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The Captain and the Mermaids
William Schwenck Gilbert
I SING a legend of the sea, So hard-a-port upon your lee! A ship on starboard tack! She's bound upon a private cruise - (This is the kind of spice ...Rate it:

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The Death of the Rev. Dr. Wilson
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1888 and on the 17th of January That the late Rev. Dr. Wilson's soul fled away; The generous-hearted Dr. had been ailing for s...Rate it:

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The Description Of Tyburn
John Taylor
I Have heard sundry men oft times dispute Of trees, that in one year will twice bear fruit. But if a man note Tyburn, 'will appear, That that's ...Rate it:

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The Hartley Calamity
Joseph Skipsey
The Hartley men are noble, and Ye'll hear a tale of woe; I'll tell the doom of the Hartley men - The year of sixty two. 'Twas on the Thursday mor...Rate it:

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When a wind blows
When a wind blows I won't someone to beside me On a seaside walk those force's on a wall And that's breezes,, When a wind blows I won't someone to ...Rate it:

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The women who King Solomon loved the most were those women whose soul heed imagined like the rivers flow. But immediately after this ardent desir...Rate it:

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Lone Pine
Edward Harrington
Lone Pine! Lone Pine! Our hearts are numbly aching For those who come no more, Our boys who sleep the sleep that knows no waking, Besides the Darda...Rate it:

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Orlando Furioso Canto 7
Ludovico Ariosto
ARGUMENT Rogero, as directed by the pair, The giantess Eriphila o'erthrows. That done, he to Alcina's labyrinth, where More than one knight is tied...Rate it:

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Roan Stallion
Robinson Jeffers
The dog barked; then the woman stood in the doorway, and hearing iron strike stone down the steep road Covered her head with a black shawl and ente...Rate it:

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The Truth Within Reality
Ehsan Sehgal
An American gentleman And the Euro-girl were Walking along with the shops Of the centre of the city A young Asian boy Came to them He asked them to...Rate it:

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To A Young Lady. On Her Recovery From A Fever
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Why need I say, Louisa dear! How glad I am to see you here, A lovely convalescent; Risen from the bed of pain and fear, And feverish heat incessan...Rate it:

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I, Too
Langston Hughes
I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes, But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong. ...Rate it:

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The Snail
William Cowper
To grass, or leaf, or fruit, or wall, The snail sticks close, nor fears to fall, As if he grew there, house and all Together. Within that house se...Rate it:

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The Walrus and the Carpenter
Lewis Carroll
The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright -- And this was odd, because...Rate it:

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Giovanni Boccaccio
Beginneth here the book called Decameron, otherwise Prince Galeotto, wherein are contained one hundred novels told in ten days by seven ladies and ...Rate it:

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Marriott Edgar
'Twere getting dusk, one winter's night, When up the clough there came in sight, A lad who carried through the snow, A banner with this 'ere motto....Rate it:

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When Stretch'd on One's Bed
Jane Austen
When stretch'd on one's bed With a fierce-throbbing head, Which preculdes alike thought or repose, How little one cares For the grandest affair...Rate it:

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A Ballad of Freedom
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now Mr. Jeremiah Bane He owned a warehouse in The Lane, An edifice of goodly size, Where, with keen private enterprise, He sold imported napery And...Rate it:

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A Ballade of an Anti-puritan
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
They spoke of Progress spiring round, Of light and Mrs Humphrey Ward- It is not true to say I frowned, Or ran about the room and roared; I might ha...Rate it:

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A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body
Andrew Marvell
Soul O Who shall, from this Dungeon, raise A Soul inslav'd so many wayes? With bolts of Bones, that fetter'd stands In Feet ; and manacled in Hands...Rate it:

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A Grave
Marianne Moore
Man looking into the sea, taking the view from those who have as much right to it as you have to it yourself, it is human nature to stan...Rate it:

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A Jocker!
Abinash Parajuli
I am a mockingbird; I sing a song of a loner In the field, down the tree, As the sun sets, My voice is soaked with tears I am a joker; people laug...Rate it:

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A Maiden's Secret
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I have written this day down in my heart As the sweetest day in the season; From all of the others I've set it apart--- But I will not tell you ...Rate it:

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A New Temperance Poem, in Memory of My Departed Parents, Who Were Sober Living & God Fearing People
William Topaz McGonagall
My parents were sober living, and often did pray For their family to abstain from intoxicating drink alway; Because they knew it would lead them as...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
MONTANO, SILVIO, AND MIRTILLO, SHEPHERDS MON. Bad are the times. SIL. And worse than they are we. MON. Troth, bad are both; worse fruit, and i...Rate it:

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