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Sonnet XXII
Edmund Spenser
THis holy season fit to fast and pray, Men to deuotion ought to be inclynd: therefore, I lykewise on so holy day, for my sweet Saynt some seruice f...Rate it:

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Sonnet XXXIII: I Might
Sir Philip Sidney
I might!--unhappy word--O me, I might, And then would not, or could not, see my bliss; Till now wrapt in a most infernal night, I find how heav'nly...Rate it:

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Suum Cuique
John Dryden
When lawless men their neighbours dispossess, The tenants they extirpate or oppress, And make rude havoc in the fruitful soil, Which the right o...Rate it:

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Tale V
George Crabbe
THE PATRON. A Borough-Bailiff, who to law was train'd, A wife and sons in decent state maintain'd, He had his way in life's rough ocean steer'd An...Rate it:

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Tarquin And Tullia
John Dryden
In times when princes cancelled nature's law, And declarations which themselves did draw; When children used their parents to dethrone, And gnaw...Rate it:

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The 5th Satire Of Book I. Of Horace : A Humorous Description Of The Author's Journey From Rome To Brundusium
William Cowper
'Twas a long journey lay before us, When I and honest Heliodorus, Who far in point of rhetoric Surpasses every living Greek, Each leaving our respe...Rate it:

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The Actor
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
O man, with your wonderful dower, O woman, with genius and grace, You can teach the whole world with your power, If you are but worthy the pla...Rate it:

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The Adieu
George Gordon Lord Byron
Written Under The Impression That The Author Would Soon Die. Adieu, thou Hill! where early joy Spread roses o'er my brow; Where Science seeks each...Rate it:

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The Author
Charles Churchill
Accursed the man, whom Fate ordains, in spite, And cruel parents teach, to read and write! What need of letters? wherefore should we spell? Why wri...Rate it:

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The Author to her Book
Anne Bradstreet
Thou ill-form'd offspring of my feeble brain, Who after birth did'st by my side remain, Till snatcht from thence by friends, less wise th...Rate it:

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The Author to the Reader
Francis Beaumont
I sing the fortune of a luckless pair, Whose spotless souls now in one body be; For beauty still is Prodromus to care, Crost by the sad stars of n...Rate it:

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The Author Upon Himself
Jonathan Swift
By an old ——pursued, A crazy prelate, and a royal prude; By dull divines, who look with envious eyes On ev'ry genius that attempts to rise; And pau...Rate it:

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The Author's Early Life
Julia A Moore
I will write a sketch of my early life, It will be of childhood day, And all who chance to read it, No criticism, pray. My childhood days were happ...Rate it:

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The Author's Farewell to the Bushmen
Henry Lawson
Some carry their swags in the Great North-West, Where the bravest battle and die, And a few have gone to their last long rest, And a few have said:...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of The Leather Medal
Robert William Service
Only a Leather Medal, hanging there on the wall, Dingy and frayed and faded, dusty and worn and old; Yet of my humble treasures I value it most of ...Rate it:

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The Ballade of the Incompetent Ballade-Monger
James Kenneth Stephen
I am not ambitious at all: I am not a poet, I know (Though I do love to see a mere scrawl To order and symmetry grow). My muse is uncertain and sl...Rate it:

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The Best I Could Do
Nikhil Parekh
I admit that I didn't have the ability to save all those dying in the war just sitting on my couch in the dining room; but the best I could do was ...Rate it:

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The Boston Athenaeum
Amy Lowell
Thou dear and well-loved haunt of happy hours, How often in some distant gallery, Gained by a little painful spiral stair, Far from the halls and c...Rate it:

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The City of Delhi
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Thou glorious city of the East, of old enchanted times, When the fierce Genii swayed all Oriental climes, I do not ask from history a record of thy...Rate it:

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The Columbiad: Book VIII
Joel Barlow
The Argument Hymn to Peace. Eulogy on the heroes slain in the war; in which the Author finds occasion to mention his Brother. Address to the patri...Rate it:

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The Coming Of Winter
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
_Stanzas from 'Onegin'_ Our Northern Winter's fickle Summer, Than Southern Winter scarce more bland-- Is undeniably withdrawing On fleeting footst...Rate it:

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The Conversation. A Tale
Matthew Prior
It always has been a thought discreet To know the company you meet; And sure there may be secret danger In talking much before a stranger. Agreed:...Rate it:

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The Convocation: A Poem
Richard Savage
When Vertue's Standard Ecclesiasticks bear, Their sacred Robe the noblest Minds revere. All to its Guidance do their Thoughts submit, But such who ...Rate it:

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The Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie
Robert Burns
The Author's Only Pet Yowe An Unco Mournfu' Tale As Mailie, an' her lambs thegither, Was ae day nibbling on the tether, Upon her cloot she co...Rate it:

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The Death of the Rev. Dr. Wilson
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1888 and on the 17th of January That the late Rev. Dr. Wilson's soul fled away; The generous-hearted Dr. had been ailing for s...Rate it:

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