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Coventry Patmore
Felicity! Who ope'st to none that knocks, yet, laughing weak, Yield'st all to Love that will not seek, And who, though won, wilt droop and die, Unl...Rate it:

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Mac Flecknoe: A Satire upon the True-blue Protestant Poet T
John Dryden
All human things are subject to decay, And, when Fate summons, monarchs must obey: This Flecknoe found, who, like Augustus, young Was cal...Rate it:

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George Herbert
My God, I heard this day, That none doth build a stately habitation, But he that means to dwell therein. What house more stately hath there been...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
''Er pore dear Par.' she sez, ''e kept a store'; An' then she weeps an' stares 'ard at the floor. ''Twas thro' 'is death,' she sez, 'we wus rejuice...Rate it:

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Meddlesome Matty
Ann Taylor
One ugly trick has often spoil'd The sweetest and the best; Matilda, though a pleasant child, One ugly trick possess'd, Which, like a cloud befo...Rate it:

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Mister William
William Schwenck Gilbert
OH, listen to the tale of MISTER WILLIAM, if you please, Whom naughty, naughty judges sent away beyond the seas. He forged a party's will, which ca...Rate it:

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Modern Love XX: I Am Not of Those
George Meredith
I am not of those miserable males Who sniff at vice and, daring not to snap, Do therefore hope for heaven. I take the hap Of all my deeds. The wind...Rate it:

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Mon Frere Camille
William Henry Drummond
Mon frere Camille he was first class blood W'en he come off de State las' fall, Wearin' hees boot a la mode box toe An' diamon' pin on hees shirt a...Rate it:

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My Fancy
Lewis Carroll
I painted her a gushing thing, With years about a score; I little thought to find they were A least a dozen more; My fancy gave her eyes of blue, A...Rate it:

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Neighbour Peter's Mare
La Fontaine
A CERTAIN pious rector (John his name), But little preached, except when vintage came; And then no preparation he required On this he triumphed and...Rate it:

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Noey's Night-Piece
James Whitcomb Riley
'They ain't much 'tale' about it!' Noey said.-- 'K'tawby grapes wuz gittin' good-n-red I rickollect; and Tubb Kingry and me 'Ud kindo' browse round...Rate it:

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Nurse's Song (Innocence)
William Blake
When voices of children are heard on the green And laughing is heard on the hill, My heart is at rest within my breast And everything else is still...Rate it:

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Ode to Rae Wilson Esq.
Thomas Hood
A WANDERER, Wilson, from my native land, Remote, O Rae, from godliness and thee, Where rolls between us the eternal sea, Besides some furlongs of a...Rate it:

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Of Holiness Of Life
John Bunyan
Now, then, if holiness thou wouldst obtain, And wouldst a tender Christian man remain, Keep faith in action, let that righteousness That Christ fu...Rate it:

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Of Imputed Righteousness
John Bunyan
Now, if thou wouldst inherit righteousness, And so sanctification possess In body, soul, and spirit, then thou must To Jesus fly, as one ungodly f...Rate it:

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Of Love To God
John Bunyan
When I do this begin to apprehend, My heart, my soul, and mind, begins to bend To God-ward, and sincerely for to love His son, his ways, his peopl...Rate it:

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Off the Track
James Brunton Stephens
Oh where the deuce is the track, the track? Round an' round, an' forrard, an' back! “Keep the sun on yer right,” they said— But, hang it, he's gone...Rate it:

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Old Pictures In Florence
Robert Browning
I. The morn when first it thunders in March, The eel in the pond gives a leap, they say: As I leaned and looked over the aloed arch Of the vil...Rate it:

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On Dr. Brown's Death
Thomas Parnell
I. Alas will nothing do, Nothing arrest the arm of Death Must learning, sence, nay virtue too, Must these or. real blessings go like all things els...Rate it:

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On Gray Eyes
William Strode
Looke how the russet morne exceeds the night, How sleekest Jett yields to the di'monds light, So farr the glory of the gray-bright eye Out-vyes the...Rate it:

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On Pedigree. From Epicharmus
William Cowper
My mother! if thou love me, name no more My noble birth! Sounding at every breath My noble birth, thou kill'st me. Thither fly, As to their only re...Rate it:

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On The Death Of Dr. Lancton President Of Maudlin College
William Strode
When men for injuryes unsatisfy'd, For hopes cutt off, for debts not fully payd, For legacies in vain expected, mourne Over theyr owne respects wit...Rate it:

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On The Death Of Ladie Caesar
William Strode
Though Death to good men be the greatest boone, I dare not think this Lady dyde so soone. She should have livde for others: Poor mens want Should m...Rate it:

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On The Victory Obtained By Blake Over the Spaniards, In The Bay Of Scanctacruze, In The Island Of teneriff.1657
Andrew Marvell
Now does Spains Fleet her spatious wings unfold, Leaves the new World and hastens for the old: But though the wind was fair, the slowly swoome Fray...Rate it:

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Otho The Great - Act IV
John Keats
SCENE I. AURANTHE'S Apartment. AURANTHE and CONRAD discovered. Conrad. Well, well, I know what ugly jeopardy We are cag'd in; you need not pester...Rate it:

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