A spirit free to choose for my own share What sort of flesh an...Rate it:

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A Song Of Poppies
Virna Sheard
I love red poppies! Imperial red poppies! Sun-worshippers are they; Gladly as trees live through a hundred summers They live one little day. I lov...Rate it:

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A Spanish Love Song
Henry Kendall
From Andalusian gardens I bring the rose and rue, And leaves of subtle odour, To weave a gift for you. You’ll know the reason wherefore ...Rate it:

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