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A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style
Thomas Parnell
In Britain's Isle and Arthur's days, When Midnight Faeries daunc'd the Maze, Liv'd Edwin of the Green; Edwin, I wis, a gentle Youth, Endow'd with C...Rate it:

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A Girl’s Day Dream And Its Fulfilment
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
“Child of my love, why wearest thou That pensive look and thoughtful brow? Can’st gaze abroad on this world so fair And yet thy glance be fraught w...Rate it:

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A Harvest Scene
Gilbert White
Wak'd by the gentle gleamings of the morn, Soon clad, the reaper, provident of want Hies cheerful hearted to the ripen'd field; Nor hastes alone...Rate it:

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A Hero's Grave
Sydney Thompson Dobell
O'er our evening fire the smoke is like a pall, And funeral banners hang about the arches of the hall, In the gable end I see a catafalque aloof, A...Rate it:

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A Job Is A Job
Nikhil Parekh
Just as your job was to blasphemously abuse every religion that wasn't yours; my job was to unassailably unite the wretchedly dissipated planet onc...Rate it:

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A Letter
John Greenleaf Whittier
'TIS over, Moses! All is lost! I hear the bells a-ringing; Of Pharaoh and his Red Sea host I hear the Free-Wills singing.* We're routed, Moses, hor...Rate it:

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A Letter Sent To Mrs. Barber
Mary Barber
Thou glorious Ruler of the beauteous Day! Have sev'nteen Years so swiftly roll'd away? Hast thou so oft the heav'nly Circle run, When scarce I thou...Rate it:

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A Literature Lesson. Sir Patrick Spens in the Eighteenth Century Manner
Sir Walter Raleigh
VERSE I In a famed town of Caledonia's land, A prosperous port contiguous to the strand, A monarch feasted in right royal state; ...Rate it:

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A Man’s Wooing
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
YOU said, last night, you did not think In all the world of men Was one true lover--true alike In deed and word and pen;-- One knightly lover,...Rate it:

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A Musing On A Victory
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Down by the Sutlej shore, Where sound the trumpet and the wild tum-tum, At winter's eve did come A gaunt old northern lion, at whose roar The myria...Rate it:

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A New Year's Message To Joseph Mazzini
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Send the stars light, but send not love to me. Shelley. I Out of the dawning heavens that hear Young wings and feet of the new year Move through ...Rate it:

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A New-Year Hymn
Anna Laetitia Waring
Sunlight of the heavenly day, Mighty to revive and cheer, Bless our yet untrodden way, Lead us through the entered year. Where the shades of death ...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Is this a life, to break thy sleep, To rise as soon as day doth peep? To tire thy patient ox or ass By noon, and let thy good days pass, Not knowin...Rate it:

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A Pastoral Dialogue - I
Anne Killigrew
Amintor. Stay gentle Nymph, nor so solic'tous be, To fly his sight that still would gaze on thee. With other Swaines I see thee oft converse, Conte...Rate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book II
Edward Young
Now man awakes, and from his silent bed, Where he has slept for ages, lifts his head; Shakes off the slumber of ten thousand years, And on the bord...Rate it:

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A Prayer
Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov
Faithful before thee, Mother of God, now kneeling, Image miraculous and merciful--of thee Not for my soul's health nor battles waged, beseeching, N...Rate it:

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A Promise
Ada Cambridge
1. Should'st thou, in grip of dread disease, Foresee the day when thou must die, With no more hope of life or ease, But only, lingering, to lie Wh...Rate it:

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A Requisition to the Queen
William Topaz McGonagall
Smiths Buildings No. 19 Patons Lane, Dundee. Sept the 6th. 1877. Most August! Empress of India, and of great Britain the Queen, I most humbly beg...Rate it:

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A Return Of Elvis
Mario William Vitale
let me make this clear as I shed a tear the king really died in the seventies but his memory still remains his blood still runs through are veins r...Rate it:

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A Ripple Song
Rudyard Kipling
Once red ripple came to land In the golden sunset burning-- Lapped against a maiden's hand, By the ford returning. Dainty foot and gentle breast-...Rate it:

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A Song of the Pen
Andrew Barton Paterson
Not for the love of women toil we, we of the craft, Not for the people's praise; Only because our goddess made us her own and laughed, Claiming ...Rate it:

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A Song To Amoret
Henry Vaughan
If I were dead, and, in my place, Some fresher youth designed To warm thee, with new fires; and grace Those arms I left behind: Were he as faithfu...Rate it:

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A Song. High State And Honours To Others Impart
John Dryden
High state and honours to others impart, But give me your heart: That treasure, that treasure alone, I beg for my own. So gentle a love, so ferven...Rate it:

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A Tale, Founded On A Fact, Which Happened In January, 1779
William Cowper
Where Humber pours his rich commercial stream, There dwelt a wretch, who breathed but to blaspheme. In subterraneous caves his life he led, Black a...Rate it:

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A Touching Ceremony
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
On a golden autumn morning, Just fifty years ago, When harvests ripe lay smiling In the sunshine’s yellow glow, A pious group was standing Round th...Rate it:

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