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Justice Denied In Massachusetts
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Let us abandon then our gardens and go home And sit in the sitting-room Shall the larkspur blossom or the corn grow under this cloud? Sour to the f...Rate it:

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Last Bell
Kurt Philip Behm
Senses untamed, spaces to reign Bodies that die, spirits to fly Length or by width, time is a myth Dimension aground, essence refound Eyes look...Rate it:

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Last Lines
Anne Brontë
Jan 7th A dreadful darkness closes in On my bewildered mind; O let me suffer and not sin, Be tortured yet resigned...Rate it:

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John Milton
HAIL holy light, ofspring of Heav'n first-born, Or of th' Eternal Coeternal beam May I express thee unblam'd? since God is light, And never but ...Rate it:

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Lily's Menagerie
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THERE'S no menagerie, I vow, Excels my Lily's at this minute; She keeps the strangest creatures in it, And catches them, she knows not how. Oh, ...Rate it:

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Lines Left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree
William Wordsworth
Nay, Traveller! rest. This lonely Yew-tree stands Far from all human dwelling: what if here No sparkling rivulet spread the verdant herb? What i...Rate it:

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Lines to a Don
Hilaire Belloc
Remote and ineffectual Don That dared attack my Chesterton, With that poor weapon, half-impelled, Unlearnt, unsteady, hardly held, Unworthy for a t...Rate it:

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Lines Written In The Highlands After A Visit To Burns's Country
John Keats
There is a charm in footing slow across a silent plain, Where patriot battle has been fought, where glory had the gain; There is a pleasure on the...Rate it:

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London, 1802
William Wordsworth
Milton! thou shouldst be living at this hour; England hath need of thee: she is a fen Of stagnant waters: altar, sword, and pen, Fireside, the hero...Rate it:

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Henry Francis Lyte
Long did I toil, and knew no earthly rest, Far did I rove, and found no certain home; At last I sought them in His sheltering breast, Who opes His ...Rate it:

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Look Unto Me, And Be Ye Saved
John Newton
As the serpent raised by Moses Healed the burning serpent's bite; Jesus thus himself discloses To the wounded sinner's sight: Hear his gracious inv...Rate it:

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Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright
James Montgomery
Lord, teach us how to pray aright, With reverence and with fear; Though dust and ashes in Thy sight, We may, we must draw near. We perish if we ce...Rate it:

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Love And Death
Count Giacomo Leopardi
Children of Fate, in the same breath Created were they, Love and Death. Such fair creations ne'er were seen, Or here below, or in the heaven serene...Rate it:

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Love Is Blind
John Le Gay Brereton
And can you tell me Love is blind Because your faults he will not find, Because the image that he sees Is one of splendid mysteries? And if he lack...Rate it:

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Love's Apparition and Evanishment: An Allegoric Romance
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Like a lone Arab, old and blind, Some caravan had left behind, Who sits beside a ruin'd well, Where the shy sand-asps bask and swell; ...Rate it:

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Love's Chastening
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Once Love grew bold and arrogant of air, Proud of the youth that made him fresh and fair; So unto Grief he spake, 'What right hast thou To part or ...Rate it:

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Sir Edward Dyer
Devyde my tymes and rate my wretched howres From days to months, fro months to many yeers, And than compare my sweetest to my sowres then And se...Rate it:

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Malcolm's Katie: A Love Story - Part II.
Isabella Valancy Crawford
The South Wind laid his moccasins aside, Broke his gay calumet of flow'rs, and cast His useless wampun, beaded with cool dews, Far from him, northw...Rate it:

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Man's Civil War
Robert Southwell
MY hovering thoughts would fly to heaven And quiet nestle in the sky, Fain would my ship in Virtue's shore Without remove at anchor lie. But m...Rate it:

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Man's Devotion
James Whitcomb Riley
A lover said, 'O Maiden, love me well, For I must go away: And should ANOTHER ever come to tell Of love--What WILL you say?' And she let fall a ro...Rate it:

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Mariana In The South
Alfred Lord Tennyson
With one black shadow at its feet, The house thro' all the level shines, Close-latticed to the brooding heat, And silent in its dusty...Rate it:

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Marriage Bells
Emma Lazarus
Music and silver chimes and sunlit air, Freighted with the scent of honeyed orange-flower; Glad, friendly festal faces everywhere. She, rapt fro...Rate it:

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Marvellous Martin
Charles Harpur
Who sees him walk the street, can scarce forbear To question thus his friend, What prig goes there? So much hath Nature, as 'tis oft her plan, Stam...Rate it:

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Maude Clare
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Out of the church she followed them With a lofty step and mien: His bride was like a village maid, Maude Clare was like a queen. “Son Thomas...Rate it:

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Henry Van Dyke
I Lover of beauty, walking on the height Of pure philosophy and tranquil song; Born to behold the visions that belong To those who dwell in me...Rate it:

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