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Custer: Book Second
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I Oh, for the power to call to aid, of mine Own humble Muse, the famed and sacred nine. Then might she fitly sing, and only then, Of those intrepi...Rate it:

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Dance Upon Every Chance.
Nikhil Parekh
Whether it be as inconspicuous as an invisibly dissolute ant; or whether it be as towering as the highest apogee of the invincibly towering mountai...Rate it:

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Dartside, 1849
Charles Kingsley
I cannot tell what you say green leaves, I cannot tell what you say : But I know that there is a spirit in you, And a word in you this day. I ...Rate it:

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Ada Cambridge
“ON board the Petrel, in St. Lucia's bay, Of yellow fever—agèd twenty-nine.” “Who did you say, my lady?” drawled the Earl. “The duke—what duke?” “...Rate it:

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Deaf Martha
Ann Taylor
Poor Martha is old, and her hair is turn'd grey, And her hearing has left her for many a year; Ten to one if she knows what it is that you say, ...Rate it:

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Dear Love, Do You Remember?
Julia A Moore
Dearest one, do you remember, As we sat side by side, How you told me that you loved me, Asked me to be your bride. And you told me we'd be happy, ...Rate it:

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Helen Hunt Jackson
My body, eh? Friend Death, how now? Why all this tedious pomp of writ? Thou hast reclaimed it sure and slow For half a century bit by bit. In f...Rate it:

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Mario William Vitale
Death, thou was once an uncouth hideous thing, Nothing but bones, The sad effect of sadder grones, Thy mouth was open, but thou could not sing ...Rate it:

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Death-Lament Of The Noble Wife Of Asan Aga
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHAT is yonder white thing in the forest? Is it snow, or can it swans perchance be? Were it snow, ere this it had been melted, Were it swans, they ...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
To the City of Bombay The Cities are full of pride, Challenging each to each -- This from her mountain-side, That from her burthened beach. They ...Rate it:

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Deliverance from Another Sore Fit
Anne Bradstreet
In my distress I sought the Lord When naught on earth could comfort give, And when my soul these things abhorred, Then, Lord, Thou said'st unto ...Rate it:

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William Wordsworth
SURPRISED by joy--impatient as the Wind I turned to share the transport--O! with whom But Thee, deep buried in the silent tomb, That spot ...Rate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
Alas, I thought this forest must be true, And would not change because of my changed eyes; I thought the growing things were as I knew, And not a m...Rate it:

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Don Pedrillo
Emma Lazarus
Not a lad in Saragossa Nobler-featured, haughtier-tempered, Than the Alcalde's youthful grandson, Donna Clara's boy Pedrillo. Handsome as the Prin...Rate it:

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Donica - A Ballad
Robert Southey
Author Note: In Finland there is a Castle which is called the New Rock, moated about with a river of unfounded depth, the water black and the fish ...Rate it:

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Easter Eve
John Keble
At length the worst is o'er, and Thou art laid Deep in Thy darksome bed; All still and cold beneath yon dreary stone Thy sacred form is...Rate it:

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Education Gives Luster to Motherland
Jose Rizal
Wise education, vital breath Inspires an enchanting virtue; She puts the Country in the lofty seat Of endless glory, of dazzling glow, And just as ...Rate it:

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Edwin and Eltrada, a Legendary Tale
Helen Maria Williams
Where the pure Derwent's waters glide Along their mossy bed, Close by the river's verdant side, A castle rear'd its head. The antient pile by time...Rate it:

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Election Aftermath
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
1. ANTE-ELECTIONS Now, a cove the name of Blabb, a politician, He's a haughty sort o' high pan-jan-dee-ram; An' he holds a very dignified position ...Rate it:

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Elegiac Stanzas
William Lisle Bowles
WRITTEN DURING SICKNESS AT BATH. When I lie musing on my bed alone, And listen to the wintry waterfall; And many moments that are past and gone, ...Rate it:

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Elegy I. He Arrives at His Retirement in the Country
William Shenstone
He Arrives at His Retirement in the Country, and Takes Occasion To Expatiate in Praise of Simplicity. To a Friend For rural virtues, and for nati...Rate it:

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Elegy III. On the Untimely Death of a Certain Learned Acquainance
William Shenstone
If proud Pygmalion quit his cumbrous frame, Funereal pomp the scanty tear supplies; Whilst heralds loud, with venal voice, proclaim, Lo! here the b...Rate it:

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Elegy IV. Anno Aet. 18. To My Tutor, Thomas Young, Chaplain Of The English Merchants Resident At Hamburg (Translated From Milton)
William Cowper
Hence, my epistle--skim the Deep--fly o'er Yon smooth expanse to the Teutonic shore! Haste--lest a friend should grieve for thy delay-- And the God...Rate it:

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Elegy On Newstead Abbey
George Gordon Lord Byron
'It is the voice of years that are gone! they roll before me with all their deeds.'~OSSIAN Newstead! fast-falling, once-resplendent dome! Religio...Rate it:

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Elegy to the Memory of David Garrick, Esq.
Mary Darby Robinson
DEAR SHADE OF HIM, who grac'd the mimick scene, And charm'd attention with resistless pow'r; Whose wond'rous art, whose fascinating mien, Gave glow...Rate it:

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