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Cloudy Day
Kenneth R. Jenkins
Gray clouds Casting skies Painted over blue skies Looking like suddenly rain But I think God had other plans. Somewhere in His big brain He m...Rate it:

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Louisa May Alcott
In a quiet, pleasant meadow, Beneath a summer sky, Where green old trees their branches waved, And winds went singing by; Where a little brook went...Rate it:

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Henry Vaughan
Father of lights! what sunny seed, What glance of day hast Thou confined Into this bird? To all the breed This busy ray Thou hast assigned; Their m...Rate it:

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Coeur De Lion At The Bier Of His Father
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Torches were blazing clear, Hymns pealing deep and slow, Where a king lay stately on his bier, In the church of Fontevraud. Banners of battle o'er ...Rate it:

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Coffee & Tea
Mario William Vitale
Coffee & Tea guarded everything a bit mean, through a shrimp boat on T.V. try to stay awake to from me the court with Judge Judy retired most ...Rate it:

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Coleridge, Southy and Wordsworth
James McIntyre
Like mightiest organ in full tone Melodious grand is great Milton. He did in lofty measures tell How Satan, great archangel, fell, When from heaven...Rate it:

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Coleur de Rose
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I want more lives in which to love This world so full of beauty, I want more days to use the ways I know of doing duty; I ask no greater joy th...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
(Mobile Columns of the Boer War) Out o' the wilderness, dusty an' dry (Time, an' 'igh time to be trekkin' again!) Oo is it 'eads to the Detail Su...Rate it:

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Come Back to St Andrews
Robert Fuller Murray
Come back to St. Andrews! Before you went away You said you would be wretched where you could not see the Bay, The East sands and the West sands an...Rate it:

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Come Back to the Farm!
Henry Clay Work
Brother, come back! come back! Dear brother, what can be the charm, That holds you so strong -- that keeps you so long Away from your father's able...Rate it:

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Come to Me, Sunbeam! I'm Dying
Henry Clay Work
Come to me, Sunbeam! I'm dying Uncared for, distress'd and alone. Even now the pale angel with icy hand seizes The heart that throbb'd along with y...Rate it:

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Come Up From The Fields, Father
Walt Whitman
Come up from the fields, father, here's a letter from our Pete; And come to the front door, mother-here's a letter from thy dear son. ...Rate it:

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Come, Said My Soul
Walt Whitman
Come, said my soul, Such verses for my body let us write, (For we are One), That should I after death invisibly return, Or, long, long hence, in o...Rate it:

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Come, Tell Me Some Olden Story
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
I. Come tell me some olden story Of Knight or Paladin, Whose sword on the field of glory Bright laurel wreaths did win: Tell me of the heart of fi...Rate it:

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Come, Walk With Me
Emily Jane Brontë
Come, walk with me, There's only thee To bless my spirit now - We used to love on winter nights To wander through the snow; Can we not woo back...Rate it:

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Walter de la Mare
As I mused by the hearthside, Puss said to me; 'there burns the fire , man, and here sit we. Four walls around us against the cold air; and the la...Rate it:

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Comfort In Tears
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
How happens it that thou art sad, While happy all appear? Thine eye proclaims too well that thou Hast wept full many a tear. "If I have wept in ...Rate it:

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Company K
Anonymous Americas
There is a cap in the closet, Old, tattered, and blue- Of very slight value, It may be, to you: But a crown, jewel studded, Could not buy it to-day...Rate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
CHILD, when they say that others Have been or are like you, Babes fit to be your brothers, Sweet human drops of dew, Bright fruit of mo...Rate it:

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Complaint of a Lover that Defied Love
Henry Howard
WHEN Summer took in hand the winter to assail, With force of might, and virtue great, his stormy blasts to quail : And when he clothed fair the ea...Rate it:

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Composed At Clevedon, Somersetshire
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
My pensive Sara, thy soft cheek reclined Thus on mine arm, most soothing sweet it is To sit beside our cot, our cot o'ergrown With white-flowered j...Rate it:

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Composed on The Eve Of The Marriage Of A Friend In The Vale Of Grasmere
William Wordsworth
WHAT need of clamorous bells, or ribands gay, These humble nuptials to proclaim or grace? Angels of love, look down upon the place; Shed on the cho...Rate it:

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Composed While The Author Was Engaged In Writing A Tract Occasioned By The Convention Of Cintra
William Wordsworth
NOT 'mid the world's vain objects that enslave The free-born Soul--that World whose vaunted skill In selfish interest perverts the will, Whose fact...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
Three Holies sat in sacred place And quaffed celestial wine, As they discussed the human race With dignity divine. Said they: '...Rate it:

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Comrades 0' Mine
William Henry Ogilvie
If I call, will you hear me, O comrades of mine, When the sky in the East holds the grey of the dawn, When the soft wind is stirring the plumes o...Rate it:

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