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Certain Books Of Virgil's AEneis: Book II
Henry Howard
BOOK II They whisted all, with fixed face attent, When Prince AEneas from the royal seat Thus gan to speak: O Queen, it is thy will I should re...Rate it:

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Daphne to Apollo. Imitated From The First Book Of Ovid's Metamorphosis
Matthew Prior
Apollo. Abate, fair fugitive, abate thy speed, Dismiss thy fears, and turn thy beauteous head; With kind regard a panting lover view; Less swiftl...Rate it:

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Gotham - Book II
Charles Churchill
How much mistaken are the men who think That all who will, without restraint may drink, May largely drink, e'en till their bowels burst, Pleading n...Rate it:

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Sonnet On An Old Book With Uncut Leaves
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Emblem of blasted hope and lost desire, No finger ever traced thy yellow page Save Time's. Thou hast not wrought to noble rage The hearts thou woul...Rate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto VIII.
Coventry Patmore
Preludes. I Life of Life What's that, which, ere I spake, was gone: So joyful and intense a spark That, whilst o'erhead the wonder shone, The day...Rate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto X.
Coventry Patmore
Preludes. I The Joyful Wisdom Would Wisdom for herself be woo'd, And wake the foolish from his dream, She must be glad as well as good, And must ...Rate it:

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The Ghost: Book III (excerpt)
Charles Churchill
... Horrid, unwieldly, without form, Savage, as ocean in a storm, Of size prodigious, in the rear, That post of honour, should appear ...Rate it:

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The Little Book
John Newton
When the beloved disciple took The angels' little open book, Which by the Lord's command he eat, It tasted bitter after sweet. Thus when the gosp...Rate it:

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Homer's Battle Of The Frogs And Mice. Book III
Thomas Parnell
Now Front to Front the marching Armies shine, Halt e'er they meet, and form the length'ning Line, The Chiefs conspicuous seen, and heard afar, Give...Rate it:

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Palamon And Arcite; Or, The Knight's Tale. From Chaucer. In Three Books. Book I.
John Dryden
In days of old there lived, of mighty fame, A valiant Prince, and Theseus was his name; A chief, who more in feats of arms excelled, The rising ...Rate it:

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The Columbiad: Book I
Joel Barlow
The Argument Natives of America appear in vision. Their manners and characters. Columbus demands the cause of the dissimilarity of men in differen...Rate it:

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The Convivial Book - Can The Koran From Eternity Be?
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
'Tis worth not a thought! Can the Koran a creation, then, be? Of that, I know nought! Yet that the book of all books it must be, I believe, as a ...Rate it:

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A Book
Emily Dickinson
There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry. This traverse may the poorest take Without ...Rate it:

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A Misunderstood Book
Te'Arra Poetry
I'm like a book I want to be touched and understood. I want your arms wrap around my coco butter skin, whispering words that send my heart...Rate it:

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Book Borrower
Robert William Service
I am a mild man, you'll agree, But red my rage is, When folks who borrow books from me Turn down their pages. Or when a chap a boo...Rate it:

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Lover's Gifts XIX: It Is Written in the Book
Rabindranath Tagore
It is written in the book that Man, when fifty, must leave the noisy world, to go to the forest seclusion. But the poet proclaims that the forest h...Rate it:

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On Looking Through an old Punishment Book [At Eurunderee School]
Henry Lawson
I took the book of punishment, And ran its columns down; I started with an open brow And ended with a frown; I noted long-forgotten names – They to...Rate it:

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On Receiving A Book From
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Oh, great-eyed contemplation whom I saw Walk by the blue shores of the Northern Sea Leaning upon a giant, who for thee Seemed gentle, while black N...Rate it:

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On The Gift Of A Book To A Child
Hilaire Belloc
Child! do not throw this book about! Refrain from the unholy pleasure Of cutting all the pictures out! Preserve it as your chiefest treasure. ...Rate it:

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Snapdragon a Riddle for a Flower Book
John Henry Newman
'Snapdragon' a Riddle for a Flower Book I am rooted in the wall Of buttress'd tower or ancient hall; Prison'd in an art-wrought bed. Cased in ...Rate it:

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Sonnet LXXI: Who Will in Fairest Book
Sir Philip Sidney
Who will in fairest book of nature know How virtue may best lodg'd in beauty be, Let him but learn of love to read in thee, Stella, those fair line...Rate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book I. Canto IV.
Coventry Patmore
Preludes I The Rose of the World Lo, when the Lord made North and South And sun and moon ordained, He, Forthbringing each by word of mouth In ord...Rate it:

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The Book
Henry Vaughan
Eternal God! Maker of all That have lived here since the man's fall: The Rock of Ages! in whose shade They live unseen, when here they fade; Thou ...Rate it:

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the poetry book
Mihai Brinas
the poetry book is a gift wrapped up in the soul of a stranger and where whenever you open it you will find with amazement always something newRate it:

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There is no frigate like a book
Emily Dickinson
There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page Of prancing poetry. This traverse may the poorest take ...Rate it:

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